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[Monday, February 5, 2007|11:38 p.m.] [Symphony]sukube no shounen

Damn it. I like this boy.
I like him a whole lot.

I can't be with him now though. Way too many complications.

Why is life so aggravating with timing like that?

And he is too far for me to visit w/o traveling for an hour.

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[Wednesday, January 31, 2007|01:19 a.m.] [Symphony]So many words and tears.

Please, watch the video.
I asked myself if i was that age again... (in the 80's) and asked the same question what would I have chosen?
I know what it would have been without question.

It shook me.
It shook me to the core.

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[Monday, January 29, 2007|03:42 a.m.] [Symphony]it is snowing outside... Yay!.. that is unless I have to shovel later. :/


I deicided to clean EVERYWHERE in my room at once...
The much overdue cleaning of the dresser is finished and looking quite nice.
My desk at the moment has some remnants of the mess that was once on my dresser... but not much.
My bed......... let's not go there.
My floor........ dear Jesus...moving on...

I never knew I had that much crap. I MAY take a photo of it, it is that bad!

Ok. I ALWAYS knew. ;A;

I used my beloved shredder to lighten up the load.

I also decided to let iTunes play on shuffle mode.
Apparently my computer loves the following bands: Kagerou, L'arc en ciel, Luna Sea and Merry.. ALOT.
I mean.. 9 days worth of music and I've heard SEVERAL repeats.
I mean.. damn.. I can only listen to Shade by LunaSea so many times in a day!

On the topic of music, it is Hyde's 38th birthday today.

Good for him. :D
May he have many more years of making music.

I was randomly wondering if he had any children yet. I mean.. he IS 38...
If his wife is around the same age as he is... she only has what... another 8-10 years?
This topic may prove traumatizing to some, so I will get back to cleaning.

I still haven't finished YET!

Meesh! When do Fusion tickets go on sale?

I was thinking of attending again this year. ^o^

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[Sunday, January 28, 2007|01:28 p.m.] [Symphony]Eyes love you...

No, this is not time for me to wax poetic on that hide song... rather I shall impart to you all the details of my friend's eye surgery. Before I get into that I will talk about the night before. I had decided to grace Orf's eyes with the god loving/hating Mako that night.

I arrived on Tuesday night with both Endroll (the deadman final concert dvd) and Y tu mama Tambien (WE LOVE YOU SO GAEL!). Due to my over eagerness to have another friend view Y tu mama tambien, a slight mix-up had occurred...all on my behalf unfortunately. All was remedied via text messages and phone calls. I degress, Orf and I ordered some food (which of course was good) and watched The Devil Wears Prada. I must say that the guy who plays Andy's boyfriend is STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL.. in that "I'm a guy from SOHO who is kinda italian looking with a little bit of a 5 o'clock shadow going on, curly as sin hair with amazing blue/green/grey eyes and to top it off; cupid bow lips." My brain was unable to NOT focus on much else when he was on screen. You see, I had viewed this in theaters... so he was larger than life..and I loved every second of him being on screen.... Um it was a good movie.. but I was told more than once by several people... it deviates from the book alot towards the end. I haven't read it yet.. but I may over the summer... maybe.

The main event of the night was the deadman concert was rather good and the conclusion was spectacular. Upon viewing the ending alone I deeply regret not attending that concert... despite the rather HIGH possibility of my going into debt for it.I began watching the Pv dvd that came with the endroll dvd when Orf introduced me to the cracked out show: Frisky Dingo.

Orf made ready for bed once a few episodes of Frisky Dingo were viewed. I finished watching the bonus PV dvd... I must say... I think they re-mastered the audio a bit. It sounded AMAZING! I really am sad to see them go though.

Um. I went to sleep and woke up the next day to accompany Orf to the eye doctor. The receptionist was the typical NYU "FASHIONISTA WANNABE". I DID NOT LIKE HER. SHE SEEMED SO FAKE TO ME. :P I guess I am a mean person. The office was a bright sunny yellow with black carpet and these odd lima bean shaped lounge seats. Comfortable yet so odd. I was cold while we were there.. but I am always cold. Bah.
After getting her goodie bag Orf and I talked about life and all of that fun stuff before she had to go in for her surgery.

The eye surgery...I must truthfully say it was uneventful. I was expecting some gore, blood... SOMETHING. I mean.. the receptionist was ok... the Physician's assistant was tall and sort of attractive...(ok.. I would give him a 5.6. The low score is due to his personality having been so grey paint!) and the doctor was .. whatever. the dual monotone repetition of "breathe." and "keep your eyes open/still." were not very reassuring. I did hold her hand though but she is a champ! :D

Memorable quotes:
"Jesus! ADFMK@$@#$@#$%.. yeah... you sing it Mako"
"That looks like my mucus when I am sick! :D"
"My eye is JUICY!"
"If you do not follow these instructions precisely YOU WILL GET GLACOMA IN YOUR EYE!"

And loads of others I can't remember.
I hope for the best and apparently orf's vision is improving quite fast.
Be sure to call her and encourage her that you hope she will look forward to SEEING you.

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[Sunday, January 21, 2007|11:08 a.m.] [Symphony]FINALLY!

All of my grades are up now.





Current GPA: 3.750
Fuck yeah!

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[Sunday, January 21, 2007|12:51 a.m.] [Symphony][Race relations and Dolfies?] If I had to buy a doll...

I would obviously want one that looks like me, logically.

image courtesy of iplehouseWhile the Volks brand of dollfies are quite beautiful in their own right.. it was more than a little unsettling to note that the 'darkest" dolls were merely tan. I am drawn to look at those first due to the startling contrast between the eyes and skin color.. and more obviously the contrast between the tan skin to the flesh/white skin tone dolls.

I am pleased to discover (thanks to a friend on myspace, Lilhevn) dolls that represent women of color. For now it seems that they only have female dolls in light and dark tones... but they may make male dolls... eventually I hope. I hope to see some of my doll afectionado friends purchase one.. or more if they like them to support the company. I know there are certain companies that have all sorts of drama attached to them.. but even I can look past that for an item like this. I know there is a company that sells dolls for all ethnicities and cultures.. but come on, I like ball-joint dolls. There is no comparison when it comes to the body and mobility of ball-joints.

Maybe it is due to my being brought up in NJ, but I always look at the lack of reresentation of people of color in the media, the brands I shop, the company I work for. There is a large ammount of disparity between the haves and have-nots. One would find that at my current place of employment very few people of color have high ranking positions. The most positions held tend to be menial jobs: housekeeper, transporter, stock room clerk, secretary, cashier, food server etc.

On the inverse, My former manager is a Nigerian woman and I am very proud of her for having a high position as Nursing Director of my old floor. I know there is a second woman one floor above that that is also black who holds the same title. The funny thing is that my former boss seems to be "crossing over" as my former co-workers love to say. I personally never worked with her when she was a nurse so I would not know.. but they say she has changed quite a bit. Perhaps it is the strain from the higher-ups or her position that make her not socialize with her former co-workers.. I do not know for sure. She still seems like the same woman who hired me.

My mother is doing the same to further her degree to hold a similar title and I am obviously proud of that as well. I myself may take on another degree at my present University.. but that is still in the works...

I simply want to see more people of color in high-ranking positions... is that so much to ask for?

So, would you buy this doll?

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[Wednesday, January 3, 2007|04:57 p.m.] [Symphony]Fall 2006 grades pt 2

Business Law A-

Digital Photo N/A*

Small Business Management B+

World Literature A

Current GPA: 3.667


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[Tuesday, January 2, 2007|03:49 a.m.] [Symphony]Happy (late) New Year

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[Thursday, December 28, 2006|09:56 p.m.] [Symphony]Clash of the titans?

Being that I am sick.. I shall not expel all of my views on this topic... there are enough people taking about it already. But I will say this: I will be keeping my eye on this project of Gackt/Sugizo/Yoshiki's. It seems so interesting considering the ranges in theme/sound all three of them have had over the years. Addn: I have been on a SERIOUS MUCC/Merry/Luna Sea/Kagerou kick lately. Random, I know. Don't ask me why. I won't be able to give you a good answer. I have also been working on some graphics so I can FINALLY change my damn layout. I will go back to sleep now.

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[Monday, December 25, 2006|10:24 p.m.] [Symphony]Chirstmas

if only this had auto save...I lost all of the link and pics. I am too agrivated to do it all over again.

My presents:


A famous brand name boots.

A famous brand name finger gloves.

bath goods.


And I also got an A+ for Literature Class.

I am now off to find out my other grades.

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[Tuesday, December 19, 2006|01:20 a.m.] [Symphony]Last Scene

The end is nigh

How right that saying is when it comes to a lot of things in my life this year and previous years.

I finally began cleaning up my deviantart account. That fun project was slighted for the summer of 2006, but as you all saw that did not happen. I suppose I am happy that I am able to tidy up somethings before the end of the year, be it on DA or personal things.

That aside, I am printing out my last assignment of the semester. I have a lot of things to concentrate on once finals are done and regrettably online communication is not at the top of the list.

However, the selling of many items before I DONATE/TRASH them is up there somewhere.
Please have a look around. I have a number of items to sell.

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[Thursday, December 14, 2006|02:07 p.m.] [Symphony]so..

Alot of things have been going on. My stress has stabalized somewhat when it comes to school.

So, holiday-type-things will be late this year thanks to my school going until the 21st... and my working the 22,23 & 24th.

I have an alternate plan however.. I haven't decided on if I shall go forward with it or not but it is worth a shot.

There is much to anticipate in the coming year and I will try my hardest to combat any obsticles in my way.

With that said.. I am off to finish my LAST paper of the semester.

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[Tuesday, November 14, 2006|05:42 p.m.] [Symphony]Hiatus

I seem to have once again neglected that which is important to me. I am not in any severe trouble over this, as yet.. but I do not wish to be in any at the same time.

Fot the sake of my future, I need to cut out any and all distractions and get my ass in gear.

See you all in a month.. or sooner?

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[Wednesday, November 8, 2006|01:16 p.m.] [Symphony]If you have no idea what I am talking about..

You probably live under a rock.
Last night I WAS thinking it over before I went to sleep. TO in feb.. is... HELL. It is cold and icy and I hate cold and icy. As much as I want to see my cousins again and a few of my Torontonian friends... it is too damend cold to be going in Feb.
So I shall continue to visit during the summer.

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[Tuesday, October 31, 2006|11:02 a.m.] [Symphony]This is Halloween

It is an old pic from last year.. but that costume ROCKED!

T-T If I were home I would put up a spiffy graphic or something... I need a fucking laptop.
Anyways, the countdown has begun.

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[Thursday, October 26, 2006|09:36 a.m.] [Symphony]Awful...

I feel awful.

Not physically or for anything I did.. but for my friend. She just recently started a job in her field and is quitting due to ill treatment.

I have no right to complain about anything in my life thus far because compared to her, I really have it pretty easy. I like my job and though there are minor frustrations.. I am being helped when/if I need/ask for it. I am not being cursed at or having sexual things said to me.. derrogatory or not

I was so happy when I had heard she got the job. You have no idea. I was literally smiling so hard when she told me.. but now.. I want to cry so badly for her.

I admit, things between us were strained for a few months... but they are slowly on the mend. I wish I could be around more to lend some support, but I am swamped with school, work and of course, homelife.

This is an awful way to start the day. Simply awful.

And even worse.... well it is not directly effecting me..

Larry from Head Automatica is... well no longer from Head Automatica.

I am saddened by this a little bit. I really liked him. No, not in that way or anything... but I am sad I am unable to see him ever again in the bans. I am equally upset that I won't be able to see the rest of them during this tour.


I hope things work out for him. He is really talented.


The photos are up

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[Tuesday, October 24, 2006|11:27 a.m.] [Symphony]GOINGS ONS...

First off,I DID NOT fuck things up thankfully. I am so happy about that too. It was on my mind for some time now.

Meesh's birthday party was nice. I skipped the karaoke after though. I was so tired after eating that I was in no condition to karaoke. I took pics.. that shall be up HOPEFULLY this evening or tomorrow the latest.
To wet your appitite:

Midterm and an essay due on thursday. I wish I could simply skip the midterm review today and type up my paper. Damnit. I had this guy I know check out my phone line and install a phonejack (Free of charge!) Unfortunately, it does not work. I think this is due to the fact that the previous owners of our house.. well the husband anyways.. worked for the telephone company and got all these extra lines etc. Since we never used any of the additional lines.. the one in my room just may be an additional line and needs to either be re-wired to work on our regular number or activated with a new number. OY FUCKING VEY!

In other news..... I recieved my package from a school I am thinking of going to after this one. I am so happy I am almost done. It sucks that all of my old college friends who opted to transfer instead of graduate are leaving this year/early next year. I miss them dearly. I spot some of them from time to time around campus and we chitchat. Maybe we can play a game of "tennis" sometime. I would like that alot. Speaking of my major.. I need to talk to the Departmet Head about my schedule for spring. They do things so stupid in this school. It aggrivates me to no end.. but I only have to put up with it for a few more semesters... then my dream will come true... or the begining of it anyways.

Tangent: I just saw the pics from the Chicago show.... Jared looks amazing as ever. Thanks so much Calvin.

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[Tuesday, October 17, 2006|10:28 a.m.] [Symphony]MERDE!

I fear I may have ruined something. I don't quite know what that something actually IS now.. but I fear I ruined it.

I have this knot in my stomach... this anxiety eating away at me.

My sister was right. I AM to frank with my words sometimes. I tend to go overboard and regret saying things after they are out. I never mince words though.. maybe that is my problem.m I just hate the act of saying something but meaning something else. I'm not calculating or complex. I have no time or energy to do that. Maybe that is why I am in this situation that I am in now.


Photoshoot was this weekend. We were lucky to get such a nice day! Thanks to all the models that showed up. You guys did a great job. I saw the pics and loved them. I hope you guys liked them also.

I had a gossip-fest at work yesterday with some girls I sort-of know. It was nice to tell the story...AGAIN. I fear that entity shall be drawing near and I need to remind myself NOT to get entangled...AGAIN.

Getting back on topic, I really hope I didn't fuck things up.

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[Thursday, October 12, 2006|12:54 p.m.] [Symphony]FINALLY

Tada... quasi-photo post for most of this year.... sorta

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[Sunday, October 8, 2006|04:26 p.m.] [Symphony]

Basilisk in IFC

Trinity Blood on Adult Swim....

I am excited!

The first, Basilisk I had heard alot about it from an old friend of mine. I have been so behind on anime lately (thanks to the pc dying) that I didn't have a chance to check it out... that is until now. Trinity Blood is a long time favorite thanks to viewing it at my old school's anime club meetings.

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[Monday, October 2, 2006|09:38 p.m.] [Symphony]Damn. I know I'm late and all...

Ok. ALL the photos from APRIL 2006 - SEPTEMBER 2006 SHALL BE UP TOMORROW!


In other z.o.m.f.g news, I recently got an e-mail from my local mall is getting one of my favorite stores of all time, Sephora. I squealed when I opened that e-mail up you guys. SQUEALED.

Purchased a sweet tee form Lucky Jeans as you all know. Photos are forthcomming.

What else.... I talked with EggVip for a long time yesterday. We haven't spoken in AGES and it was nice. Oi, miss. Why the hell do you have to live so far away? I NEED TO MAKE A LIST OF PEOPLE I HAVE TO WRITE/CALL SO I ACTUALLY GET AROUND TO IT.

And.... of course.. the X-mas list thing that I have been trying to do for about 2 years now. I have sent some of you cards but not ALL of you who gave me your addresses. I like to get my stuff done EARLY so that I can mail them out by the beginning of December. I will post more about this in the latter half of this month.

I am debating on getting another tablet. A GOOD ONE.... I know wacom is good.. but I am debating between the 6x8 or the 3x4...

Lastly, who HAS NOT e-mailed me their photos yet?*coughcough*

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[Sunday, October 1, 2006|03:38 p.m.] [Symphony]Shopping and Concerts

I recently attended the NY-TOKYO Music Festival. I loved most of it. I say most of because the MC was an annoying twit who kept MISPROUNOUNCING the names of the acts... among other things. I met up with Orfic and Ino-mun who were already there holding a spot int he crowd for me. I brought my newer digital camera and shot some pics/video. These too will be up eventually. We partied, watched some people play the new Soul Caliber/other games and ate with Valen. After that we chilled out before leaving.

