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[Friday, April 25, 2003|10:51 p.m. *scowls*


People in this damned place....
I don't ask for much....
Nor do I deserve to be treated like this.
*deep breath*
ok. that was good..
on a lighter note.. I engaged in a rather nice conversation with my bus driver on the way home..
Call me a bitch.. but I LIKE to tune the world out with music sometimes..
ok.. ok.. ALOT. *looks guilty* Certain music is NOT for mediatiaon...
But I degress....I got on the bus with my CD player blasting Pop is Dead.. all set to veg out..
When the bus driver is like.. ^-^ Aw. Cheer up kiddo.
I politely answer hime with a WHA? *blinks and turns down volume*
SOMEHOW we wind up onthe topic of music.. and obtaining it on the web, e-mail, comps, all kinds of stuff.
I even mentioned his favorite song in passing too. XD FREAKY!
AND he has like 5 nieces in Italy, all over.. *way to many places.. but mainly NY too* named Nicole.. or some variation of it.
Though, it IS sad how I DON'T interact with people as much as I would like to..
I mean.. he was a temp driver.. but I had a nice converation with im too..
yeah he's kinda old... and yeah he likes Frank Senatra *likes him too.. sorta.. thank you Mr. Zega (1)*
But I got a nice vibe from him..and I didn't end the convo..
Then I get off at Metuchen.. and wait for my other bus to get there
some 12-14 yr old kid is going to the mall too...
so I'm blastin Gagaku after the initial chit chat of "when's the bus comming?"
the kid comes and sits by me.. and askes What ya listening too? I laugh and grin a big grin and go Rock.. ya wanna listen to it?
yesh yesh.. corupting kids one day at a time
Shit Joel and Daniel KNOW the words.. to all the J-songs I play at home..
yeah.. it's bad.. they even hum it while they clean sometiems. >X33
Anyhow.. it turns out he not only likes my music but is in a band.. he's the drummer.
We chit-chat about music a bit.. and he gets off at the mall...
Back to my music..and to home I go.
yeah.. uneventful aside from that....

(1)- Mr Zega was my HOT physics teacher in high school..
yeah.. EVERYONE sweated him. but I was slick about it.. cuz I had all my guy friedns to sweat anyhow..
but he ALWAYS played Senatra in class..
I mean I knew some songs.. but WOW did he play like almost every song.........

~The Sexy Aries

[Friday, April 25, 2003|04:59 p.m. nyao?

ok.. the last week of april is comming close..
I'll be expecting your packages people.

WHen I e-mailed all'ya did I say the first week of May or the last week of April?
damn.. I really did forget.. too
Anyhow. if you need my address.. just e-mail me and I'll send it to you.. 2?
Well I did get a go from another person.. but the other person they know.. I dunno WHAT is goin on there...
and someone else can't do it.. this time. *hopes to do this again*
cuz.. I think it's sweet. ^-^
And maybe we can change who it is every time too!
XDDDDD That would be nice!

nyao... canadadian gyals..
*aka pura rice-o and spida*
How have ya been?
Pura pura na. T-T bando-width limito? *pouts*
well.. shabb's blog is down too.. *looked cuzhe is your host*
poot. i hope everything will be alright tho
is BOOOOOOOOOORED outta her mind*
still in school.. for another hour too.. damned bus! >.<
no one is here. and no one is on... *no trillian in school so my msn pplz.. gomen*
the real upside for today.. aside form the free food and hangin with my peoples.. i.,br>


*cires tears of joy*
so yeah.......... i wanna go home

~The Sexy Aries

[Friday, April 25, 2003|03:51 p.m. today...

Today..It was average I guess...
I woke up at about 8am.. got to school for 10am
Waited for Jillian so we both could go to PEARL to get our stuff to build our model house...
We wound up searching high and low in pearl for our project materials. ONE BIG HASSEL!!
so i ask her what time it is.. and she's like 12ish.. so I call Lez
Just to let her know I AM coming and NOT to leave me.. like she probably would......since Chenga has class at 12:30 anyhow... :/
She tells me they are in the upstairs cafeteria
I'm like ok I'll meet you there. ^^V
Jillian buys our stuff and we get back in her car & off we went to school
so i go tot he 3rd floor cafetaria.. only to find faculty in there.. so I'm lookin around...and I'm like.. shit.. they left.
cuz i got to school at like 12:20ish anyhow... and knowing change had class already.. Lez would have already gone home too :/
Cat sees me and tells me of some classroom that had food sittin in it..
>X3 Jillian and I jack them for their food stuffs.. they had oj, muffins, and these little apple danishes!
They were


Back in the Myriad room.. I try to call Lez to apologize for not being there soon enough..
but she doesn't pic up.. so I wait a while and call again.. and again
*i'm thinking she's DRIVING HOME or something*
Then i try Chenga's phone just in case.. no answer tho..
I try her again.. and she picks up FINALLY..
She all told me she is outside by the cafeteria.. (turns out she was on the second floor.. and NOT the 3rd..) -_-
Jillian and I head down after NOT finding her ont he 3rd floor outside area..
the funny thing is.. on the second floor there are TWO balconies/outside areas..
-_- yeah...

Can you say: WILD GOOSE CHASE?>.<

I all felt bad for Jilli too.. mainly because she didn't get to eat much..though she took alot of those apple danishes ^^;;;
Anyhow.. the first outside seating area was closed.. we had to go ALL the way around to the other side.. and THEN I see them

So.... I'm not very happy.. and I feel.... I dunno.. I was kinda irked I guess...:/

Because I had to go to the MAD dept to drop off my shit.. then to the college center to FIND them..
then BACK to the MAD dept to get my address book so I could CALL them
then BACK to the college center to call Lez.. then all up and down the damned building to FIND them...

and when we FINALLY find them... Lez is like.. That my oj? no hey or nothing....

