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2007 Noir Tenshi Studios

[Sunday, June 24, 2007|09:53 a.m.]


Visual Shock

Wow.. FINALLY this thing is up...

That boy is fucking annoying... AND the BIGGEST JERK EVER!
On another note... Tora looked hot. Gara posing during the interview was simply classic! That and Nero using the fan. Tsukasa looks rather nice also. I really hope to see all of them again.. and really soon.
Well.. this is related too...

Wee for merry videos... I want to cosplay that so badly.. but only due to the kimono.
Here are some of the photos I owed you guys...

Yeah. That's it. More on lj...

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[Tuesday, June 12, 2007|02:06 a.m.]


June 9, 2007

Images coming soon.

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[Wednesday, June 6, 2007|10:18 p.m.]



A lot of things going on as of late.

  • Was supposed to go to a class today but had to drop it thanks to the plague! >_<
  • A massive CLEANING of my room. I was able to get rid of more stuff!
  • Contemplating a in-home sale.. or swap.. something. I dunno. I need to get rid of more stuff!
  • 80% of my wood panel wall is clean. one corner is clean.. the desk is almost clean.
  • Removed 2 of the 3 tiers of my wire cd rack. GO BUY MY STUFF DAMN IT!
  • I may purchase a new desk if I am unable to get the plywood and repair it myself.
  • Selling my 35mm camera on facebook! Good condition!
  • Put in my transfer request at work. Night shift= more money!
  • Japanese 1 tomorrow! I am excited.. I hope I learned all of the hiragana... I doubt it though.
  • Awaiting the official Fall 2007 bill so I can commit suicide... with flair! ;A;
  • Tempted to take sewing classes or a bookmaking class somewhere.. the actual place is still unknown to me.
  • Planning on changing the layout either here or on the lj page. It is finished and quite lovely. Usually I dislike using images I did not make/photograph/whatever but... maybe it is time to embrace it.
  • MIKA next Friday! I am excited!
Aside from my odd to do list/things going on list, my mother's aunt and cousins were hear from since last week. It was nice having them and playing hostess. Currently they are in New York by my gran who also just returned to America the other day. My mother and sister plan on flying down in August to begin wedding preparations. I wish I could go also but I can not.

However I am looking forward to Caribanna... and my wicked costume! (the teal one) My cousins and thier friends plan on doing this costume (the black one). I love it SO SO SO SO SO MUCH, but I personally can't do black for carnival. I rarely wear colors so that is why I chose the other one instead.

SPEAKING OF COSTUMES... I have no idea what to do for Otakon. My choice that I had previously decided proved to be tougher to put together than I thought. I had to scrap the idea entirely.nikui , I hope you go through with your part of it. I know it will be lovely.

Lastly, I have been eyeing these items here for some time. I really want them. Damn it!

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[Friday, June 1, 2007|02:00 a.m.]


bane of my existance

I will not give up.

I shall prevail!


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[Monday, May 28, 2007|02:59 p.m.]









Overall I rate the experience an A- to a B. This pertains to the ENTIRE experience. Some line drama ensued which is always the case. However,this was just insane east coast west cost, north and south dramarz all converging in one spot. INSANE. 30+ PEOPLE CUTTING IN THE FRONT. BAD BAAAAAAAAAAD COSPLAY/VK. Other annoying things happened too but all in all the whole thing was surreal. I can't even say amazing because that word does not do justice to what I went through.. it STILL hasn't hit me yet that I saw all of those performers. But then again it HAS hit me due to my lack of vocal ability and aching stomach muscles from all of the laughing I did.
Now I shall go to see what other people posted that I may have missed... and also, damn some of those Undercode bands for looking all lame and actually sounding damn GOOD!

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[Monday, May 21, 2007|11:32 a.m.]


The weekend never seemed so distant until now...

Friday is so far away. ;A;

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[Friday, May 18, 2007|11:24 p.m.]


I will be all over in this post.

I may be furious over nothing...but.. is it just me or is that NOT how you treat someone?

I am so MAD at this individual because of their actions. It proves ONCE AGAIN that they are fucking inconsiderate and more than a little bit borderline P-S-Y-C-H-O-T-I-C!

I mean who the fuck goes around DOING shit like that anyways?

High School bullshit. Seriously.
In more uplifting news... I am almost done packing.. working a lot to recoup my funds...but I can't wait to leave. I have been going through the routine trying not to get overly hyped though I know I will love it and have a good time... It will sink in once I am on the plane I suppose.
*EDITED* I plan on attending this which looks like it will be fun, registered for con #1 (refer to to two posts ago).. I need to find out who is playing at con #2. Almost finished packing for my trip thank god. I am so relived that my father is ok about me leaving for such a far place...for such a long time...alone (per say)

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[Saturday, May 12, 2007|12:25 a.m.]