What else?

The other day I purchased a lovely shirt from Lucky Brand Jeans. It is black with Kyoto spelt out in yellow and a green drawing of Japan with Kyoto identified with a yellow star. I love that store and all but they tend to LACK nice clothing for females... as in tops. They are TOO girly. I love the hoodies they have out now but they are so huge. I don't want to look like I ENJOY swimming in my clothes.

Speaking of clothes I want to go shopping soon. I've been very good latey by not spending TOO much.. but a shopping spree is in order.
I've been working on the flash site for a while... I still need to tweak alot of things before launching it. And as always... the new layout will be up "soon-ish".

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[Thursday, September 28, 2006|02:06 p.m.] [Symphony]Much a do....


Coldsotne FREE ice cream social
I get e-mails from them.. (for the birthday thing ya know)

ANYHOW, They say that they are having a FREE 3oz ice cream thingy to help benefit the Make A Wish Foundation.


Doing good has never been so sweet.
So who is game? I may hit up the one near the college or the mall near me...hope to see you there.

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[Tuesday, September 19, 2006|10:41 a.m.] [Symphony]Avast!

I don't get the sudden pirate-ness on livejournal today.

It puzzles me to say the least.

School is going well. My world lit professor is... a nice lady and all.. but seriously, I am INSULTED at how easy this class is.
I am a perfectionist when it comes to homework.
For instance, she gaves us a sheet full of discussion questions for one piece we are reading.I answer all of the questions pertaining to the scetions we have to read at the moment. I wrote AND typed the answers (in detail.. line numbers and all) up them up... only to find out she doesn't even LOOK AT THEM, LET ALONE COLLECT THE THING!

The only class I am worried about is my management class... the work is easy enough but the paper i have to do seems much tougher.
All in all I am doing fine. I even got some financial aid so I can bank the rest of my damn money... or blow it on other stuff.

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[Friday, September 1, 2006|10:23 p.m.] [Symphony]maybe...

It IS time for me to say sorry.
Not for anything you may have done.. but for whateverit is that *I* did/said/may have done.
I can't own up to that last one due to lack of discussion.

I also know that things will never be the same between us.

But I have to do this for me.

At first, yes I can honestly say that I was innocent in all of this.

You even said so yourself.

But the years went on and the resentment grew.
The questions grew.
Then it was one thing after another.
The mutual zings we shared.. public or not... I know they were there.
What brings this about now you may ask.

Nothing in particular. I guess I'm just tired of it all.
We both can say we've moved on...but god forbid we ACTUALLY meet... it will be akward and uncomfortable... even more so if things aren't quasi-resolved.
I was acting on impulse last month when I posted.
A dear frind of mine was going through some shit that brought back all those things I THOUGHT I was beyond, back in my face, so to speak.
Reguardless, you know how to contact me.
No, not him...but me this time!
I am willing to hear what you have to say if you are willing to do the same for me.

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[Wednesday, August 23, 2006|07:53 p.m.] [Symphony]^-^

Some people need to be numb.
Working per usual. I saw someone. They never really were anything to me so technically it should not matter if I see them or not. In any case, I saw them two days in a row; much to my chargin/mild irritation. I admit I was breifly happy to see them as well.
Anyhow, we are to be in close confines next month.
Er.. yay?
We spoke breifly yesterday.
The same usual banter: they say something they already know the answer to and await my response, shich for the most part is as curt as possible added is a touch of a wry smile.
blah blah. not important. I off tomorrow to help my little brother move into his dorm. Maybe drinks later in NYC. Most likely.

Last but definately not least, A very Happy Birthday to my good friend Ofrick.

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[Sunday, August 20, 2006|09:35 p.m.] [Symphony]Naze?

I need to take care of someshit before school starts up again.
One being to get my potluck money so I can pay off some of my school bill.
On the monetary note: I already spent some of last week's paycheck on my sexy new SLR-like digital camera. I need it for Digital Photo.
I seriously love that fucking thing more than...say food... maybe? More than porn, definately.

I really anticipate this upcoming semester though.
I can't wait to see some of my old friends.
Speaking of which I need to call Gordon and Danny.
It really is overdue.

I KNOW I owe you all LOTS of photos...
I will have them all up when school starts.
They are already resized and all of that.
The post will be as breif as possible though.
You all know how I love to talk/type up a storm already.. so I shall keep it down.

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[Friday, August 18, 2006|08:57 p.m.] [Symphony]neer.

All ofmy images are itching to be uploaded.. I am so tempted to drop the $500 or so USD on my Mac so I can go online wirelessly.
School comes first though. I am highly contemplating taking an evening class at my old school.


Anyhow,for those who keep up with the MS and LJ... I didNOT go see Antibalas yesterday. I was too fatigued to leave my house again once I got there. I talked on the phone instead. :3 I do feel bad for up and cancelling like that though.
Possible Great Adventure outing in the works.. I dunno the details yet... working on it. Anyhow, my break is almost over. Ciao!

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[Tuesday, August 8, 2006|09:23 a.m.] [Symphony]Otakon

Things to remember:

"Oh my panties!"

"I am a japanese princess"

"It's ok to call the police"

"Can I have a beer?"

"I ski very well."

Also.. NEVER EVER geta long ass weave and "play" it into your guitar. No matter HOW much of a "japanese princess" you are.
Pics will be up soon.

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[Tuesday, August 1, 2006|04:34 p.m.] [Symphony]An update from Eaton Centre...

I won't lie. I'm not as close to some of you as I would have liked to be.. past or present..

This current discord.. it rings home all of the ugly and unsavory emotions I went through a few years ago.

While I am one all for talking things out face to face... those two.. I doubt they ever will do that. Both of them are stubborn. WAY TOO STUBBORN.BOTH WILL NEVER meet the other for REAL closure.

I know... I am one to talk, right?

It took me some time to not even care about my situation.

I was tempted to forgive once.. even twice.. but when a highly veiled apology (and actions ment to reel me back in with said party) occured earlier this year.. I was so fed up with all of it.

Totally fed up.

I was NOT given the respect of being called or DIRECTLY contacted on this matter, nor were all the hurtful things removed (so i would not see them anymore) to show any REAL remorse on their behalf. If I had been contacted personally I would have been happy to talk about all that had gone on and how I felt/feel. We would not be friends again that is for sure.. but atleast our point of views would be known.. even after so long.

I took it as.. I know XYZ and ABC and other party DEF wanted in on it.

Plain and simple.

I refuse to EVER be used again.

Not like that.

Never EVER again.

I do feel a little sorry for the abrupt way I cut off some people (mainly two or three at most) when it came to that situation. I am not a heartless bitch or anything. Then again.. if we REALLY were THAT close... some sort of reciprocated contact would have continued, correct?

I am no fool. One of those whom I thought was THE CLOSEST to me betrayed me to some degree. I didn't say anything until now. I had an inkling once the contact began again. And once again, I was not even given the decency to be contacted by that "friend" and told about it. Thankfully this is all long distance garbage that was delt with accordingly.

In the end, I prefer things going as they did. I can concentrate on self-growth/improvement.

And to those who STILL for some odd/unknown reason have my blog link, kindly lose it, please. There will be very little to entertain you here anymore and simply, we don't talk so why even bother reading about my life anyways?


New layout will go up eventually.
Totally unrelated: For my personal information.

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[Thursday, July 13, 2006|05:35 p.m.] [Symphony]...

Did you all notice the lack of my internet usage?

Blitz week x2 was occuring.

On one hand I can pay for school with out loans this semester.. but on the other hand.. I wish I could simply keep all that money

I had an odd dream the other night envolving soem people I chilled with at Anime Next.. one girl in particular. she is amazing btw. XD

wELL to make a long story short.. I was confronted with a difficult meeting... but in the end I sucked it up desite the fears and sarcasm and was actually plesant.


I wasn't even concerned with that situation and here I am dreaming about it.

I handeled it well thankfully.

On another unrelated topic, Otakon.... coming soon.. Canada.. coming SOONER.
I am so ready to party. I still haev to ink out my final plans and whatnot.. but .. I will be hittign the ground running when I arrive.

That is all.

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[Saturday, June 17, 2006|02:15 p.m.] [Symphony]This Week/end

Lots to post about. Images from the Fords Head Automatica instore at Vintage Vinyl and some funny anecdotes that will regail your grandchildren for years to come.

Not many pic form the con yet, this is due to my ass running through 2 boroughs and Secacus Nj all day yesterday. :/

On the topic of the concert, D'espairsRay was amazing per usual. The sound for their vocals/instruments drowned out the music track to accompany it in some fo the songs.. but all in all, it was A rate.

Pics of me in a CORSET! I am going to buy it too. It looks simply lovely! LOVELY!!!!

Sad to say, I intened not to spend any money AT this convention... but shit happens. I won't buy anything at Otakon though.

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[Wednesday, May 31, 2006|10:23 a.m.] [Symphony]Money money money money! MONEY!

Man. I got my pot-luck money yesterday.
Seriously, $1400 STILL looks crazy.
It was in my HANDS and it was crazy.
I never saw that much money PHYSICALLY in front of me in my life!
I bought stuff... ALOT OF STUFF

Also, Head Automatica June 5th! FUCK YEAH!

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[Sunday, May 28, 2006|08:27 p.m.] [Symphony]...

Dulldrums are so much fun.
I decided not to go see Head Automatica.. a much more important concert is taking place that day.
That is all.

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[Sunday, May 21, 2006|10:25 p.m.] [Symphony]Annoyance

Updating THIS is proving to be annoying. I have so much to backpost it is DISGUSTING. Not to mention the images I need to link. I have so many.

Re-organizing my room so that it won't be a disaster area two weeks from now is annoying. I don't want to say it.. but I have ALOT of clothes... and not enough hangers or space to fold them/ pack them all away.

The 300 or some odd dollars those TAX FUCKERS took from my pay check this week was HIGHLY ANNOYING! The more I work the more they take... don't EVEN get me started on the 25% BULLSHIT my dad is trying to leech out of me.

Oweing money is annoying. Granted it's not so bad. I can let my orders get cancelled again.. but RE-ORDERING is ANNOYING too!

Miscommunication is annoying. That is explainitory... granted it is pertaining to MANY things going on with me right now. Some things are cleared up thankfully... while others... let's just say I'm waiting to be contacted since I am the one always contacting them.

Being hungry is annoying. Nuff said.
You know what, this post seems like an episode listing for Karin *an anime show I finished a week ago* or something. Ha.

Totally unrealted: Summer 2006 schedule

June: Various Concerts on or around Animenext weekend.. and possible party for married friend(maybe?) Head Automatica June 22, The Pillows June 26/27

July: N/A

August: Canada, Otakon, Blood August 10

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[Tuesday, May 2, 2006|07:32 p.m.] [Symphony]Yadda yadda.

I have been working alot lately. The pay is going to be amazing. Not like I do anything with my days/evenings as of late anyhow.. except watch anime and the few jaunts to NYC.

No word yet on the internship.. then again it hasn't been a week or two yet.

On an EVEN BETER note:

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[Sunday, April 23, 2006|12:17 a.m.] [Symphony]Been a long time, ne?

Thanks to my allergies I lost my voice at work yesterday.. it's slowly coming back though.

Work is work. Some times good.. sometiems bad... really busy as of late.
I was cleaning my room and I found a pair of jeans I had been searching for for some time now. It had 50 bucks in it. LUCKY! No I'm not going shopping with it.. I have to pay a bill. But it frees me up to go shoppign without feeling guilty about my bill.
I filed my taxes one day late.. but whatever. I owed from last year too(federally) so I hope they play it smart and deduct out of my refund this year. I only owed 6 bucks. :p


I extracted that rotted tooth. Thank god. Now I can eat again.Hopefully I get the cute dentist when i go for my check up in May.
I saw Scary Movie 4 with a co-worker. It was funny.

The impromptu birthday stuff for my mom went amazingly well. We stayed home and had a nice dinner with some local family-memebers coming over.

For now.. the angel and the devil are conversing like normal people. The angel overcame their fear. The angel feels different yet relived. More on this when more becomes of it.

Sexy wardrobe for the summer is coming along nicely. Sexy body is slowly progressing. Loosing the lil tummy (THAT ONLY I SEEM TO SEE WTF!?!?) is proving to be hard. When I say only I can see it.. I wear my REALLY fitted tops and I see a little lump. NO ONE ELSE SEES THIS. I'm even talkin about skinny girls. Maybe it's in my head. x_x

Tech stuff:

I played with my son a couple of times already. He's working wonderfly with my Mac. No name yet though. I may have to get a new keyboard though. Planning on getting my wireless (internet included) items by the end of next month. Myabe even a tablet. It is about time I got another one.

The website however, is still in development. I need to pick a lyaout and stick with it. DAMN my indecisiveness! All the layouts look amazing.. but I want something... more. It's hard to explain. All the images are already sized down and everything. I just have to choose a layout. Speaking of layouts... some are needed for several other sites too. Maybe I will whip one up tomorrow.

Please pray for me this coming thursday. I shall be doing the same.. but pray for me.

*edited* Percy still holds it down.

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[Sunday, April 9, 2006|08:56 p.m.] [Symphony]Pho32/Karaoke

First off I must say thank you to My sister, her boyfirend, orphicget, daisuke_yoshikiand Ino-mun I forgot your name. T-T I'm sorry for attending last night. Images shall be up later tonight.

We all eventually met up at Pho32 at around 10pm... well most of us. Ino-mun had come to visit Orfic and decided to stop by. I was treated to some fragrant bath salts and these cute earings thanks to Orfic. Truly, I was not expecting anyone to give me anything last night. I was really touched by that.

We all ordered and our food came rather fast. Yo-mun had dim sum, I had dim sum and a grilled chicken platter, Ino-mun also had the grilled chicken platter also. Orficget Had this.. soup noodle thing... she also ordered this tastey lemon liquiour the had there. It came in a cute teapot. Not too strong or sweet or anything like that but tastey as hell. My sister and her boyfriend were still in transit by the time I finished eating my grilled chicken platter Ino-mun had the same.. granted I eat like a machine... but that is not the point. My sister and her boyfriend both ordered the grilled chicken platter, though he had opted for the chicken pot sticks as well. We all conversed about so many things...really just all over the place.

Then my sister and her boyfriend had to leave. He had to get up early and she had work. I was offered a place to stay that night by them which was awesome. Soon after we said our goodbyes, the remaining attendees and myself went to Chorus.. only to find it packed to the gills with people. Apparently, I was not the only one who thought of that place for a birthday party... the bar area was closed off. We all contemplated crashing for a breif moment... then opted to go to another place across the street. Not as chic as Chorus but that was fine by me. Upon entering we were told there was a 20 min wait. Soon after that we were allowed into the VIP room, which was huge. Then just as we were going to select a song, we had to go into a MUCH smaller room. I stood for the majority of our time in there. So much fun was had. We sang the usual songs aka Bohemian Rhapsody, Y.M.C.A and Drive along with some other jems like Superman by Eminem, Rape Me by Nirvana, and ofcourse.. Eye of the Tiger. We had so much fun.

After we left the karaoke place mind you without singing Desire by LunaSea. Ino and I were excited to sing it but alas, our time ran out before we could get a chance to. we looked for a place to eat that was open at 3am. We lucked out and found a diner. Orfic got a german triple chocolate cake with ice cream, I ordered an oreo cake, Ino orderd apple pie with ice cream and Yo-mun orderd apple pie sans ice cream. Unfortunately for Ino and Yo the apple pies were cold. We talked at length about alot of things. People watched for a bit also. These two men who were seated adjacent to me were really... "interesting". I'm talking BDSM club interesting. Buddy was sporting these leather pants with leather suspender-like things crossign infront of this chest and secured with an O-ring in the middle... various O-rings dotted the suspentder-like things also. Did I mention he was bear chested and by each nipple there were O-rings over them? Basically the parts of his skin where the O-rings touched were thei middle of his tattooed back, his nipples and the middle of his torso. Yes. He was interesting. His companion was sporting a long leather trench coat. Unfortunately, I was unable to see what he looked like or was wearing.