A real web gem a friend of mine found

I first saw this on livejournal from a dear friend of mine... I simply had to share it. Why? Because he is singin' in Korean!

Funny stuff.

Colbert vs. Rain.. enjoy!

In other academic news.. I made Dean's list AGAIN!

PRINCIPLES OF ECONOMCS I: B-*I am still WTF! HOW DID THAT HAPPEN.. But I am so happy and greatful all the same.*

Now onto my insane summer schedule:
  • Get hair done!

  • Pack for trip!

  • Register for both conventions

  • Leave for trip!

  • Work a little bit extra...

  • Mika concert!

  • Work a little bit extra to pay for said convention lodgings

  • Con #1

  • Work a little bit extra to pay for said convention lodgings

  • Con #2

  • Work a lot extra for Carribana costume

  • Carribana

  • I am a bit curious to see who they will have as a guest for Otakon this year... well now that Tofu Records is "inactive" that is. Most of the harder rock bands I want to see are touring in Japan. I would be happy to see someone like The Pillows, Asian Kung-Fu Generation, Beat Crusaders, Typhoon24 or someone similar. I think Aural Vampire would be awesome too. I will have to wait in suspense I suppose.

    Still debating on if I will see Dir en grey in June or not. They aren't headlining and I don't know how The Deftones sound. I am not really focusing on it too much actually.

    I have my trip to worry about.

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    [Thursday, May 10, 2007|12:11 p.m.]


    The running tally...

    I am very pleased by this. Very very pleased.




    Only one grade left to find out if I made Dean's List this semester. :x

    current gpa: 3.567

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    [Wednesday, May 9, 2007|08:53 p.m.]



    Remember how I thought I was going to FAIL Economics due to studying the wrong chapters etcetera?


    There is a God and I am truely blessed!

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    [Sunday, May 6, 2007|10:27 a.m.]


    Coding, Spring and Skype

    I haven't taken photos in a while so here ya go.

    More here...

    On coding, I have been trying to make an rss feed for this pitas blog. I decided to save myself the time and frustration and use a pre-made one. Here it is.

    In other news, I recently acquired a microphone. I will be Skyping away to see if I set everything up corretly. Skype is ADDICTIVE! Though having guys from Estonia trying to hit on you in broken english is not the best thing. "You have cam, yes?" Ugh.

    Lastly, I got tickets to see MIKA next month!

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    [Monday, April 30, 2007|01:28 p.m.]



    So many exciting things are going on!
    A friend of a friend of mine had their work in a Beyonce video I saw today. I saw one of the dancers and thought they resembled one of the models I saw at FUSION2007
    I am so happy for all of them you have no idea.
    In other news, I missed out on Sakura Matsuri AGAIN... I was unable to find anyone to work for me but they all said it was a blast. I can't wait to see all of the photos.

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    [Thursday, April 26, 2007|03:40 a.m.]


    What what?

    In the butt
    That is all.

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    [Sunday, April 22, 2007|01:47 p.m.]



    Is there no good news?
    First I see that they had an earthquake a few days ago and now THIS
    Saa. I need to finish my two research papers though... that is instead of wasting time... AGAIN.

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    [Wednesday, April 18, 2007|04:47 a.m.]



    So it was a Yamaguchi-gumi. Many of us had guessed it would be one of them...
    On the school shooting in Virginia, I was surprised when they said it was a Korean student. Yes, I was under the impression it was some crazy white person.. AGAIN. Not to get all racial (I think it is too late though) but if it were a black student.. oh man... the news would have had a field day.
    It is still a sad and fucked up situation no matter how you look at it though.

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    [Wednesday, April 11, 2007|12:07 p.m.]


    An attatchment to objects...

    It is one day after my birthday.
    Looking back on my life I see that I have changed.
    While I was for the most part more mature than people my age... I distinctly remember my 19-21 years somehow regressing into a loud young idiot. I understand now, looking back that I may not have been easy to deal with.
    All of you who stayed with me through all of that, I wanted to thank you.

    I realize that I have A HUGE AMOUNT OF THINGS.
    This is not a new revelation or anything, it is just that it never REALLY bothered me until late last year.

    I have a bunch of cds I do not listen to anymore... so I am going to SELL THEM.
    I had thought about trades and the like.. but then I would be stuck with the same amount of STUFF.
    I don't really WANT more STUFF.
    I want to pare down my life a little.