We then parted ways at about 4am. I was asisted by Orficget in getting a taxi and then I was on my way to my sister's boyfriend's apartment. I called her and let her know I was on my way. The cab ride was fairly short and I reached there safely. I got in to the apartment without incident and passed out on the couch. I didn't wake up until 11am. My sister and I snagged some tea at this cafe on the corner. Really good stuff if I say so myself. Then we took a cab to Penn Station, she purchased some magazines and we took our train back to NJ.

Upon our arrival back home, my sister stated that she wanted to go to the mall to check out soem stuff. I agreed since I haven't been in the mall in some time. We first went to Nordstrom and looked at shoes. She wound up purchasing some makeup at MAC however. I had to curtail my urge to splurge on tees/tanks at Square One... you know how they get with sales in that store. A girl can never have too many plain tees/tanks damnit. Then off we went to Arden B. and Zara. I love Arden B. to death.. but truth be told, Zara kicks there ass with their prices. We didn't shop in Arden B.'s clearence for very long either, opting to browse the entire womens section of Zara which was right next door. So many lovely things. Shoes, bags, belts pants. That store has my soul. It has taken H&M's place in my heart. We both tried on shirt dresses. I also picked up a lovely white halter dress. Yeah. Both dresses make my boobies look really nice. I chose to purchase the shirt dress while my sister treated me to the white halter dress. We saw my brother at work also. I stopped to get something to eat and then we left.

I had alot of fun this weekend. Reguardless of comming home to my disaster of a bedroom. I hope tomorrow goes well also.


I have the choice between two things....

Spending $300USD on 3 orders of jrock cds/dvds
Spending $300USD on a usb external hard drive.


Verdict: Say hello to my new baby!


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[Friday, April 7, 2006|12:02 a.m.] [Symphony]more concerts!?

Ok. I may blow off cali all together.... only to go to this other concert... elsewhere. >XD


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[Wednesday, April 5, 2006|11:10 p.m.] [Symphony]Mi dia vol 3422358340808million.

I managed to check the weather for this weekend.. a moot rainy. :/ Not stellar party conditons.. but it will have to do. If it is that bad on saturday.. the venue will be moved from Peep to Pho32. Chorus however is still stayign the same.

Damnit. My mom has class on her birthday. I have work on mine.. but I SPECIFICALLY took off from work on the 17th for her birthday. Granted her class doesn't end until 6pm.. but what the hell can you do then? Eat? I want to do MORE than that.. it's my mom's 50th damnit. I love my mom more than anything. The party we were planning is squashed since she is going to be working on the 22.

Fuck you too fate. Why were you AMAZING to me last week and now treating me like your unfavored stepchild this week?

In other more sombering news.... I remembered my aunt again today... It has been about four years *come the 8th* since her murder. I can't imagine how my life would be without all that has happend. I have changed so much. I'm not glad of it. I would wish my aunt ALIVE anyday over any personal growth.

Just to see her again.
To hear her laugh.

As I am on the verge of tears ALREADY, I've been watching a whole slew of TLC originals: BORN WITHOUT A FACE, FACEMAKERS, FACE EATING TUMOR.. and other heart wrenching shows.

I feel for these children.

That is why birth is a miricle.
That your child comes out.. not only with 10 fingers and toes.. but a face, sight, is not mentaly impared... etc.


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[Tuesday, April 4, 2006|01:02 p.m.] [Symphony]Energized

I am alive.
I slept from 5pm last night until... half an hour ago.
I feel so much better.

My pics form Fusion shall be up later.. but I warn you... I kept getting the heads of the people infront of me in the pics... I will try my best to edit them out.

I can't wait until Friday and Satruday!

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[Saturday, April 1, 2006|12:21 a.m.] [Symphony]I'm a little tired.. ok alot.

Just because I can.. does It mean I should?
I actually COULD afford that show and to stay there Ori.. but should i go.
I'm not so... enthused over the band.
Yes they are good, but I'm not into them like that.

Then again.. I get to hang with Aki and you etc again...
I dunno.

then again... I'm not going to Otakon this year...damnit. I really have to sleep on this.
I'm really tried/exhuseted.
My neck/back hurt alot. Probably due to improper sleeping and luggign photo equipment the last few days.
I entered ANOTHER contest... wish me luck.

Oh. By the way... my credits are now situated.. so I have to register for the fall..
Damn them for not offering Japanese. I need a structured class, idealy for credit...

Maybe I can see what the Japan Society has....

I dunno.

I still need an outfit for the Fusion Fashion Show tonight.
I have a great idea for my eye makeup... wish me luck.

Orfic I'm goign to call you later today.. (while I'm at work)

You're SO going to kick ass, so don't worry about it so much.

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[Thursday, March 23, 2006|01:02 a.m.] [Symphony]Post Dirugate 2006

Post Dirugate 2006

Date: 23.03.06
Hour: 1109
Statement: I is hungry.

Well since a full day and then some has passed between the concert... I feel it is time to start my report. Have no fear, photos shall be up a bit later.

Man, were to begin? The beginning I suppose. After the Japan Night at the knitting factory we went to the Avalon venue to see if there were any people being all hardcore fanish and waiting outside teh venue at 12am... a full 17 hours before the concert. As stated in the last post... only one hardcore fan was there...and he was a bum!

We documented our findings and returned to Orfic's abode to rest.. or actually to watch some Dir en grey pvs and listen to music and then sleep. Sipping on my welches white grape and peach juice I posted the previous post. All of the band info from The Knitting Factory concert shall be added into that post later on.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

I was so rockin the bank-robber Zero hat... fuck yeah.

March 21, 2006....
There was something mystical and ominous about teh day. Nah, I'm joking. But it was actually alot warmer than it was supposed to be... that is until we made it to the venue and the sun decided to DISAPPEAR into soem high yet obstrctive clouds making it freezing. This one Canadian chick we had met last night only had a quilt. Her hands were shaking and I wanted to cry every time I looked at her. Then these people at behind us were all "OMFG. THOSE GUYS ARE CUTTING!" AND "YOU GUYS NEED TO MOVE WE'VE BEEN HERE SINCE 12AM." That was when I said.. um. No sweety WE were here at midnight...NO ONE was here except the hardcore fan of a bum! Try using that ploy on someone else. Granted their complaining was directed at the group of guys INFRONT of us.. but lying is just stupid.

Oh and just to let you all know.. the line was fairly long. Maybe I can upload Orfic's video coverage onto my server so you guys can see it.

So we went to eat at Rickshaw Dumpling which was good and then off to a thrift store across the street to get Ori a proper shirt so she won't freeze anymore than she was. There was a rather jovial transgendered man at the back of the store with his cat. He picked out hats for us and was very nice to talk with. :D

After that we ventured back to the line where our friends were...only to find out we missed when the band went inside.. but we were at the front of the building anyways and would have been unable to see them reguardless...

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

So we get back on line only to see that the "second line of mass cutters" had multiplied and was totally obstructing the entire sidewalk now. Some time passed. I chitchated with a little asian girl and this little white chick who has never been to a concert before. I told her not to fear the line cutters.. or rather the MASS LINE CUTTERS. One-three people is fine/acceptable...but people were rollin in like 10+deep and gettin infront of people. Granted no one could say shit sicne they weren't staff anyways.. but whatever.

Then the rumors of Missy began to fly. "OMG I SAW HER YA KNOW.." yadda yadda. I could care less actually. I'm nto involved and well.. she's a GROWN WOMAN who acts... well... not so grown... to put it mildly. So apparently she passed my friend orphicget and the rest of us. Hissed and called us cunts. All I saw as a rather haggered old woman with a dour/extremely sour look on her face scowling and rushing past as some teeny-bopperish girls flanked her. In all truth, for the longest while I had thought she was some young chick with all that I'd heard about her. Until I SAW WITH MY OWN EYES. Still, it is so hard to believe she's so old. I degress, she looked like she was lookin for her child in the crowd and couldn't find them or some shit. Despite the hastily said remark and cowardly retreat, we all laughed at her.

Soon after that we saw the tall aparition that was Go. He's so fuckin tall... but a nice guy from what I can tell. orphicget and dark_schuldich talked to him as I huddled down to keep warm. Yeah, despite Orfic and I buying platforms SPECIFICALLY for this show so we could see... Go was STILL taller than us.

More time passed. People passed out glowsticks... It got colder. I still was warm though my hands were cold. I wore Ori's gloves and my own over it. Some of the more brave wore no jacket. To pass the time, a few of us observed the two fires only a few blocks away from each other...

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

We were fenced in by the staff. temporatily warming up due to the shitload of people all around. Some homless men tried chating some people up... and the marveled at Orifc's red eye. "I have a terminal illness. Happy? Stop staring at my eye."

So many good times were had on that line.
Some fans had their ear to one of the doors getting all excited hearing them practice.
It was cute.

It grew dark and then the crowd went buck wild when the carmera men came buy. Also, it seems that some one was filming from inside the venue so they went crazy over that and waved/yelled etc etc. Our "friend" the bouncer from t he D'espairsRay concert was back checking IDs.. apparently he was the only one. Then we were hearded inside.. they checked bags and off er went intot he venue.. Some Freewill staff lackies handed out rules for the concert... I think I still have it somewhere. I rushed tot he far right of the stage.. Die's area and secured my spot. Granted, I had wanted to stand by Toshiya's side.. but upon hearign that hes' usually in the back, behind Kaoru... I decided to stay on Die's side with the others.. strength in numbers and all that.

Before the bands even came on people were pushing and being rude. I'm sorry. Yeah my ass was towering over/infront of you.. but I SPECIFICALLY bought my platform boots so that I could actually see at THIS particular concert. Orfic and I told some *politely may I add* girls who were behind us that DARED ask if we could let them infront of us (since we were "so tall" and "can see better") to go up on the balcony if they wanted to see.. That was WAY before the balcony became overcrowded. They had ample time to get their asses up there. The nerve of some people.

The opening act, Still Life Decay was interesting. I liked their look alot. The lead singer had these long platinum dreads. I was in awe of them. Their sound was alright. It got the crowd boppin a bit. Soem kid yelled that they sucked.. but that was only ONE person.. whatever. I like dthe lil synth effects and vocal effects they had going... though I could not understand ANYTHING they were singing. It sounded alright. I was half-tempeted to buy something from them so I could clearly hear their music... but the crowd was acting INSANE!

Then the INSANE PUSHING BEGAN. Some fuckers behind me.. a guy.. tried to oust me outta my spot. I locked my knees together and pressed my feet to those next to me in a V formation. Yay for platforms. Suddenly we were pushed up to the point that the barricade was sliding WITH US STANDING ON THE FLAT PART OF IT. I was terrified. I thougth I was going to fall over, get crushed, trampled and die.

After Still Life Decay finished the security staff tried to fix the barricade. They were telling people to step back and all that shit. Then a spokesperson came out and basically reprimanded the crowd for pushing. Warning us that if it happeds again Diru would stop playing and the concert could possibly be over.
I was the girl saying "AMEN MAN! AMEN!")

After our reprimand from the spokesperson white guy in shorts the lights went dim and the crowd went wild. A bit before that some people sang happy birthday to Toshiya.

Overall performance: C
Highlights: Erm. They weren't bad or anything... but I couldn't understand them.. so the best part for me aside from the beats being for the most part the same and having me dancing.. was the end.

That and the spokesperson guy reaming out the fantards for pushing.

Anyhow.. G.D.S came on and everyone was chanting what sounded like "Kyo" or "KILL!" in the appropriate parts of the song.

Then they came out.. Shinya first.. his hair was mostly black with a patch of blonde in it. Very nice. I don't clearly recall what he wore other than a white shirt.. perhaps a tee...
Then the others came out.

Die wore tight jeans one at the knees with a random safely pin here and there. Cowboy boots finished the look off. Red and black hair sort of styled in a quasi-mullet.. yet fuller.. with the underpards shaved. that could only be seen when he headbanged/rocked foreward violently. He looked hot. Extremely hot. There I said it. AND DAMN... WHEN HE TURNED AROUND... He has a perfect shape folks. PERFECT!

Man.... he was a little disappointing. Dorky cute and all.. but his hair saddened me a bit. I looked like a duck's tail.. you know how it flips up.. like that but a little bit of hair down in the front.. a white blazer, striped tee and tight jeans.. wearing some UGG-looking snow/cowboy boots.

He was rockin some faded/distressed fitted black jeans and a tee with some graphic on it. I couldn't tell since he was so far away.. he looked ok too. His hair was black with a patch of blonde on the side... in the longer parts of his hair.

Then there was Kyo.
He was rockin a blazer no shirt underneath and some TIGGGGGGGGHT low slung pants. In all black if i recall correctly. I'm sorry.. but you so could see his junk etched in the front of panties kyo? I can't recall his shoes either. And damn his hips when he gyrated... you'd think he was half trini!

The crowd was fairly well behaved after the warning... not so much fury when they pushed. Some wiggle room. Not much but enough to bring my arms up or down as needed. HOWEVER, there was this short chick who wa sorta infront/next to me...she was all angled and seemingly trying to get infront of the girl infront of me. So I POLITELY asked if she can move her arm infront of her since her elbow was digging into my side PAINFULLY. She just looked at me and moved it a little bit. Then throughout the concert she kept doing it. My hands were resting on the sholders of the girl with the Diru bandana infront of me. Perhaps my 21+ armband scrtached the short chicks shoulder a tiny bit.. I dunno but she kept bitching at me about it.. so I moved my hands infront of me.. but her elbow was STILL in my hip. Rudeness. PURE RUDENESS... Orfic said that the same chic was all "omg don't touch me" to her when the crowd started pushing and Orfic and I switched places.

Unpleasantness aside... IT WAS SO FUNNY... Die stared right at us a number of times.. then again we were two tall black chicks RIGHT next to each other dwarfing most of the crowd on our side. He smirked quite often too. Then when the glow sticks came out.. I forgot mine in my jacket so i had my little watch clock thing with a red light.. so i put that up...
Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

THAT got his attention. He stared right at me a good bit like.. O_O IT'S RED!? Then I had both hands up so that my palms were red and waved that around to the songs. So, if anyone sees a red thing/palm in the dvd that was me. :P Orfic left after being annoyed one to many times about the height thing. I was like fuck it. I'm staying.

YADDA YADDA MORE SONGS... Kyo cut himself and bled quite a bit. Gyrated soem more. Stick his hands down his pants... and then they left. the crowd chanted "Dir en grey" over and over. We were filmed some more... then they came out and did a few more songs.. I think they/the crowd should have sung happy birthday during the wait.. but whatever. So they came back out and we danced our asses off. We jumped and vibed to the songs. It was great. And seriously.. towards the end they looked like they were having fun playing for us too. Fuck. Die even SMILED a good couple of times.

Then it was over... they kissed and threw picks. Shinya threw out four drumsticks..into the middle. :/
Die threw pics everywhere.. up into the balcony.. just fuckin everywhere. Kaoru didn't really venture to our side for very long. But he threw stuff too. Kyo threw his 2 buckets of water into the crowd. Apparently some girl got hit in the face. O_O

Set list snagged from chayyot
0. G.D.S.
1. Clever Sleazoid
2. saku
3. Garbage
4. Jesus Christ RnR
5. Machiavellism
6. Merciless cult
9. Itoshisa ha fuhai ni tsuki
8. kodoku ni shisu, yue ni Kodoku
9. dead tree
10. the final
11. beautiful dirt
12. Higeki ha mabuta wo oroshita yasashiki utsu
13. kodou
14. the IIID empire
15. Spilled Milk
1. Mr. Newsman
3. C
4. Child Prey

Overall performance: B+ It needed more crowd interaction in my honest opinon.

Highlights: When Die and Toshiya switched and hugged and when Kaoru and Die hugged. It was cute. I am still mad they forbid cameras.. so many photo ops were missed. There was another part were Kaoru and Die were all seriously concentrating on playing and Toshiya was all "I'M ROCKIN OUT!".. rockin hard with the music and making these silly faces. THAT was hilarious to me. And he smiled alot too. Shinya was just fuckin amazing. Kyo was... well.. Kyo. I can't describe it aside from saying blood scratching and angsty moans/grunts but that was after certain songs that I forgot to remember. He went all out with the singing... even letting the crowd sing a bit too. I dunno. He seemed pleased by us and our ferver I suppose.

After the band trew things at us.. and I got sprayed by Die, Toshiya and Kyo's water... I looked down to see where the pics had gone.. I knew a few of them landed near me... so i ducked down and tried to find one.. I saw a odd looking Ferrari logo-ed pic (I didn't know who's or what band it was from...but I did know it wasn't Die's.. his was an awesome red pic with holes and black writing on it. I wanted that one BADLY!) so I went for it. This guy next to me tried to get it too...but I put my platformed foot on it.. and kept searching.. .. scraping the floor to pick up up as I pretended to search...When I knew it was a pic.. I scooped it up and put it into my bra. After standing upright, the guyasked if i got it and i said yeah. He then congratulated me and we shook hands. Soon after that, he left. I then turned to my friend and examined my prize. I got me Toshiya's pic folks. Fuck yeah.

After exiting Avalon via the "Die side" of the stage.. Kate and I forlornly thought about the gift box and where it could have been. So we all trecked to the front of the venue and waited for Go the giant to arrive. I saw the lil bitch how kept jabbin me in my rib come out. Then I saw Missy scurry out of the venuenot that long after... and run into the deli next door to the venue. Rattish behavior. Seriously. Reguardless they BOTH fail at life. Hard.

Then Go arrived and we were off to Pho32 for some grub and karaoke after. We all talked about the show and his daughter. She is too cute folks. Too cute!

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

We even met up with Matt and Rocky from the D'espairsRay show last month. They would join us later with another friend of theirs. Reguardless, we headed off to Pho32. Upon our arrival we had to momentarily wait to be seated.. in the BACK when the logn table could have been cleared away just as fast.. but whatever. On my left was Orfic and to my right was Go. Directly across from me wERE Kate and Ori was on her left. There were two other ladies with us...but I forgot their names. We ate.. or rahter those of us whom the waiter remembered ordered, ate. They took SO LONG with our order. I've eaten there.. what? Three times and this was the first time the service sucked.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Reguardless.. before Go left, we admired his pics.. and I retold the story of my pic acquisition.
Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Matt, Rocky and one of their friends came by a little before Go departed. Now, had we been given the big table we would have had more than enough room.. but we didn't get that table so Matt took Go's seat while Rocky and their friend sat behind us. Go had to.. well.. go.. so we said bye to him... and ate the rest of his practically untouched food. Yeah. We talked, filmed and took pics... that is befor the ITIS set in. one by one the majority of us fell asleep. Shit.
Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket
I had passed out... then my eyes snapped open on to notice I had missed the majority of Diru napkin doodles.. So i scribbled something before I left. Die in his concert gear!

Anyhow. Since we were ALL fucking tired we did not karaoke... and opted to go to our respective places to sleep that evening... morning... whatever. We get back to orfic's place and I basically passed out. I was able to chang emy clotehs and brush my teeth.. but that was it. My attempt to watch the live action version of Ping Pong Club FAILED. I passed out when the two guys were walking on the beach. I awoke at 9am that morning.. freakin out sicne Ori had to catch her plane soon-ish. I faile dmany times to wake her... then when I actually DID, she told me her flight wasn't until 1pm. So i fell beack to sleep.. wok eup at 10am and attempted to upload my photos... but orfic's computer STILL hates me/my camera. That sucked alot. Anyhow. eventually we all got up and ready to leave.. We took the train together until orfic and ori left me. T-T

I got home at 3pm that evening.

I also saw V for Vendetta with Lan at about 8pm-ish that night.
I HIGHLY recommend that movie to you guys.
It was good.
And yes.. I want to rock the Guy Fawkes Day mask.
Funny how I KNEW what day/whom they were talking about before it was revealed in the movie itself.
I knows me mah british holidays!

On a more crappy note:
Deadman, a band I just got into and like alot is possibly disbanding.
I won't lie. I am a bit saddened by this potential news.
Not greatly or anything.. but it's just like when I got into MerryGoRound... they broke up soon after also.
I don't know if it is official.
I don't know if it's just a hiatus for them.
I don't know if they are only going major... but that would be the best outcome.

By the way.. I STILL sound like a 13 year old boy going through puberty. Yes. I know. My voice is the sex!

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[Tuesday, March 21, 2006|09:56 a.m.] [Symphony]Diru gate 2006:

Diru gate 2006:

Date: 21.3.06
Statement: I is cold.

It's so fuckin cold. So Ori and I are at Orfic's place.. I'm the only one still awake.

Last night we went to a japanese rock concert at The Knitting Factory.
Unfortunately we came in at the ASS END of The Rodeo Carburettor's set. teh lead singer was pretty hot.. though i WAS at the back of the room... Anyways, all of the bands we saw sounded good. I got alot of practice for tonight too. We went to eat with the Canadians and soem fot he west coast/dirty south people! much fun was had!

Image hosting by Photobucket

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Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket The  roadie guy was HOT!

Image hosting by Photobucket

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Image hosting by Photobucket

After that show, we swung by Avalon at about 1am to see if an fans has lined up like they said they were going to but they didn't.

Though there was one fan who punked them all waiting there.

Yeah... his clothes were dirty and he smelled like piss.. but he's showing his loyalty to the band by camping out!

I give you props mister homless man for being the FIRSTfan on line for the show.


We even made friends with him so our spot is secure.

That's right bitches. We got a friend at the front of the line. So you best be gettin out of our spots when we arrive. We've got connections!
:P har har har.

Getting back on topic, I had ORIGINALLY woken up at 7:45am only to fall back asleep and wake up at about 8:20ish. Orfic got a call saying tht a line has already formed. I dunno about you guys.. but lining up EARLIER than 8am is fucking INSANE! I condone the 8am line up. I'm guessing the teeny-bopper's parents/chaperones were advising against the 2am line up, and with just ase. A) It is fucking freesing. B) There are crazy people out that late at night.

Reguardless, I'm going to take a shower now and get ready. I want to bathe with hot water damnit. :P

Oh and this weather totally FUCKED my plans on clothing. I wanted to wear this black dress thing but it only came to half my thigh... basically am inni dress with buckles and all that. Now I have to wear pants. If it wasn't going tpo be like 30 or less degrees tonight I would have rocked it.

Fuckin first day of spring this turned out to be.

So I finally saw a copy of jrock ink. They had The Pillows in it. I've loved them since 2001 when I was graduating from highschool. I was very surprized and pleased to say the least. Seriously though some of the bands that I thought were around for 10 years were only around for like 5-7 years. LAME! But I did learn alot... aside form what I already knew/learned over the years.

Off to shower.

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[Sunday, March 19, 2006|08:01 p.m.] [Symphony]...

I don't know what to say.
Seriously at a loss for words.

This episode of the Simpsons is hilarious!
And it has only been on for what? Four min?

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[Saturday, March 18, 2006|11:08 p.m.] [Symphony]first then second...

first the manga.
then the movie...


I would be super hyped... but there is another death in
the family..
That makes #2 for 2006.
Off I go to look for tickets for Trinidad... AGAIN.

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[Friday, March 17, 2006|06:44 p.m.] [Symphony]give or take...

Who's game?

Reguardless,It's almost that time of year again.

The asteriks (*) mean that I would be very happy to get that item.

Miyavi USA Visit Photobook*
FMA The Movie*
Loveless OST*
Myavi pv collection vol 2*
Shock Wave cd
Witch Hunter Robin MAXI Shell/Maxi*
Witch Hunter Robin OST vol 1*
Witch Hunter Robin OST vol 2
The Saint OST (as in the MOVIE)*
Keena: New Scared Cow*
The Postal Service*

Text books of luv: Art of Promotion : Creating Distinction Through Innovative Production Techniques
To save you all ALOT of time: I have ALOT of albums/singles/books/DVDs on so... you can check my wishlist if you like. ^-^v Especially for any music by The Pillows listed on there.

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[Wednesday, March 1, 2006|12:51 a.m.] [Symphony]METRONOME AND FLOPPY OWN YOU BITCHES!

You know they do!

Check them out! Metronome

and their side project.. Floppy! Floppy

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[Friday, February 24, 2006|07:48 p.m.] [Symphony]2/24 Youka Nitta @ Kinokuniya NYC

Got up early, say around 8:30am... and promptly fell back asleep. Orfic was kind enough to let me spend the night at her place since it was so late and all. I wasn't 100% sure if I could have stayed.. so I was like.. whatever happens, happens. I tried to upload my photos from the concert from my camera on her comp.. but it didn't like me.

Regardless, I eventually awoke at 9:30am. I put the kettle on, took my clothes out for the book signing at 4pm, tried to upload my pictures again... but to no avail, brushed my teeth and just chilled. It was too early to bathe just yet. Orfic woke up at about 10am.. she played me some Metronome and Deadman...and I have to say I love their stuff. I heard Deadman at her house last Halloween and was interested... so this time sealed the deal. Metronome.. I have like.. one song: Mendokudasai.

The night before, after the concert when a few of us decided on a whim to go eat... Emily and I made plans to go to Kinokuniya for the book signing. So I met her over there at about 1pm? I got there a bit earlier than that actually. To pass the time I checked out some magazines i.e Shoxx, Cure, etc... I even saw some kic ass nail magazines. I passed on the Gothic and Lolita Bibles.. I haven't seen anything new in there for ages. I DO however regret not gettign any of the fashion magazines. I like how they pair up stuff in them. I then looked at some stationary stuff really quick.. left.. went and got food really quick...came back.. still no sign of Emily or the Be Beautiful staff. So i decided to go check out the stationary again. You know me and my thank you cards and such. I LIVE FOR STATIONARY. And not that crappy cutesy stuff. I mean the fancy business type. I could go on and on...

Reguardless, I came down at about 2pmish and saw them begin to set up. I was second in line. Fancy that. Emily showed up and we chilled for a bit before she left. The sweetheart even did me the favor of buying the photobook. Granted it was with my money.. but I didn't want to get out of the line. I would have wound up all the way in the back. So she did me that favor before she left. Then this NYU guy... blonde with fluffy hair... I think his name was Joe or Jay(?) is interviewing me and the girl in front of me, Amanda.We were asked when and how we got into yaoi. If we saw Brokeback Mountain and what we thought about it. How we got exposed to Nitta-san's work. The regular interview questions. Then he recorded me. That was so cool! So we exchanged contact information and the like. I'm so excited.

Anyhow, so Amanda and I get to talking. Then the Pete the PR guy from Be Beautiful and Ali(?) who was another PR Be Beautiful guy were talking to Amanda and I. Taking photos and the like. And yeah. Pete is a Gundam Wing fan. XD FORK YEAH! So Amanda, Pete and I were like blah blah blah Gundam Wing blah blah blah. Good times I got his business card and Amanda's e-mail. Yay!. Then finally after standing in my lovely yet painful stiletto boots for so many hours.. the book signing began. We got our photos taken with Nitta-san and I was like.. aite. I'm done.

Amanda and I left. I told here about the D'espairsRay concert and the Dir en grey concert next month. She was so excited. I told her where to go to get her ticket and some details about the venue. We talked some more on the train before I had to leave.

Back in NJ I had a party to attend at 11pm. So I went home.. took the killer boots off. Chilled out by Lan's house until Staci came by. It was my former co-worker Mary's going away party. There was some issues involving the party and what have you.. but all in all it went well. I came home at about 1am... uploaded and resized my photos and then went to bed... early as hell THIS MORNING. >_<

Oh. and the "big news" is probably going to be them talking about their acquisition of Haru wo Daiteita OVA DVD. That or she has a new series just for them to publish, but that is a rare thing.

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[Friday, February 24, 2006|04:30 a.m.] [Symphony]2/23 D'espairsRay @ Avalon nyc featuring Suicide City and Trashlight Vision


I got into New York at around 4pm then shot up to Orfic's house to meet her. We then went downtown to meet up with Jess and Buff.

Following our train ride to Club Avalon, a man nearly fell into Orfic. His comment of "I.. think I almost fell." made us laugh for a good while. We then saw the drummer of Trashlight Vison eating in this lil cafe/sandwich place not to far from the venue. We cross the street and think that we made it in good time.. only to see a lolita all in white...Yeah she looked cute and all. but I know her ass was freezing. then LOADS of people. Orfic saw one of her friends.. but I forget who was.

I can honestly said we waited on that line for.. about an hour? Then at around 7pmish the security staff decides it's a good time to put up the barricade and ropes etc etc.. and HERD everyone into a line. Orfic got some video of it... really funny shit. "ZOMG! NO PAPARAZZI!" Then she saw her friend Emily. Then after about 15 -20 min of herding.. they finally let us in.. but in like.. groups of 15. Odd.. but whatever. Orfic made a beeline to the bar as I held our spot near Karyu's side. Yeah... as much as I love Zero and all... there is safety in numbers... especially at rock concerts. So then Jess and Buff arrived. We saw some of our line buddies too. One of them knew Buff it seemed. He had us laughing so hard with his impersonations and general humor. So the quasi group of 6-7 of us or so secured a great spot. I like being second to the stage.. so I have some leverage "just in case" I get smooshed into the stage. I try and ease off the person in front of me and push my butt out to get my spot back. Also, there were these small asian kids... like 3-4 girls and a guy who happened to be in front of me. I apologized in advance for any intruding on his personal space.. or if I accidentally hit him with my hand... and lastly.. my camera down the front of my pants that may at times dig into his ass. he took it all in stride and laughed saying it's ok and thanks. Yeah. I take care of the people around me.. so long as they don't act like and asshole. We then took some pics. :)

Orfic! I'm going to get a photo where you're not going off. :p I swear it!

Suicide City:

The first thing you notice about this band is the girl bassist. She kicked so much ass. The tattoos. Her playing. Her hair and makeup. She was cute. Go girl! The band wasn't that bad wither. Lots of interaction with the crowd. "Who wants to touch my thong!" and that was the lead singer. I vaguely recall it saying something about "Metal". He also kept saying, "Watshi wa ninja." Yeah. he's interesting. XD I liked how they jumped around.. rolled and such.. but the BEST part was when the lead singer decided to climb up onto the rafters under the balcony and dive into the crowd. he hung there for a bit before he swung into the crowd. Orfic got a great pic of that... maybe I'll ask her if I can use it. The crowd took to them also. The lost so many pics.. so i could have had 3 for myself.. but i was like.. nah. i gave one to Orfic and one to the lil asian girl next to me.

The bassist kicked ass. I think her name was Jen?

Overall Performance: B+

Highlights: The rafter jump!

Trashlight Vision:

Man. I love these guys. Acey can put on a show. I was afraid he was going to do the glitter thing like at Don Mills... but he didn't. I dunno what happened.. but I saw it there adn he didn't do it. Our section got so much love from Steve! It was really funny. Man. Steve is something. They even showed some wacky 50's porn. It was weird.... entertaining.. but weird. Steve GAVE so much love on our side. Heh heh.

Overall Performance: B+

Highlights: Steve and his guitar pic action.


Emily and I took a breif photo opportunity before D'espairsRay came on stage and they were setting up..



We waited for some time.. but from the front of the stage you can see up into the quasi-rafter/stairs area that takes the performer to the stage. I saw white cloth and was like.. Oh! They're wearing white this time! Tsukasa tested his drums for a wee bit. I couldn't get a clear pic of him...then he left.

Orfic had let me know that Hizumi was blonde now.. but I was thinking more like.. say.. "Karyu blonde"... Then Tsukasa came out followed by the others.Ok. now this new hair of Hizumi's was like.. copper brassy "I JUST BLEACHED IT ORANGE" blonde. I don't like it. I know it can be better after it's been touched up and all that... but it's too orangey right now. I foresee a lot of potential for that hair color though.