    I think I am falling out of love with japanese rock to be frank.
    Then again it is rather broad of me to say that I am falling out of love with ALL japanese rock.. but I haven't gotten into any new bands in a while... some of the bands I like have disbanded and listening to them saddens me a little bit. I want to get into "new" bands but I don't really have 2-3 days to dl things.
    I don't know...
    I am selling A LOT of my Miyavi merchandise though.
    Basically anything I did not absolutely LOVE is going... except the pv collections.
    Those I will keep.

    I even left a bunch of communities too.
    I guess I'm not so interested in yaoi at the moment either.
    There is only a hand full or artists that I admire... but I don't aspire to be an manga artist.
    Not anymore anyways. I tried that in high school and it is TOUGH to draw all those panels on that huge piece of paper.I really admire those who do it that way.Yes I know there is that Manga Studio program (pos if you ask me) but I PREFER to do it by hand the traditional way as the final layout.

    But.. then why am I selling my black 11x17 sketch book?
    I just don't FEEL like drawing I suppose.
    I haven't felt like it in over 3 years.
    I SHOULD have motivation to draw but I don't.
    I would sooner pick up my camera and take photographs than a pencil and seriously draw.

    A lot of things and or projects I had dreamed of doing have simply lost their meaning.
    I would hold onto THINGS like a photo, movie ticket stubs etc so I can put them into use later.
    Later never came.

    I still have a a lot of stuff... but every time I clean this room I get rid of a lot more than I keep. I see some things that I received over the years and I have some regrets about not keeping in touch with people or letting nonsense destroy a relationship because of my fear and suspicion. I don't think I will ever mend one relationship because nothing will come of it to be frank. It had been too long and I am tired. Simply mentally and physically tired of wondering if I am being betrayed and all of those other fun feelings when you are slightly paranoid.

    Shredders are a great tool.
    In an instant everything tied to the item is destroyed.

    I guess a part of me has died somewhere along the way.

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    [Sunday, April 8, 2007|12:17 a.m.]



    I had a lot of fun tonight... but I am extremely EXTREMELY TIRED. I appreciate all who came/wanted to come but were unable to.
    It meant a lot to me.
    Thank you.

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    [Wednesday, April 4, 2007|05:55 a.m.]



    I did what I had to do and I don't regret it at all.
    On another note, the birthday is coming up soon, but I can't party on the actual day (AGAIN) due to it landing on a Tuesday.

    So I decided to do a little something this weekend.
    Been toying with some schooling options once I graduate... meh is all I can say for now.
    Not much to post right now actually, since I'm running on 0 hours of sleep.

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    [Wednesday, March 28, 2007|04:03 p.m.]



    Sometimes being nice doesn't pay off.
    I need to be more of a bitch sometimes to get what is MINE!
    I have to wait this out though... as much as I hate it.

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    [Tuesday, March 20, 2007|11:04 a.m.]



    So, Lan and I went to see 300 last night. It was rather visually pleasing with all the great cinematography, colors and high contrast they used in production. Seriously, don't expect much plot wise in this movie though. It is what it is: A bunch of men fighting, some sexual content thrown in, and did I mention VIOLENCE? I loved it though. The ending credits with the vector art people fighting/dying and the over-usage of the splatter brush were actually good. I mean.. we were laughing a lot during the movie.. but you have to see it to know what I mean.
    That and we are two assholes... FROM SPARTA!

    My favorite character had to be the one eyed narrator. HE WAS AMAZING. And we have many jokes because of him.. and Xerxes. Oh Rodrigo, how I love you so because of this role. Seriously though, a lot of crazy things in this movie but it was really good.

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    [Thursday, March 15, 2007|03:27 p.m.]

    [Is this really Japan?]

    I've been a reader of the Debito blog for a few months now and it is making me more aware of things in Japan in relation to foreigners and the like. We need to face facts: in general, Japan is a xenophobic country. It is. Everyone knows this.

    I've had countless friends and former friends tell me about their time/s in Grand Japanland. Mind you it didn't go as far as them being persecuted or anything like that... but they all said they got stared at...ALOT. I had already expected that anyways, me being black and all. I had no grand illusions of Japan, that nonsense stopped when I was 12.

    I am not saying I would never vacation there but I can not see myself making a life for myself there. I can't fit into any niche culture therefore making my life there easier either. I'm not knockin' those who decide to do that, but I know I can't.

    I suppose being in groups like blacks in Japan and the like helped quell any grand illusions I had, thankfully.
    What brought all of this on you may ask.. well.. the newest blog post on Deito's site about that Anti-Gaijin mook and the developments pertaining to said mook... it has been brewing in me for a while.

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    [Monday, March 5, 2007|10:21 p.m.]

    [Concert review link]

    Dir en grey concert review on LIETV.COM

    I read it and liked it.

    This review captures the essence of the show in a short and sweet fashion.

    Well, getting back to the real world...I've added some prints to the DA page. I am still working on scanning some more images and the like... It is so sad that I have no time to do any of that AT ALL.
    I hurt my back somehow at work the other day. I was walking then all of a sudden it felt like someone punched me in my back. My hip locked on the right side and a dull aching pain radiated from my right flank. I stopped.. hobbled a bit and returned to my work area... it had stopped by the time I returned.. but once i sat down and stood up again.. the pain would stay with me the rest of the night. I got home and slept with out incident but Saturday morning.. the pain/sensation returned. I immediately went to get it checked out and was sent home on sick leave (and worker's compensation)for two days. So i went home and slept.. took some Motrin and slept some more.. uneventful day really.
    Sunday morning I helped my former co-worker Gwen out with her computer. She treated me to breakfast which was tasty. It turns out that nothing was seriously wrong with her computer... just the usual build up of crap programs. I even got her a gmail account to. Next time I will make her a myspace page. It felt good to be needed, ya know.
    I'll been seeing Aoi Hitomi around this month also... I dunno how I feel about that yet... so far I have been pleasant and cordial towards him.. not overly polite to the point of being too formal and rude mind you.. it is just that I know that I can not be his friend... not after last year.
    Why does he have to have such nice eyes though?

    It is UNFAIR!

    I have to stop myself from asking him what color are they exactly... I don't need his ego getting any bigger than it is already. there are enough people who think that he is a GOD in this world... I prefer not being one of them

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    [Thursday, March 1, 2007|08:19 a.m.]


    Dir en grey FUSE TV Interview

    Quote of the interview: "...Kyo bleeds from the eyes."

    Well, not really. But we love Steven for saying it though it's SO INCORRECT. :D

    So, go watch it and laugh with me as you HOPEFULLY recognise the opening song/video playing in the background in the second clip... by Head Automatica... (It's Graduation Day btw...)


    I enjoyed watching that, though they looked... oh I don't know... bored out of their MINDS!
    totally unrelated.... I MADE DEAN'S LIST! FUCK YEAH!

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    [Wednesday, February 28, 2007|08:57 a.m.]



    I just did my taxes...

    I want to cry tears...

    OF JOY!


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    [Thursday, February 22, 2007|11:48 a.m.]


    I swear...

    I just hung out with that boy's inverse (in appearence) doppleganger, aka ID. They act so alike... it is scary and I KNOW that is why I was drawn to him in the first place.

    What really sucks is the fact that ID has a girlfriend... not that I wanted to get with him off the bat or anything, but the personality traits, characteristics and not to mention him going around "comando" had alot to do with the attraction. That boy has such a lovely physique. >:}

    The other one, Mr. 3.79 litres is still oblivious that I find him attractive. He recently got a haircut that made him look.. a bit chubby. I don't like it at all. I told the (formerly)Jesus Hair-ed Kid this and he laughed.

    I've been suffering a tripple threat fromt he following: Aoi Hitomi, Inverted Triangle, Yamika, and THE TWINS. I can say this month sucks.. but that is a lie.. i'm LOVING IT! ALL the eye candy.. despite whatevert.. I miss my eye cany boys.

    The last one, I don't know WHERE we are. I'm ok with it but sometimes I'm NOT. Hard to explain without being tmi so I will stop here.

    I hope I don't get called into work tonight, I have to file my FAFSA and taxes... and put all of my clean clothes away. SO. MUCH. CLOTHES!

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    [Tuesday, February 20, 2007|10:20 a.m.]


    [Photo Post January 2007-February 2007]

    More here...

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    [Sunday, February 11, 2007|2:50 p.m.]


    Dir en grey 2007: Nokia Theater, New York City


    It was amazing.

    I had so much fun and actually ENJOYED myself and did not play savior to anyone.
    It is nice to just relax like that and groove, ya know? It has been far too long and I think that if I go to more than one show for ANY performer, I may just chill in the cut. Seriously. I won't post the set list since countless others have already.

    After show events were even more monumental and FUN.
    I wish some of you could have been there to witness.

    This is because... We all love fruit sex. :D

    CROWD PARTICIPATION: A- These ratings are overall and the minus accounts for, once again the LACK of interaction with the crowd by Fade to Midland. Though the shirtless guitarist (?) did through out some water bottles tot he crowd and at the VERY END of their performance say something that I can not recall at this time

    Photos of both will be up soon-ish... I hope. :/

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    [Wednesday, February 7, 2007|12:21 p.m.]