Regardless, Tsukasa came out first then the others. They were in all white...ragged  torn and dirtied clothes with white belt straps about 1.5 inches wide threaded through out. Karyu had the most belts it seems. Along with a corseted top... also torn and dirtied. Seriously.. it looked like the rolled out in midtown traffic or in a subway and body slammed into each other. Ha ha. None the less I liked it.  Zero's hair was partially braided and mostly loose and flowing.. it was either black and blue, black and red or black and blonde/white. It was pretty as sin though. :) The lights fucked up my sense of color. I dunno his outfit seemed kind of plain compared to the others. But he looked pretty per usual. Aside from the slightly orange-ish hair color Hizumi was rockin.. they all looked good in white. It was a change. and judging from that new song of theirs.. the white suits it. It's "lighter" than their usual stuff. Apparently we were the first to see these costumes also. :D This is all hear-say though.  Could somebody let me know if it's official?

So, since we were in "Karyu-ville" most of my pics were of him.

His outfit kicked SO MUCH ASS! I have some detail shots of it too. Hands down I liked it more than Hizumi's outfit. though that pants Hizumi was wearing were awesome. Cracked white leather/paint. I dunno. But they were cool and pointy crocodile boots/loafers? I couldn't really tell the pants were kinda long. Oh! that's the other thing.. KARYU IS SO DAMEND TALL. I was like.. damn. no platforms. I really had to crane my neck up to see him. But he was so fun to photograph. XD So much fun! You have to see what I mean.

When Karyu first came out and was playing near the edge of the stage.. I had my hand out had he clasped it a lil bit.. but then swung his head and his teeth hit my hand. T-T That hurt. I guess I kept my hand out too long.

There was this lil asian girl behind me in a striped shirt.. I felt bad but.. dude.. I stood in my spot for so long.. so I told her to lemme know when she wanted a pic.. I ducked downa dn all that. When the crowd pushed a little bit she said she was ok. What a trooper!

Anyways they played so many songs. Check the set list.

Encore Set List: *presented by Emily*

I remember (not in order by the way) Dears, Born, Infection, Mary of the Blood, Grudge, Abel to Cain, Forbidden, In vain, Garnet, Reddish... many songs.... They played a new one which was much lighter than the others. It fit their new look though.

Anyhow, I know you guys are dying for pics so I'mma wrap it up. Emily and I were the only ones on our side yelling for Zero during the break. Then when he came by us we were so scared to touch him. My hand patted the top of his shoe.. then his calf.. I tapped his knee a bit after that. I said to Emily,  "TOUCH HIM!" So she did and we laughed. He just played on. Then I got the nerve up and took his pic.. patted him on the knee and did the "ok" sign. He smiled so big when I did that. YAY! Too bad my flash didn't go off. T-T  BOO!

Then Karyu was back.. Orfic told me to pull on his pants straps.. so I tugged a bit.. then there was a thinner one dangling off the shirt by his butt.. so I was like.. fuck it.. and I tugged on it a lil bit. T'was fun. Then he moved away a good while later and I saw this white thing on the stage..  one of the belts came off. So i grab for it.. only to get some resistance.. so I bend over to see Buff fighting with me over the belt strap. I was like.. fuck it. She can have it. :) Then they left the stage for a while. We chanted for them, Emily and I for Zero... and all that and they finally came out again. Before they came out I asked one of the Avalon staff guys who was near us if I can get the set list when they had finished. And he made good on his promise as you saw before.

ROADIE!: *he gave me the water.*

Water bottle from the stage: *was unopened.. thanks fedora wearing roadie guy!*

Eventually Hizumi made his way back to our side. He was so close.. but I was not going to squash the lil asian chicks near me.. but he got closer eventually and yeah.. I felt him up a little bit.

I looked everyone in the eye and smiled so big. I had so much fun!

I remember during the encore Hizumi tripped and fell on the lil speaker thing... he tried to play it off like he was touching fans.. but he tripped.. I was like owch. I hope he's ok. They played about 3 more songs then it was over. They sprayed us with water. I got some Zero water on my forehead and I patted it on Orfic and Jess. Then Karyu was by us and he was like.. doing stuff.... then I reached my hand out.. and he clasped my left hand.. but it was WET! My first though was.. EW! SWEATY PALMS.. but when he headed to the middle and I SAW HIM suck/slobber on his hand and clasped hands with another audience member. Yeah. I didn't catch on at first until I saw him do it. Emily instructed me to suck on my slobbered hand.. and I was like.. o_O WHA? NO! Though I did do it later by accident when I was mimicking what he did.. oops. Then they sprayed us with water again. Tsukasa threw another pair of drumsticks *he trew the first one before the encore* and left. I nearly got it. but I don't like having my fingers broken backwards. So I was like.. keep that shit.

Overall Performance: A+

Highlights: Hizumi crowd diving and winding up backwards in the audience. BRAVE MAN! The Zero love I got.  Karyu being a wonderful person to photograph... and of course.. the slobber he gave me on my hand. And just dancing and having a good time.


After the show I went to get my coat and I saw Magenta. I haven't seen her since Halloween. So we talked for a lil bit.. She had lost her ticket for her coat. and I remembered seeing one on the floor so I went to get it.. and upon my attempt to go back upstairs.. I had to take some long convoluted way to get to the coat check. Apparently the ticket I had.. and the coat the clerk chick was giving her were one and the same. LUCKY! Magenta and I said our goodbyes then. I had to go home. Since we all were going the same way I tagged along with Orfic, Emily, Buff, Jess, Matt and Rocky. Rocky and Matt were with Magenta near the coat check. Anyhow.. we got hungry along the way and decided to go eat. We were at this posh ass place. The food was alright. the tofu appetizer was DELISH! I could have just eaten a big plate of that. We then parted ways. Orfic offered to let me stay by her since it was so late and all. So I went withher. We laughed about the photos we took. I kept going.. I can't believe he did that to my's like Hi ya. *slobbers hand* Nice to meet you... *offered slobbered hand to Orfic.* And as soon as I mimicked it... I was like.. oh man I just ingested his slobber...*facepalm and laugh go here*

Not saying it's bad to get his slobber.. but that's so..... random and odd. O_o;

We then got to her place where she uploaded her pics.. mine wouldn't work at all so I gave up and went to bed

All in all I had an amazing time once again!

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[Wendsday, February 21 2006|04:03 a.m.] [Symphony]2/21 Head Automatica @ Starland ballroom featuring Camu Tao, The Fury and Morningwood


Sha came by to pick me up at arround 4pm due to her class letting out early. We arrived in Sayerville at around 6pm. There was a line already forming. Sad to say.. I probably was the oldest person there ATTENDING the show at that point. Oh, by the way god bless STAR PARKING! We just pulled up and waited in the car until the doors opened. Eventually it got darker and more people arrived. The doors opened at around 7pm if I remember correctly. We got out and go to the smaller line since we had star parking. I can tell you this, Starland is a pretty nice venue! Upper levels.. not quite balconies.. but you had enough of a view of the stage from the bar chairs. And If you STILL couldn't see, there were tvs all around showing the performance. They played Fuel tv for us as we waited for the performers to start. Sha and I then made our way to the consession stand where I saw an old highschool aquaintence, Katie. Thankfully she was situated near to the bathrooms and they Keyboard section. :D Reguardless I went to stake my claim for a good spot to FINALLY get some photos of Jessie. I AM the moderator for the myspace group after all! I stood near the keyboard section, only two people from the stage! Lucky! So I waited for the show to begin, talking to some of the girls around me as Sha chilled by Katie.Thank goodness I had decided to stand there early. By the time the show actually began... the place was moderately packed.

Camu Tao:

Man. If I had to say there was a down side to the WHOLE show.. I would have to say it was during his performance. The crowd showed NO LOVE AT ALL! Was I aggrivated? Yes. Then again I am always pissed off when people are rude. I don't care if you thought he sucked ass, AT LEAST CLAP when he says clap! I know I was feelin him. It reminded me of oldschool Outkast at some points.

Performance Highlights: His performance inspite of a SEVEVERLY unresponsive crowd.

Overall Performance Rating: B

The Fury:

The Fury was a lively as ever. I think this was their best performance yet! Check them out!

Performance Highlights: When the front man of The Fury told the crowd they need to dance and they did. The crowd gave them alot of love.

Overall Performance Rating: A


Man. Where to begin? It was the lead singer, Chantel's birthday. So yes, she went on and on about it. They brought up cake and the keyboardist from The Fury was topless and she bit his nipple. Yeha man! XD What? He was a pretty hot guy with a nice body. Not bad Chantel. Seh climbed on the speakers.. danced on top of the bar/consessions tand and even got a piggyback ride from some person in the crowd. Check them out!

Performance Highlights: THE STRIPTEASE! The whole act actually. She's an AMAZING entertainer!

Overall Performance Rating: A+

Head Automatica (and Cage Kennelz):

I was about 1-2 people from the stage on Jessie's sideI got some ok photos. Jarvis was like.. HELLO! *ALL IN OUR FACES!* xD.

OVERALL IT WAS AMAZING! I posted teh little nuances that went on for the last two entries.. si i will hold of ont hat this time. I dunno maybe it was just me but this show was BETTER than usual. I dunno maybe it had to do with the fact that there was no NY shows this time around.. I dunno.

Daryl kept saying that we were an amazing crowd.

Performance Highlights: The Shoot Frank performance and The Razor... fuck the whole thing!

Overall Performance Rating: A+

After the concert we chilled with Katie by her consesion stand. We even got to stay till the very VERY end. Upon our leaving I was interviewed & filmed while I was asked what my favorite songs were etc. (OxyContin and K-Horse) I signed a release and had my photo taken. We left soon after that, though I really tried to convice Sha to have them film her AWESOME decals on her car of the bands *including Glassjaw and Head Automatica* and such. She's so damned shy! Man I was beat. I proptly went to sleep when I got home


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[Tuesday, February 21, 2006|02:26 p.m.] [Symphony]2/20 Head Automatica featuring Camu,The Fury, Morningwood

*EDITED 2/25/06 @ 4:31 AM*

2/20 Head Automatica @ TLA Philadelphia featuring Camu Tao, The Fury and Morningwood:



Well, I had work earlier that day...Oh man.. ALL the hot doctors were on the floor... the 3 married ones and the single lil adorable one.. and the volunteer guy. IT WAS A GOOD DAY! I even collected the corset-vest from my sister. FORK YEAH!

Er, anyhow Sha and Cathy came to pic me up.. but i left my credit card at home.. so we went back to my house then took Rt 1 all the way down to Princeton and then some highway to Philli. They played soem great music per usual.. and I dosed off after marveling at Rt 1 south and all the TREES and COOPERATE OFFICES around there.

We arrived in Philli and parked at around.. oh.. 6:45ish.Drove arroudn and admired the fancy ass hoses near the waterfront. SO FUCKIN NICE! We then saw a line already forming at the venue... so we were like.. fuck that. let's go eat. Out place of dining was Joe's... only a few buildins away from TLA. The food was great. We were so full when we finished... which was about 8:30pm. So we left and went to the venue. NO ONE was outside.. so that ment.. FUCK. THEY ACTUALLY OPENED ON TIME. We missed the first act too. T-T Camu

The Fury:

We had arrived only a few moments before they started playing. I wasn't sure if it was them becaus esome fo the group memebers were SO TALL now. I remember seeing them in NYC and they were all around the same height-ish. Anyhow. I've been bad at keeping track of their stuff. But I was jammin none the less. Check them out!

Performance Highlights:When he told the crowd they need to dance and pointed out the tumbs down guy. The more uptempo songs that made me dance... and that one song where he screamed.

Overall Performance Rating: B


As I went down to buy my cd from The Fury.. I was rivited to the stage.. why? I saw this person in a LONG black gratuation gown and curly wig shakin their head and convulsing.. my face was like O_o; what the FUCK? Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhh? ?_? After a good min of staring in CONFUSION at the stage.. my attention snapped back the the lead singer of The Fury (who grew a bit from the NYC show last May-ish btw. Still adorable! x3) who was staring at me. AWKWARD! Anyhow, I bought my album form the lead singer guy and went back to Sha and Cathy in the upper balcony area.

Ok. there were loads of songs..  but OFCOURSE "Take Off Your Clothes" stuck in my mind.. why? SHE PULLED SOME GIRL ON STAGE AND STRIPPED HER DOWN TO HER PANTIES!




Apparently she does this all the time to her fans! A few examples can be seen on the site.

Even before that song I was like.. I'mma buy her cd. I like their sound ALOT! They put on SUCH A GREAT PERFORMANCE... yeah even before the striptease. Check them out!

Performance Highlights: THE STRIPTEASE! The whole act actually. She's an AMAZING entertainer!

Overall Performance Rating: A

Head Automatica (and Cage):

I made my way downstairs after Morningwood's performance to buy some merch.. but I didnt' see any. (Oh the sadness of it all.) So I texted Sha and basically said I'll be by the stage (as stated before we didn't arrive until 8:30pm). I made it to the left hand speakers *Craig's side... AGAIN! Seriously his side is great and calm. No ignorant fools there.* and chilled with some people.. then we slowly moved up.. I was about 3-5 people from Craig.. but too far to get any good photos.. stupid crap camera of mine.

So when they played their last song before the encore (yeah I won't front and act like I remember) and people started leaving I zoomed over to the center... but I wanted to get to the right-hand side by well.. you know. I was stuck behind soem TALL guy.. but I was jammin still. Seriously, I'm lovin the song K-Horse ALOT!  Me and Tall guy jammin and shit.. most of the corwd was like.. standing still. :/ I'M ALL "FUCK ALL'YA I'M JAMMIN!" And Jam I did.

Then they played The Razor after much crowd whinning/yellign for it. (Remember, this was a holiday for the kids so ALOT of young people around.)THE CROWD WENT FUCKIN NUTS! The lead singer of The Fury came and sang with Daryl. It was as AWESOME as the last time they did it in NYC! Then at one point The Fury guy stage dove into the crowd. AWESOME. But he KINDA LANDED ON MY HEAD..

Head Automatica featuring The Fury frontman  performing the encore, The Razor:

<-As he stage dove/crowd surfed on my head. :/

I was all (((o.o;)) get offa meeeee! Aaaargh! My braids. But it was fun all the same. We pushed him back to the stage and they finished the song.

They once again played that amazing thing about the two types of people in this world, aka "the rant". I FUCKIN LOVE THAT SHIT! I hope it's on the album! Once again only like 3 people were gettin down to it. But fuck the rest, right?

"The rant":

Once again.. loved the performance. Some usual things that are sung weren't but that was ok. You know.. the little adlibs and such. All in all it was great per usual...


I SWEAR TO YOU PEOPLE CAN BE SO RUDE. I paid good money and i'mma fuckin dance to EVERY ACT on stage. People were LITERALLY standing still not only for the new HA songs.. but when Cage and Daryl performed together. I admit I didn't know ALL the words.. they came to me as that song went on.. but shit.. only like a handful of guys near me were into it LEGITIMATELY. the rest of the growd was like ER? WHA? NOOO! Thankfully no one opened their fuckin mouths and said it like LAST TIME! ><

Performance Highlights: Um.. aside from the stage dive and the last song they did... I will have to say the guy throwing the Rockawear hat and jacket onstage in the very begining...(he got them back btw..) the joke about it later when said guy was like "YO DARYL, GIMME SOME WATER MAN!"  And when Jarvis threw his water bottles into the crowd.

Overall Performance Rating: A

We left soon after that. Man I was beat. I had work earlier that day and was up from since 5am. So if anyone saw me THAT is why i was all super dressy. But I shall  probably wear JEANS today. That or my LOVELY zipper pants.



Fuck the shit!

Do you take it in the ass?

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[Monday, February 20, 2006|09:11 a.m.] [Symphony]

I got my ticket. :D

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[Sunday, February 19, 2006|07:20 p.m.] [Symphony]name thingy...ADDN: NAME meme, MYSPCAE MOVIE, EVIL DAD!



Myspace: THE MOVIE!

Pics from the concert comming soon.

Call me evil.. but i was crackin up for almost an HOUR after one of these things.... take a gues swhich one.