    Dir en grey 2007: Theater of the Living Arts, Philadelphia

    I will be brief because I feel unwell at the moment.

    It was painfully cold yesterday. most people lined up in an alleyway of sorts.
    I saw Matt and basically hung out at Starbucks with Misato until it drew near to 6pm. I don't know when we were let in but it was after 6:30pm.

    I saw deg get into a car after exiting the venue. The jphouse girl had some starbucks for them.. It was so funny. I was randomly looking out the window. then.. i see flowing blondish brown hair on a tallish guy.. then wavy brown hair.. and I'm like "Oh. There goes the band in that car there." Misato catches a glimpse as the jphouse girl gets in and they pull off. (i can't remember if her name is Cora or Nora. T-T)

    I saw some very VERY foolish peole not wearing coats/scarfs/pants... combinations of lacking all three of those items made me worry alot for them.

    we finally entered and I saw Alwin. We chitchatted for a wile but I lost sight of Misato.. so I followed Dark_schuldich's HAIR to the front of the event space. :3

    People started acting the fool and I basically spent most of my time defending helpless people. I was (quite a few times actually) 1 person from the stage... venturing near Kyo-ville... a place I DID NOT WANT TO BE. So instead of punching this one girl in her face for not only trying to get in front of me (when i was clearly trying to keep the girl in front of me.. IN FRONT OF ME) BUT LYING and saying she had to stand next to her boyfriend.. when they were ALREADY standing next to each other. when she started up again I was like... so WHY THE FUCK are you trying to get in front of me. I can't MOVE my leg out so fucking QUIT IT!

    Another tool that i *THINK* was from TO had his back against this one girl trying to push her out of the way... which was making me fall over... the poor girl wasn't even that tall and was not doing anything to annoy the guy.. so i stated at him for like 2 min straight. then I gave up my quasi Kyo-ville spot to this short Asian guy and his GF so that I could stand next tot he idiot. Needless to say, he cooled it when he saw me standing there.

    Kyo falling and all that.. singing into the mike.. which had no sound soon after his fall/wipeout/seizure. It was still awesome to look at though. And him moaning and stroking his stomach was... odd. :D
    TOSHIYA SHOWING OUR SIDE LOVE WAS THE BEST PART EVER.. FOR ME ANYHOW. :p He was pretty and i liked his shirt. er.. yay.
    Die: *LICKS LIPS and scans the crowd*
    ME: Buwahahaha! *hand over mouth* I STILL dunno why I found that so funny.

    Shinya was amazing per usual. Kaoru too.
    Did I mention the shiny shirt Shinya was wearing. It was so shiny and nice. Sleeveless.
    They all looked good last night. visually and performance wise.

    I was a bit taken aback with Die climbing up on Shinya's platform and playing. Shinya looked like this:

    for like a split second anyways.

    I can't say much for the opening acts either aside from the fact that they were ok but they were opening for the wrong band. poor guys.the crowd showed no love. I actually asked the lead singer of the second act AFTER THE SHOW (I forget their names) if he was alright. the man DID look like he had a fever and was about to colapse onstage. he said yeah and I gave him a little hug saying I liked his voice. I do.. but ONLY when he sings.. NOT when he screams. :P

    I wanted to take the time out to thank Kalib and Meradith(?).. two people who made the show highly enjoyable with their antics.

    If I had to rate this show.. I would unfortunately give it a lower score for the crowd thanks to them acting stupid.. I mean come ON.. if your ass is 13 people from the stage.. WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU GOING TO PUSH AS HARD AS YOU CAN? I WAS ONLY SEEING THE BENT HEADS OF THESE FUCKERS PUSHING AND PISSING EVERYONE OFF.

    After the concert I saw Matt & Alwin again. I also saw Hotorubi (sorry for not recognizing you. T-T I Don't have any pics to remember what you look like).

    After that Misato, red mowhak, sharaku and company went to eat at a vegan place. YUM!

    bah. I hope New York will be better though. :/
    I heard Baltimore was nice.

    OVERALL PERFORMANCE: A all the bands played well even though the one sickly-looking fellow drooled a lot... I don't know.

    CROWD PARTICIPATION: OVERALL I have to give it a B. Deg had all of it the first band had about a B and the last band was an F. No interaction with the crowd AT ALL.

    CROWD SCORE: C- Once deg began to play the major assholishness was over...there were only two isolated accounts for fantardum which were mentioned already.

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