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[Friday, February 17, 2006|11:37 p.m.] [Symphony]2/16 Head Automatica featuring Harlem Shake @ Rutgers University New Brunswick

Where to begin? So I woke up at about 7am tht morning. FINALLY finished cleaning my room. *I have ALOT of books, magazines and papers in my room.. drawings.. all that shit.* I TRIED really hard to leave my house at about 11am so I could go to Menlo.. pop into Harry&David *THIER FOODSTUFFS ARE DELISH! OMFG! And you guys know me and food already...* to get not only Gwen's gift but a lil something for Jarvis too. Yare yare. No, he's not my favorite or anything.So I'm like fuck it. if it were MY birthday I'd like to get something from someone too. :D Granted it's kinda.. er.. stalkerish... so I kept tossing THAT issue around in my head. Mind you.... I didn't finishe my room yet.. OR find out what I was wearing.. stupid manic/depressive weather we've been having fucking up how i can or cannot dress. Anyhow, I was STILL cleaning my room until about noon-ish.. I missed the bus to Menlo.. It was too late to go either way. I was hoping that Sha and I could swing by.. but that was a dim hope. I KNEW I wasn't going to get a chance to go to H&D for Gwen OR Jarvis. So I called my former advisor at school to see if she wa sgoing to be at the Myriad metting. apparently they are nominated AGAIN for the Columbia Scholastic Press Association award thing like last time.. which we WON by the way. FUCK YEAH! Damn. I get off track to easily. Info overload. ANYWAYS. I take the 1pm bus to school. I got there at about 2pm. And no... I was NOT listening to Head Automatica... I was listening to Kagerou and all my other G-L artist mp3s. Yes. I'm anal about my music. I listen to HA often enough to know the words to the new songs.. save for one.. but whatever. I degress. I arrived at school at 2pm...JUST intime for the Anime Club meeting. However, I met up with Sha and we had lunch.. An oh so healthy choice of grilled cheese and fries... with garlic powder on everything. :D I also had a tropicana peach/papaya juice and soem chicken veggie soup. Tres bien! I wolfed it down AND Sha's fries befor eheadign to the Anime Club to sell my Hot Gimmick to one of the club memebers.. though the girl buying it for her was sick.. blah blah.. i wa slike.. pay me the first thursday in March. Yadda yadda.. Sha was helping soem drama/theater chick prtactice her lines when I left the club. Then I met with my former advisor and gave her my updated resume... I hope she likes it. T-T IT'S SO PRETTY.. YET.. modern and sleek. She was coaching some woman about school vs work and whatever. I just left after telling her my transfer WOES. Sha had class from 3:30-4:55ish so I headed back to the Anime Club to watch Paradise Kiss and Elfien Lied. I already saw the episode of Parakiss they showed...but i'm really loving Elfien Lied. No. Not for the nakedness... but they did a god job with it.. not distasteful.. yet.. still err.. TOTAL GUY SHOW.... but I like how it's going so far. After the snow was over I headed over to the building Sha's class wa sin.. Chilled in the comp lab for a bit.. checked Myspace because I haven't been able to lately. Messaged Chrissy to see if she was going to be at the NJ/PA shows. I had ment to do so sooner.. but well life got in the way.. or myspace was wonkin out ALL THE TIME when i WAS able to log on.. so meer. Anyhow, we tried to get another ticket for Shas friend but to no avail. We then Headed to Menlo to idle away some of the abundacne of time we had.Hit up Nordstroms for some makeup and perfume... more like.. we applied our makeup in the snazzy bathroom and spritzed perfume on ourselves. It was too late for me to go home to do so anyways. :p Then we went to pick up her friend... Jon i think his name was? he was nice. :D we joked and talked about alot of things. Music, life, concerts, drugs. *not me.. I don't do that.. i'm too broke to anyhow.. and imagine MY ASS on some shit.. OMFG. BRING OUT THE STRIGHT JACKET! My hyper-OMFG I LOVE YOU*hugs*-self.. no way... I'd be so much worse... either totally insane or totally.. quiet*

where was i again? Oh yeah. So, we went to get some GreaseTrucks and I had one for the first time.. finished it too... but the fries were jsut.. so much.. gyah. I like my fries and all.. but it wa slike.. MOUTH FULL OF POTATO! YAY!.. just... not yay. _# I think I could eat three of them in one setting though. :p Both Sha and Jon were impressed that I could eat the one i had w/o a drink and be totally fine. Soon after that we went to some liqour store and they got 40's. Just for the record... I HATE BEER! I like Labatt Blue... but that's hardly beer now is is. *not makin fun of my canadian cousins.. but that shit is WEAK!* Then off to Busch Campus we went... and got lost.... and more lost... and woudn up on LVINGSTON CAMPUS... and got more lost.. and FINALLY makign it to Busch... At like about 7:30 pm.. the time HA was supposed to start. Me beinG.. well caribe.. yet not.. I wanted to get there EARLY and line up EARLY and well.. people watch.

MY GOD.. SO MANY STUPID PEOPLE! SOOOO MANY! I wanted to stab so many of them.. sjtu the words commign formt heir mouths.. "ERR HUR HUR ISN'T HARLEM SHAKE LIKE WHAT CRACK HEADS DO WHEN THEY CAN'T GET ANY CRACK? HUR HUR?!" and other jems like "DOOD. YOUR TATTOO IS DOWN TO YOUR PUBES.. SHOW ME MORE!"

God. I'm glad I work in the Hospital... we all squee over the doctors or well.. ANY hot guy that comes on the floor. oh yeah. work is always fun when they are around.

I degress. I was NOT the only one that had a strong hatred for the stupid folk. ALOT of people did. And som where between our arrival and my rage against the dimwits.. I saw Chrissy. getting back to the idiots... they line was moving sicen they were letting people in. the IDIOTS infront of me tried opening doors... and aparently one DID open.. *from how they were acting it seemd like two securety people were fuckin like no tomorrow in that room or some shit.* but after they closed the door hasitly.. and another in the braintrust opened it again.... Lo and behold who comes out... SUSHI-SAMA TOUR GUY. So, i'm behind the said group of dimwits. And I guess he told them to leave the door or something.. I dunno..but then he turns and looks at me.. and i'm all O_O OMFG IT'S SUSHI GUY!.. but in my head... my eyes got mad wide though. he probably thought I was afraid of him or something. meer. so i'm tellin Sha and the others that was sushi manager guy and all that. I forgot his name.. AGAIN... but the face... i'm just good with faces i guess.

So. We FINALLY make it to the pit entrance and it WAS Chrissy, one of the heads of THE glassjaw/head automatica fansite. So i amble over say hi and hug her.*scared as shit mind you.* Made some really small talk along the lines of "what shows you going to? we need to hang girl!" before Sha, Jon and I and go into the auditorium soon after. MY FUCKIN GOD. IT WAS CRAM IN THERE. I was ont he taller spectrum in height for the girls.. but I LIKE being close to the stage. Always have. Always will. So I went all the way to the left... were it was clear... unfortunately, it was RIGHT by the speakers. >< BAD MOVE! So I had one finger in my left ear as I listened to the first band.

Harlem Shake... hm.. I saw the lead singer on the line earlier.. and I was like AW. HE'S ADORABLY CUTE/METRO-ISH.*aka suppah gay* Then again he looked like a student anyhow. Boy was just cute. He had on a pink pinstripe shirt and black pants on. Fluffy/straight hiar. messyish of course. I kept thinking Julian from The Strokes.... only cute 100f the time instead of.. like 25Cute voice too. TOO ADORABLE! *it's like.. you wanna put him in your pocket and take him home.. kinda thing.* Anyhow, the band sounded good. I think I will research them a bit more. Different sound.. but I liked it.

Then Head Automatica came out soon after. Man. It was just great. I have YET to be to a bad show of theirs. I doubt I ever WILL. I have a photo of the set list so blah. I won't go into implict detail on the songs. Though the razor was the last song.. and the ode to cage song was before that for the encore.

HOWEVER, three things had happend during the performance that I liked:

1. Daryl brought up one of the security staff chicks up on the stage and she danced. SHE ACTUALLY COULD DANCE... AND SHE WAS WHITE. Yare yare. I know. But the girl was workin it. I was like GO GIRL!

2. A RANDOM kid in the crowd yelled Happy Birthday Jarvis.. which prompted EVERYONE... *with Daryl initiating it* to sing happy birthday to him. Aw. :) *I got pics of that too*

3. They played this amazing.. thing... at the very end.. after the encores and such... I dunno waht it was or where it was from.but I fuckin loved it! It wa slike one fo two line slong and repetitive..b ut OH MAN! MY ASS WAS GROVIN! Then one by one they left the stage. Daryl... Craig, Jarvis, Larry and finally, Jessie.

All in all, one of the best shows I have been to of theirs. The crowd by me was jsut groovin. there was some comess/confusion going on to the right of us.. in the middle to be exact... but that was taken care of... more or less.

addn: I was dying of thurst.. so i asked the raspy mic check guy if there were any unopened bottles of water.. and he found one for me. That angel of a man deserves a hug. :) then afterward.. this spanish secureity guy was walkin by.. and i saw a whole CASE of mini poland spring bottles... and i was still thursty after downing my regular bottle... so i asked him if i could have one and he was like sure. XD AW! NICE PEOPLE! but some other securtiy cirl was like.. eh? no that's our water.. and i'm like.. OI. THE SPANISH GUY SAID I COULD HAVE ONE. Then Gabe this guy working the merch table vouched for me. aw. both of them are sweethearts. yeah I know it's just water. But it is STILL kindness... REGUARDLESS.

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[Tuesday, February 14, 2006|10:53 p.m.] [Symphony]THE TRUE V-DAY!

TRULY IMPORTANT DAY INDEED.. *please read females*
ok.. so I found this out from my friend Kristen that another thing is celebrated today... aside form the "traditional" St. Valentine's day that is... and that's Victory over Violence Day.

V-Day’s mission is simple. It demands that the violence must end. It proclaims Valentine’s Day as V-Day until the violence stops. When all women live in safety, no longer fearing violence or the threat of violence, then V-Day will be known as Victory Over Violence Day.

So head on over and take a quick read of the site. It opend my already open eyes a bit wider.

Love you all.

P.S. I won't have a chance to make an online Valentine this year. T-T Sorry. No Meev love for you.

Off to finish my room... just ironed a MOUNTAIN of clothes. My closet is nice and full again. :D

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[Sunday, February 12, 2006|11:36 p.m.] [Symphony]By now...

By now you all must have read/heard that it snowed "alot" heare on the northeast coast.

I didn't want to be out in it.. but I had to shovel and clean the cars off. Granted, I had help.. but still. Luckily it was fairly warm out while we did all of this. The only down side to today was my inablilty to attend Gwen's Fashion show in NYC. The roads were just too bad. My mom had left last night to work in Newark and although she is due to leave at 7am... she didn't get home until 9am due to the roads.

I feel bad about not being able to go.. but with the trains out... what choice did I have? Maybe I can do something on TUesday for her.. get the others to chip in or someshit. :/ I dunno.

STILL re-arranging my room. I'm getting a new desk. the old one has finally broken in an unsafe way. Possible IKEA trip is in order on Tuesday. Who is game? I dunno which one.. Elizabeth or Paramus.. btu whatever.

Purchased my Head Automatica ticket for the 20th today. Shreaded some papers.. and I will probably wind up sleeping on my floor again since my bed is full of clothes/papers/books.

I hate cleaning my room. I can NEVER do a simple tidying either. I get all anal and crazy with it. ALL the clothes have to be ironed and hung up acording to color/function. example. black party clothes go behind black work clothes. dk grey party clothes come before black work clothes. etc etc.

Speaking of clothes... I still need to find stuff to wear to the concerts. I THINK I have my outfit for 2/20... but it all depends on the weather.

I fuckin HATE SNOW.

That aside, I decided that I need to pick up some equipment to asist in my goal for the summer. Wish me luck.

Erm.... Jez im/email me. We need to talk about stuff.

OH! I made a HUGE POT OF SOUP FROM SCRATCH TODAY... ALL BY MYSELF. Yes. I'm very proud of that. That shit tastes good!


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[Thursday, February 2, 2006|04:30 p.m.] [Symphony]Cancellations

Due to work related issues I shall not be able to attend the following events as previously stated:

Feb 5: Canal Street South: 7th Annual Chinatown Lunar New Year Parade & Festival

Pending cancellations:

Feb 24: Kinokunya NYC: Youka Nitta

*Editied 5:45pm EST*

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[Monday, January 30, 2006|12:30 a.m.] [Symphony]Social Calender: Feb 2006

Feb 5: Canal Street South: 7th Annual Chinatown Lunar New Year Parade & Festival
Feb 12: BodyLines Fashion Show/Dinner
Feb 16: Rutgers University, New Brunswick: Head Automatica
Feb 20: TLA, Philadelphia: Head Automatica
Feb 21: Starland Ballroom, Sayerville, NJ: Head Automatica
Feb 23: Avalon: D'espairsRay
Feb 24: Kinokuniya NYC: Youka Nitta

Pending: Feb 24-26: Flushing, Queens: Flushing Town Hall Asian American Festival.

Who's game?

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[Friday, January 20, 2006|08:57 p.m.] [Symphony]>XD

Hee hee hee. Loads to update/upload.

Please be patient for a bit longer

On a random note... Killer wardrobe... 45% underway!

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[Saturday, January 14, 2006|10:41 a.m.] [Symphony]Diru in the states? ZOMFG!

Gotta start saving for the summer. :3
Erm. Happy new year to you all. I'm all kinds of late but whatever.
This year is FINALLY going well. I've been too busy/tired to post about much of anything. Some minor developments with Oishasan Aoi Hitomi... but nothing very noteworthy... or rather.. I'm in a lazy mood and I don't feel like typing it all out.

However, I did call him. I basically left a message saying hi...BUT I WON'T CALL HIM AGAIN. He has my number now so if he wants to talk he can call ME! >_< THAT TEASE! If you want to know how he came to have my number.. feel free to ask and I'll gladly fill you in. ;3

AHEM. So I got into said school.. but my credits are all fucked up. I'm not happy and I will spend the majority of next week trying to get that in order. I HATE SETBACKS!

I'm going to buy a new digital camera... or rather i'm buying my first camera.. the one I have was given to me... so i guess i never bought one to begin with now did I? The Ipod video and Mac book are forthcomming... but DAMN their screens are fuckin small... but I suppose it won't overheat like the Ibook or PowerBook.. so.. meer..

Hopefully my comp will be fixed so I can work on my surprize. :D

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[Tuesday, December 27, 2005|02:37 a.m.] [Symphony]i live.

So I'm being lazy again!

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[Tuesday, December 20, 2005|10:40 a.m.] [Symphony]=_=v

I've been up for hours. @_@ My dad works for the MTA you see.. he had to leave ass early to get to work.. and he'll probably be one of the very few ion the office today. The rest of them are in their offices locally.. so if your ass lived in quess you had to report to the queens divison. It sucks.. but I totally understand the drivers though.
Reguardless of that.. I've taken the pictures off my camera and they are resting on my mac... I think I will take a disposable in though. I won't get as much blurr with it. >_<
Orphic! I found a video for you! XD ENJOY.
And to all my comuters in NYC.. I hope this thing gets resolved soon. The weather is a BITCH and it's nto getting any better any time soon.

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[Sunday, December 18, 2005|04:37 p.m.] [Symphony]EXCITEMENT!

I should get that.


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[Saturday, December 10, 2005|11:47 p.m.] [Symphony]laziness pt 2


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[Thursday, December 8, 2005|01:35 p.m.] [Symphony]laziness pt 1


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[Wednesday, December 7, 2005|01:31 a.m.] [Symphony]...*coughs*

I've been about.. working extra so that I won't be broke after the holidays. No, I haven't begun burning the cds yet. My comp has been freaking out lately... freezing while i'm burning off my files and the like. Also, I will not be available AT ALL until NEXT TUESDAY. If you feel the need to text me with a "keep up the good work.." or what have you, go ahead and do it because my ass will be working like crazy. And I think I'm getting a cold... shit.

On top of all that trivial nonsense, my step-grandfather died yestetrday in Trinidad. Apparently he was hit by a car... I never heard the most endearing thinbs about him.. granted he didn't beat my grandma or anything.. but.. when I met him.. it was like.. ok. be polite tot his old guy. He's your elder. I dunno, I was never close with my grandfathers. EVER. So on one hand all i kept saying to my mom is.. "How.. RANDOM! We were talking about him the other day. LITERALLY. Damn. Wow." and that is it. I do worry over the will though. My mom is not his child.. but aside from the.. 6 or so children that I know of directly *my grandmother's children" and his UMPTEEN OTHER CHILDREN in Trinidad.. I hope shit doesn't get too complicated. Anyhow, so my mom and the rest of her siblings are hustling to get flights to Trinidad for the burial.On top of that.. she has to change her ticket from Christmas to the 11-13 or so... Then she has to take Ethon with her and elave Joel and Daniel here, simply so they can travel on the 21st to reach in time for Christmas.

This will be the first year the family is truly apart for Christmas. I dunno. It seems like such a pain in the ass this year... that's all. :/

OT: nikki took the free personality test!

"Longs for sensitive and sympathetic understanding ..."

Click here to read the rest of the results.

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[Friday, November 25, 2005|07:50 p.m.] [Symphony]Domestic Godess says, "FUCK BLACK FRIDAY!"

Let me recap thanksgiving: what did you guys eat? The menu: Macaroni pie, yams, plantain, pork, turkey breast, cream spinach, wild rice, asparagus tips.. cranberry sauce, and salad. I basically made everything except the spinach, asparagus tips and salad. Yes. I know...


I rock harder than your grandma's cornbread BITOCH!


Now that Thanksgiving is over... the madness of holiday shopping has officially begun. I was out there early this morning... in the bitter cold. It was not fun... and I shall buy everything online if possible for anyone in the future. My mom had said, "It is amazing how people would get up to be at a store at 5am for a sale but won't get up to go to church."

So very true... the blatant gluttony going on before my eyes. The savageness...the maddening frenzy for electronic items... it was scary.. and not even six o'clock yet! Everyone seemed to be on edge... ready to pounce if provoked. It seemed like a primitive hunting ritual to tell you the truth. Most of the women held the carts filled tot he brim with items, BARKING orders/their location/item locations at the unfortunate person on the other end of the phone. Shouts of names over the throng of people were constantly being heard... and there I stood in the midst of all of this... patiently waiting for my HP 5mp camera.

It was only 88 dollars this morning... so I said, what the hell. go for it. I was so close too. This woman in a jeweled beret let me slip in front of her to check out the camera display.. since everything was unorganized no one knew where to get what. then I went to the end of the line when FINALLY a salesperson says who is buying the HP camera? Only a handful of hands go up. Then they person says there are only 15. NO biggie the number of hands that went up were about 7 at most. This woman behind me with a Sponge Bob entertainment set (TV, DVD and matching remote) chatted with me, hoping that we were able to get one camera each. Unfortunately, they ran out before I got there. The man before me didn't' get one.. but the woman in front of him...and the one in front of her *beret woman* got the last ones. Seriously, they should have said one per person. IT WOULD HAVE BEEN MORE FAIR THAT WAY. Regardless, we went two towns over to Radioshack where I got my camcorder. So, for the meantime I am appeased. On another note, I will try to start send out cards soon. As for the cd *that item was referred to in this post*... I've decided to make a cd of my favorite songs that are on my computer. I will try to limit it to 3 songs per artist... if possible... if I can manage it...hopefully. ^^; But yeah, it saves time doing it that way.

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[Wednesday, November 23, 2005|08:11 p.m.] [Symphony]THE LIST!

Ok folks... I've been putting this off for a while... but I better start now,hm? The asteriks (*) mean that I would be very happy to get that item.

Miyavi USA Visit Photobook*
FMA The Movie*
Loveless OST*
Myavi pv collection vol 2*
New MUCC album
Shock Wave cd
Witch Hunter Robin MAXI Shell/Maxi*
Witch Hunter Robin OST vol 1*
Witch Hunter Robin OST vol 2
The Saint OST (as in the MOVIE)*
Keena: New Scared Cow*
The Postal Service*

Text books of luv: Art of Promotion : Creating Distinction Through Innovative Production Techniques
To save you all ALOT of time: I have ALOT of albums/singles/books/DVDs on so... you can check my wishlist if you like. ^-^v Especially for any music by The Pillows listed on there.

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[Wednesday, November 23, 2005|03:04 a.m.] [Symphony]doot doot.

Working like crazy. Saving.. or trying to... sorta failing at it... Not quite sure about that yet. The sou-sou is going to help me alot though. $.$ cha-ching!
Social calender shall be filling up one again.. I do wish it was warmer though. *pout*
Happy birthday goes out to my sister and my friend Genta!

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[Saturday, November 12, 2005|01:32 a.m.] [Symphony]The Ending... and X-MAS!

Ok.. before that.. My last day at Job #2 was today. We got out at about 11:20ish... I was my usual sweetness and bought goodies for them to eat. ^-^v I be the best co-worker yo!

Random note: Daiske wears glasses! EEEEEEEEEEEEE! TOO CUTE!

Getting back on topic...

I gave him his bag of Chocolate Covered Almonds.. *SPICY* from Harry and David... he liked them and thanked me profusely.. and kept's "So strange.. yet spicy! XD" *btw bitchy FROG-ESQUE look-a-like manager is no longer manager... go fig. :p*

Rodney got coctail almonds, Ingrid got cranberry walnuts and Teresa got some walnut thing... and a small Tower of Treats thing for the rest of the staff to eat. Out of all the managers only Dai was there when my shift began... and I was a bit... nervious giving him his gift... considering I had told Rodney the night before that the upside to me leaving is that... I could persue Dai now. ^^; I mean shit. He's sweet and cute, damnit. A hard worker too. ^^; Almost too much of a hard worker... like he's married to the store or someshit. But I'mma miss him running around all the time. I'll miss Daisuke, Chomie, Rodeny and all the new guys too. But I gave most of  them my Aim and MS so that's good.

Damnit. Miguel HAD to get a ride home with Dai though. -_-# I wanted to talk to Dai ALONE. Damn him. Nah, I'm joking. But it was as if he wasn't in the car anyhow, Dai and I talked the whole time. ^-^ AND HE WEARS GLASSES TO DRIVE. *.* TOO CUTE!

Seriously. I regret not bringing my camera in today to get a pic w/ him.. and everyone else. They all got hugs...except for Dai... because he was hiss jeer! Now.. it is off to bed with me.. I have work in 6 hours. T-T

As stated back last month-ish... ON MY LJ:comment there if you want a card. My list is pending and to be honest.. quite sporatic...but I wish to haveTHIS



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[Wednesday, November 9, 2005|10:16 p.m.] [Symphony]Things...

Where to begin? New job.. quiting soon...things are all over the place in my life now...not helpful.
One of my fillings came out and I have been having headaches for about a week now... due to the cavity that is there. The fucked up part is that I have NO INSURANCE at this time... I have to let those VAMPIRES at the HR office take ca $50 per CHECK out for medical..and only a measly $3.10ish for dental.. WHAT THE FUCK?! Right?
But I need it. I need it bad. I've decided to take better care of myself though.. Starting a regimine or sorts. Anti- aging *we age so well in my family..but AMERICA AND IT'S LIFESTYLE can fuck me up bad in the long run *works withy cancer patiengts, remember?... I shall be cutting out the EXCESS sweets and shit like that. Strengthen my dosha.. particularly Pitta Dosha. get back to exercising and running. I swear... Carnival was my motivation... and though I haven't gained sine summer... I'm not tone in the arms as much as I was a few months ago..this worries me.
On a totally unrelated note.. I've decided NOT to camwhore in Job #2 attire. No point. :P I will miss Chomi and Dai though. T-T Dai.. man.. he's one work-crazy guy... kinda like.. "umm *extensive zoning out/pondering* ok! I forgot you had to go on break." *spaces out for a moment* "OH! YOU HAVE TO GO ON BREAK." Gotta love him... and the body folding. @_@;
But his mole.. I keep staring at it.. it's not big or anything.. and he's not ugly... far from it. he's cute actually. But it's like a focal point so I DON'T look him in the eye. I dunno. I like him.. but I may be freakin him out with my randomness... when I say stuff in particular.. like pronouncing his full first name CORRECTLY ^^; probably like: "WTFBBQ? HOW YOU KNOW THAT?" and me going.. I dabble... here and there.

Anyhow.. I'm, going to be working my ass off... for things.. and saving.. and somethings that are spectcular.. here's hoping. :/*crosses fingers*

btw... the plague sucks ass. Aside frm that... I'm thinking positively about all things. Wishing blessings (or the like) and a word be sent to all I know to help them with whatever is going on in their life. I dunno. I don't have anything SERIOUS to be down about I guess. I'm practically IN that school w/o even applying.. I have to get my HS shit *I don't know WHY.. but whatever* and send the application. So next week is going to be busy as hell.

Wish me luck.

Oh! pics from Halloween Weekend are up ont he lj.. but you have to add it. :p

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[Tuesday, November 1, 2005|07:26 p.m.] [Symphony]

Before I begin...
This comp is acting up... so I will say this...


10/30 D'espairsRay @ Don Mills NYC
I will talk about the concert here.. not work or anything before the concert.. too much to type.
I have to start by saying..the announcer guy was asking this one Japanese chick with a rainbow colored wig *she's been to all the East Coast shows apparently* how she liked the NYC crowd and she was all.. ??? Maybe she didn't understand.. but whatever. He went on to say how he likes the band and blah blah. How they NYC crowd had alot of energy.. then he left.

Tsukasa came on stage and checked his drums. People went wild. Then he left.... the stage went black and Hizumi came on with a halloween gore mask on.. followed by the others.
*skip some stuff.. all good but you've read it all already*

During one song, I think it may have been "yami ni furu kiseki" or something... as I stood on one of the lower steps of the platform.. but still being taller than most due to my boots.. Hizumi stretched out his hand... I did the same.. and no one else did. He looked right at me and smile/smirked. That was pretty cool too. Then he continued singing. So, that little exchange will be on the dvd I hope.
The freakitest yet funniest thing was when Hizumi was being hand-raped/molested by all the people in the front row... it was fuckin crazy looking and he was enjoying it a whole lot.. all those hands on him really did look fuckin crazy though...but coolat the same time. He kept looking at us in the front-ish area. I got a couple of looks/feels myself, but sadly none from Zero. He was too far away. At one point they spat water at us and we all cooled off.. Zero spat also and it drenched my face A WHOLE LOT... and got into my eye.. which hurt since my sweat got in there too.

Then they left.. the crowd went wild asking for more.. then it ebbed and rose again with roars and this one lil chick howl/growling. Chants of D'espairsRay echoed, and man.. the energy was great. Then they came back and it went fucking mad in there! Having been on the platform for the whole thing.. I let this first short chick with long black hair in a corset and such stand up so she could see (I kept holding on to her hip so I wouldn't get thrown off the platform and so she wouldn't either. The fans behind me and next to me went fuckin bananas. I'm like.. chill. I don't want to break my NECK! I would have let them up eventually.. but people like to be stupid. o_o;;;) then during the encore.. I brought up another short girl with long blonde hair (she reminded me of the short chick from Honey&Clover. Too cute!) What did suck however was the second row of platform occupants ALL decided to stand and blocked not only our view...but the people behind us as well.

They did an encore of about 3 songs that I don't feel like listing again. When Hizumi finished, he was again being hand-raped by all of them... funny shit man. he was all looking like 'yeahhhhhhhhhh. I'm enjoying this but I'm too tired to fight them off if they try and eat me alive'. I pushed the lil blonde girl up so she could touch his hand too. She did and I was happy. XD

Then they sprayed us with water and threw their water bottles again, let people touch them, and threw other items(guitar/bass pics and drumsticks) before leaving.

They looked like they had alot of fun, I know the crowd did.. aside from the assholish teenagers.
That is why all ages shows are a edouble edged sword: on one hand, yay everyone can see them perform but the down side to that woud be rude/immature people who most of the time happen to be young... fuck it up for alot of people.
There were some old people actign the fool too. I had some friend ssittign right infront of Hizumi and they were CRUSHED. Fans cussin the other bands telling one perfomrer who was a really happy fello.. "OMG GET OFF THE STAGE. YOU SUCK! BRING OUT D'ESPAIRS RAY. NO MORE SONGS! NOOOOOOOOO!"

Really... REALLY DISRESPECTFUL! I've never been to a show where people acted like that.. and I've been to several all ages shows. It made me mad and embarassed. I hope people learn some eticate, that's all I'm saying.

There are some pros and cons I had listed before the comp fuckedup... but I don't feel like typing it out now.
However, they should have had them play one of the three venuses: Bowery Ballroom, Hammerstien Ballroom OR Webster Hall. Those venuse have more than enough room to host people. Don mills was a little to small. And logically, they should have cleared the room or something... just to make things fair.
*edited* Set list:
01. BORN
02. Reddish
03. Marry of the Blood
04. -sou- bloody mary
05. Grudge
06. in vain
07. Infection
09.yami ni furu kiseki
10. tatoeba kimi ga shin..dara
11. abel to caine
12. fuyuu shita risou

13. Garnet
14. Quarter Void

10/29 Halloween Party: EB NJ
After work I went straight home to finish my chores.. but wound up cooking. I then proceeded to call Lan to tell her to pick me up for the party. She arrives and I let her know that my dad was leaving and thus, Ethon and Joel would be home alone and I had to get home by 11pmish. We then head off to her house anticipating the events due to happen that night. Her mom had a costume party of her own to attend so she was dressed up liek a gypsy ro hippie..b ut ti looked really nice. We then got to it. I helped Viv and Lan with their makeup and I curled my hair, applied large amounts of glitter to my skin and donned the showgirl costume. We stop at 7/11 to get some batteries and then we were on our way to Lan's friend Rachel's house. Seriously, I was the life of the party. I t wasd like 99.9% Jewish people there. The mom had a lil NYC jew accent as did tghe aunt and grandmother. <3 TOO CUTE! #1 I was the only black chick there. #2 I was the only chick half naked in an elaborate costume. #3 I was a combination of #1 and #2. I was enjoying myself alot though. They had alot of food which is always good. The grandmother was so yenta it wasn't even funny... but I liked her all the same. We stayed for a while and even played games... like LCR and story continuation which were fun.

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[Friday, October 28, 2005|11:25 p.m.] [Symphony]kee kee kee

My japanese name is 中島 Nakashima (center of the island) 和子 Kazuko (friendly child).
Take your real japanese name generator! today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Name Generator Generator.

I laugh. Didn't I MAKE THAT NAME UP.. like 3 years ago.. or was it Naga... I forget. :P PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFT.
Countdown begins at midnight.

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[Thursday, October 27, 2005|10:00 p.m.] [Symphony]flipside.. and the flip of the flip side.

Christina, Gordon and Nermil (aka Yash) have been trying REALLY HARD to get me to go to the MCC Haloween party this year. ESPECIALLY GORDON.
MiDI002: mcc halloween party friday night
MiDI002: dunno if your goin
MiDI002: but i'll be there doin my regular routine
NikkiEL1: ok. i dunno if i can make it thoigh. :/
MiDI002: it's cool if you can't
MiDI002: but we'll be here ravin for ya
NikkiEL1: LOL

and I'm like.. I got work man. I KNOW I will cause COMESS if I go in my Caribanna costume... which IS my costume this year.
RAW SEX!.... Ok.. ok. Raw sex and FEATHERS! VEGAS BITCHES! WHAT?!
Anyhow, G was like we missed you today at the mettings... *cries* I miss you guys too. I wish I was still taking classes. T-T Henry says the same for the Friday meetings at RU.. I haven't been to them IN EVER. He has been trying to get me to go to one for AGES!
I wanna go. I really do, especially to see the old gang.

Seriously though, I wanna go but work has been keeping me busy.. and the president kinda creeps me out.. ALOT.
Enough said about that. I'll probably go to hand with C-teeny cause I haven't seen her in AGES. T-T I MISS YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH GIRL!

On a totally unrelated note:


I smile at this.. I think I need to stock up on this color now.
It's really nice.


I didn't want to do black.. mainly because... uh... I don't DO black nails. Hello?
Clothes and everything else..but nails are where I draw the line.
Oh.. my pretty and shiny nails, how I love you! *_*

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[Monday, October 24, 2005|12:07 a.m.] [Symphony]HOLY SHIT?!

HOLY SHIT.................. ANNE RICE................. GOT SAVED?!

What the fuckin FUCK?

On one hand.. yay she found the lord and all that.. but damn.......... she wrote some good smut in her day... some very good smut.
I wanna see this new book now.. I'm intrigued to say the least... but baffled all the same.

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[Saturday, October 22, 2005|05:08 p.m.] [Symphony]U P D A T E S!

Updated the intro page for my website!


I also posted on my other blog about the infamous x-mas card/gift list. L I N K  Feel free to participate if you want to.
*note: SOME people will NOT get cds.. but something else....*

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[Friday, October 21, 2005|05:47 p.m.] [Symphony]cold

Man. I'm freezing my ass off.
Chenga came by to visit/did me a favor. We had talked the night before about many things going on.
My old role was donned and I helped out.
Work today was crazy.
Four patients "expired" and out of the four... 3 of them were the float nurse's.
She joked that she was cursed... yadda yadda
The leader of the fab five is a grandfather.
He's handsome in a different kind of way.... I should say charming actually.
We kept messing with him calling him "Dr. Grandpa" but he was so happy reguardless.
He showed us pictures of his Daughter, wife and grandaughter. She is so adorable anmd tiny!
As you can see.. nothing much has been going on lately.
Party to go to on the 29th. Concert on the 30th.

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[Wednesday, October 19, 2005|12:33 p.m.] [Symphony]Coldness.

I HATE this weather. I'm freezing.
Can't go on my jaunts to NYC as frequetnly either thanks to the bitter biting winds and temperatures.
I like warm weather so, for the rest of the winter I shall whine and complain about how cold it is.
Or I may just buy a space heater for my room already. I've been meaning to for some time now.
On a totally unrelated note: Little Pimp, you remember the set list by any chance? How are you doing by the way?

Anyhow, off to go shopping with Ryan.

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[Saturday, October 15, 2005|06:14 p.m.] [Symphony]Human Mortality... a first hand look.

The last two days have been an eye-opener. I rarely wax poetic or play the literary artist, but this is what I went through. I want to convey every second, no millisecond of what I went through.

When you hear first thing you get into work, "XYZ tried to commit suicide... and by the way, you have watch him."
Some of you are new to my blog and don't know me very well... but that shit fucked me up yesterday and today.
I posted elsewhere about it.. but not here.
Not until now.
I guess I should retell Friday's events
I was not only late for my train.. but even the backup train was late.
I fume and stress over it. Call work to let them know I can't make it until about 7:30.
That was at 6:30 am.
Who knows what was going on at work between when I called and when he tried to commit suicide. Wind blown and rain drenched I rushed into work ready to go at my usual drool task only to find out I have to watch someone. A suicidal person no less. I was a bit wary. Apparently this had happened only moments before I arrived. Gwen said that the person is fine now but to keep an eye on them. I was unconsciously wary and wanted to return to my war bed. Safe in my dreams. Unaffected by the weather and other people's mental statuses, however altered they may be. I entered the room cautiously, unsure of what to expect.
An extremely pale woman, slight in frame (and rather boyish in more ways than her hairstyle ) with a heavy Russian accent greeted me. "He is Russian. Speaks no English." before she rattles off in her native tongue some parting words to my charge and departs.
I saw my charge... an extremely jaundiced, aged, frail and probably even a little bit handsome in his hay-day man... but that was a pale sallow film of whatever life was left in him.
If anyone has seen a broken soul before... you know what I am talking about. He looked like a shell. An empty shell.

I would not wish it on my vilest of foes had I bothered with such trite things in life. Not even on the devil himself. That is a fate worse than death.

He had no access to mirrors to see what he portrayed to the world... but it must be apparent to someone who is dying that it is their time to go, be it by their own hand or not. Apparently he attempted the former. About fifteen minutes later a tall, drawn yet hard faced woman accompanied by a short, plump mannish one entered the room. I knew as soon as I had seen her, the plump one was his wife. the rattle don in Russian assumedly ignoring my existence... but I know better than that. I know not a lick of Russian so I can not PROVE this... but you ever get a feeling someone is talking directly about you in another language? Not the normal paranoid "Are they talking about me in a malicious way?" but the actual.... "They are talking or referring to me." sort.
The tall one asked me my name and why I was there. I gladly give her the information she sought and even briefly stated he needs to be monitored due to some events that took place prior to my arrival. She stated his wife is here, as if I would go "Sure thing! I will see you guys later." and depart happily. Maybe it was the fact that the wife was taking this a bit too well, was what made me resistant to leave. I told her again that I am required by law to be here. Not a whole lie per say.... anyone who is staff could watch him... but I had to end the conversation as politely as possible. The tall one took her leave again saying words to both the wife and my charge.

Sometime passes without a word being said. My charge looks at nothing in front of him. His soul is so broken, you can see it in his eyes. His breakfast arrives and he simply lays there, asking in Russian "What is that ____ thing?" his wife points to the random assortment on his table, only to find his chosen object. a plastic stick with a green sponge attached to the top of it. She rattles on in Russian.. and motions "To brush your mouth with. You want to use it?" He answers no. She takes a cup from the day before and washes it out. It probably had coffee in it. She pours some unknown substance in it and sips it, nods and places it down. she fiddles like a mother hen fixing, throwing out, fiddling, adjusting and readjusting the items on his table. The stacked sponge sticks all staked head to end perfectly. He mumbles something, again in his native tongue to her. She gets a bottle of Aquafina, pours some into a cup opens a sponge stick packet, places it in the cup and gives it to him.

His frail hand trembles and shakes as he goes to take the cup.... the rest of his body perfectly still as he does this. No sign of strain on his face. no sign of life on his face. Just a blank stare. Straight ahead and unwavering. His fingers seek out the cup which she hastily offers to him. At his side now she bends and proceeds to moisten or brush inside his mouth. He still laid there Lifeless. I felt like I was intruding on this moment, one that could have been their last... I found the storm outside very interesting. The way the sky grew darker and little slivers of rain marred the window pane only to increase right before my eyes. Then I looked at the painting between the windows... his focal point had I been laying in his position. It depicted a storming coastal cliff scene in what looked like oil paint applied with a knife. It was not an original but a print. Despite that however, it seemed to only enhance the feeling of despair in the room and outside in the raging storm. I found it uncomfortable to look at it for prolonged periods, despite how captivating it was. All I could think of is, "Does he see himself being washed away? Does he find some escape staring into the void?"

My thoughts are disrupted as someone brings in his lunch. A short squeaky Indian woman. I hear her slight Caribbean intonation in her words and smile a little. I tell her he knows no English but I will try as best as I could to let him know his food was here. His wife looked at the over washed navy blue plastic dome that covers his plate.. taps the same over re-used navy blue bowl and says. "Porridge." He slowly blinked his eyes and said no. His hand snakes up from his side edging towards the florescent orange jello. She proceeded to set him up to eat his for lack of a better word.. meal. He fed himself resting for long periods between spoonfuls, his sallow face a total blank. His pronounced jaw working over the jello for an overextended time. Three small spoonfuls That is all he ate. Three very small spoonfuls and belabored pauses after swirling it around in his mouth. I was fascinated. I had no idea if he enjoyed it or not. Nothing showed on his face at all.

His physician came in after his swirling calmed down and his hand cupped the little plastic bowl, fingers being stained orange by the jello, he mimicked a woman seeping her acrylic nails in acetone at a salon. The doctor was a regular on our floor, one of the fabulous five and to me one of the more, how to phrase this, aggravated and snippy doctors. (The ringleader of the five seems to be the jerk but he's simply a wise ass who likes to play pranks on people. Trust me on that, we played a prank on a new nurse as I showed her the computer system.. he was so into it too. The poor nurse was so frightened but we were just having her on. No harm done and that is why we all love that doctor on our floor. The fabulous five's leader. Not only him, but all of the five.) Back to the agitated doctor, he never was anything but kind to Marjorie, Gwyneth and myself. However, I have seen and heard him sigh or complain about something. The nurses say he has gotten so agitated lately and how he used to be such a sweetheart in the past. I meekly ask if I should excuse myself as he talks to my charge. He smiled gently and said it was alright for me to stay. I felt a bit relived and yet... afraid. The doctor had been briefed on the situation before entering the room, but did he know my charge spoke no English at all? After notifying my charge that his condition has reoccurred and if he was in any pain at that moment, I noticed how one of the "fabulous five" was at a loss for words when my charge uttered in broken English, "No life. No life." while making an imaginary noose over hi head, before he looped the cord into a circle and gestured to it. The wife interjected with "Translation. No life. He have no life." I wanted to simply disappear. To no see what I am saw, hear what I heard. To undo the whole day. Every second. My heart broke for them. It broke not only for their lack of understanding but for everything that was in that room. Everyone touched by my charge in their lives. All the doctor can say is, "It will be ok. Are you in pain?" "Morphi9ne." my charge said hollowly. He repeated it a few times more. Before departing, the doctor whom looked defeated to me said, "It will be ok." One last mask of hope and lies from kind lips. Soon after he departed.

Some time passed. The jello long placed on the table out of reach. She attempted to call someone several times but did not succeed. His nurse, Kizzy came in and placed a fresh bag or morphine before checking him over. Fluid made his legs look puffed and he had a rather "unsightly" bruise that spanned from the crook of his arm down to the middle of his forearm and around his elbow. Pour Kizzy. She tried in vain to explain that it was a bruise and it was already cleaned and bandaged. The wife kept asking for a translator. Kizzy repeated that she could do no more to help him with his bruise aside from ease any pain related to it. She checked his breathing and eyes before leaving and saying he would be ok.

After Kizzy left, the wife again tried calling someone, again to no avail. I surmised she wanted a translator so I told her to ask Gwyneth at the desk to try calling. During the wife's absence I looked at my charge. I wondered about his life. How he came to be in America. All the questions you try to distract your mind with so you don't face the grim truth. After some time, his wife returned and they talked in Russian. Now he seemed a bit more animated. Perhaps it had to do with someone talking to him in Russian so he could understand. Regardless, his wife came back and tried calling again, only to succeeded. She talked on and on, Handing the phone to my charge who talked to the other person.

Then the psychiatric evaluator came in. Very professional but still green being a student and all. After the wife gave the phone to the psych evaluator the infectious Disease doctor came in. Apparently, the translator was on the phone and the wife had issues with the bruise, again. Questions were asked between the psych evaluator the Id doctor and my charge. Again with the phone passing and the sympathetic looks. I sat there looking around the room again, expecting it to change somehow. How I had wished they had the television on. Escort came to take my charge to the lab. I told the wife she could accompany me to the lab if she wanted. I do not know if she understood, regardless she stayed in the room. The lab area was dark and boring. Pain stabbed at me due to the symptoms of the plague soon to come. Thankfully, I was granted a seat in the procedure room which was dark and comfortably warm. I dosed throughout the whole thing. It ended all too soon however. Back in my charges room, Shannon his tech planned on washing my charge up. I decided to excuse myself to have a rather late breakfast or lunch actually. Gwen traded off with me. I just ate and returned to my duty.

The rest of the day was uneventful up until shift change. A Russian nurse whom I had never seen before walked into the room talking with the wife. they talk fervently and I actually see the wife cry. Again, I felt like I was intruding. I over heard "Hospice" which is never a good thing. Hospice basically is making someone comfortable to die. The tall woman came back again, asking questions I had no answers to. "What is this Hospice? Will he be like that till end of days?" I said.. basically yes. The amount of morphine in his system totally numbed him out by now. He responded to no one. Then my relief came and I told the Nurse to speak with Kizzy to find out if my charge was in fact on hospice. As I was leaving.. a fax came in.. "ATTN: PUT PT. XYZ ON HOSPICE ASAP!" and it went on and on. I told the next shift nurse and a few others to take care of it before I left for the day.

He would not see the sunset tomorrow was what I had been thinking the whole time as I went home that night..

Today, someone else watched my charge. At around 2pm today he departed this world. I was surprised to say the least. A part of me did not think my words from yesterday were so true.

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[Saturday, October 15, 2005|12:59 a.m.] [Symphony]Random cheer!

To much to be happy about lately.
New music on the myspace page.. because I love The Pillows so. XD
Ok it's an OLD song but new to the MS page anyhow.
I need to get that other music thing working but I'm being a lazy ass.
Saw Professor Preggers. Her belly got all big. Too adorable.
Um.... what else?
The new layout for is nice. I need to get my copy of the single already...
along with some other music I've been leeching for some time now. *COUGHKAGARRA,COUGH* I need just about ALL of their stuff... except RIN.
I didn't like it.

Talked to the others about our plans for the end of the month.
Parties and concerts occupy my mind as of late among other more somber things.

Anyhow, time for bed. Gotta get up early. >_<#

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[Sunday, October 2, 2005|06:45 p.m.] [Symphony]Itinerary

So many things... Viv came back from Japan today. I can't imagine how she feels. The plus side is she is going to be living with Lan and her mom.
Worked alot this week. I'm extremely tired but they pay will be so worth it since it brings me closer to my goal.
What is my goal you ask? Hi-mi-tsu!

A few things to tide you over though:
1: Loveless vol 1 comes out Feb 2006 "supposedly" *rolls eyes*
2: BL Games in ENGLISH! Coming soon.
3: Memoirs of a Geisha. *loved the book. My friend Fang told me about the movie coming out a while ago... I thought it was going to be a foreign film.. imagine my surprise when I saw it was infact in ENGLISH!
4: SITE.... coming soon. I'm so damend picky on what I want on it too. :p

Anyhow, Lin lin I hope school is ok. I'm sorry for not being on DA to talk and such.
I do see your new submissions but I have no time to comment.

All things aside.... I have a wedding to attend this weekend... and I have nothing to wear... ok.. i have something but I don't want to wear that. :p

Some humor. I didn't draw it.. but it's cute. TOO CUTE!
Advent Children Rivalry Pt.1
Advent Children Rivalry Pt.2

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[Tuesday, September 27, 2005|07:58 p.m.] [Symphony] Awwwwwwwwww!

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by

Aren't they cute?!

I saw Advent Children a good couple of days ago. Most of the world population has seen it by now anyways. No need to go into detail here. If anyone wants a copy lemme know. ;D
'Genta has some interesting ideas about "some things" that went on in the movie.
I don't even HAVE a real reason to post aside from a few things...
I've decided to purchase Fruits Basket in ENGLISH. I've sold my japanese copies... I just can't wait to read the part about Akito in ENGLISH!

All I gotta say is.. any


Fruits Basket fan knows what I'm talking about already.

The MYV party was awesome. Pics are on the lj though. Ok.. here is one...
Some "other things" are pending but I need to see how things will be going in the next few months.

By the way.... I have tons of stuff for sale. More images comming soon.

Shout out to you guys. You know who you are. (aka my ass is to lazy to type the names/links.)

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[Wednesday, August 3, 2005|02:07 p.m.] [Symphony] Home again

I know I've been gone for a while.. alot of shit has been going on.

HOWEVER, I FINALLY FINALLY GOT A DIGITAL CAMERA! It's nothing to sneeze at or anything.. but my Gran gave it to me and I love the lil thing dearly. :3 Eventually I will get my dream SLR.... eventually. :p

I went to Canada and had a blast. My cousin got married and I played mass in Caribana.
Oh! Something to amuse you a bit....
aw shit! check that waist!
Let it play through once.... then it'll go as fast as I was the second time. :D

I went to tons of concerts towards the end of June also. I SAW HEAD AUTOMATICA TWICE FOR FREE! I saw Billy Corgan too FOR FREE. AMAZING! Planning on going to "several" other "big" events later this month.

Some "other events" are pending but I need to see how things will be going with my job situation.

Anyhow, just making some content so they can see what I'm capable of doing with layouts with out much images.

Wish me luck all'ya!

By the way.... I have tons of stuff for sale. More images comming soon.

On an unrelated note.. too bad I'm working Lobor Day... I wanted to play mass this year again.

If you are savvy enough you may find the pics from Caribana somewhere on the net

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