I'm lookin at her like.. ok? hi to you too? -_-;;

Then I hand her the oj.... and Change is like.. you ok? and I'm like.. yeah.....
I stand for a bit.. mainly to get my barings *sp* and then I decide to go back inside to get some fries
They were lookin at some pics Lez did for 36 moons..
Though before I left I was like.. CHENGA? Don't you have class? It's like almost 1pm!
lol Lez had him lookin at pics.. and she was tellin him the background of the characters..
which takes a long time ^^;;;
Ate my fries.. took some pics.. went to class and they went home..

Jillian and I have NO idea what we are doing by the way.. ^^;;;;;;
Yeah.. We're so screwed

*ya know what sux.. that damned links page works fine at my house.. but is all funky here... I gotta fix it*

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~The Sexy Aries

[Friday, April 25, 2003|01:10 a.m. *rubes temple.. then jaw*

i learned alot today..

some by accident...

some not


jaw still fuckin hurts amoung other things -_-
anyhow.. did this mainly cuz adding all 3 links to my cliques page fic box.. would have been stupid
mainly becuase i'm going in alphabetical order
*yeah it's odd.. but go look tho. ^^V*

do scroll down.. i know on macs it's smaller.. but PCs you have to scroll down.. netscape users.. i dunno how it will look for you. but yeah..... tada?

of to bed.. in a crummy mood.head/jaw is killin me

~The Sexy Aries

[Thursday, April 24, 2003|09:14 p.m. i wonder...

what force causes people to met?
is it chance or something more?
like today.. i chilled in sal's philosophy class.. with lez..
and he was going on about hume's theory that you cand assume one cause will have one effect, basically
and that you can't say that you KNOW it will lhappen cuz you've expirienced it before
but that is hume's theory...
i'm no philosopher... and i do beluve that people/things happen for a reason/season
season being a more.. spiritual/biblical *?* term i mean
like.. with ry... we had er.. 3 seasons. when we first met.. we never really acknowledged each other until i saks him about soem tests.. *won't elaborate* ^^;;;
then another season began when i asked him about soemhting.. and he confirmed it
and our last season we recently left was our disagreement/missunderstanding.
i knew things would never be the same again..well.. not as soon as i hoped.. if at all
but it's up to him.. i feel uncomfortable sorta.. askin him if we're gonna hang out.. cuz things have changed...
also with chenga... things have changed...
not alot.. but maybe i should have cultivates me and is friendship MORE before i told him how i felt..
cuz yeah.. were friends. but in a more casual.. in school kinda way... ya know?
me and lez have had some seasons too. tho i've known her for.. less then a year tho...
maybe a season is all how someone percives something.. i dunno....
but she herself.. in my eyes.. has gone through one..AGAIN.. and AGAIN!
some are resolved.. soem are THOUGHT to be resolved... *sighs* but i hope everything turns out for the best..
as i say. things happen for a reason.. in their proper season
speaking of which.. i've noticed these same changes/seasons in myself personally
i was a very different person a year.. and evern TWO years ago
i would never ask a guy for his # at a party... but i asked pj for his.. and that cute fobby guy wo can't dance for his number also
i guess if a mood cathced me.. or a vibe.. i'll go with it..
like.. tagging ppl or even e-mailing them...
i eamn i won't randomly do it.. nor will i lay in wait ready to punce. lol
but yeah.. if it's by chance i see ya. i'll say hi hello what's up? you ok. etc etc..
if i get a good vibe.. i'll talk to ya.. like.. with aya's blog... it hink i tagged her a few b4 we immed..
and i was such an odd way how it happend too
my IE was actin funn and i had to close allmy windows up.. and my trillain buddies list was up.. and i had the sound off...
also. if i like your blog/work/drawing/music/etc etc... i'll add you as a contact if ya got it listed..simply to give praise accordingly
like how i did with bp, meesh, jadeo, and vampy-sama *and a few other fic folk* all of whom i talk to on the reg.. (usually sat cuz they are busy. ^^V)
*ne vampy-sama i still can't find your book. i gotta special order it.. damned borders was out of stock *scowls* and i gotta find that drawing i did of daniel and arinne *sp T-T my head is swiss cheese right now**
ahem. anyhow.. i don't do it out of spite.. usually it's cuz i'm bored sometimes.. *waves to dan. aka Mr. Bebo* and you happen to be on.. ^^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
but i do enjoy talkin to you guys tho. i only hope the same is felt in return. ^^;;;;;;;;;

ok. enough of that ^^;;;
today.. i got up at like 5am with a horrible stomach ache
yeah.. *shall not eleborate on it.. TMI!!!*
drank som gigner ale. rinsed out my mouth made ethan a bottle and went back to bed.
got up again at like.. 8amish.. only to notie.. yeah i was feelign a lil bit better.. but my right side of my face... my jaw actually was hurting ALOT!
i couldn't even yawn.. i was crying cuz it hurt so much. and i dunno why either
by the time i fell back in bed.. *it wa snippy today* and got up at 10 to get ready.. my jaw was a lil bit better
a lil bit

so i get readya nd carch the 11 bus for school
as we get there.. lol i see lez's car in front of the bus.
and since i was bored.. and didn't have much shit to do anyhow i went to meet her &*after i got off at the bus stop* to met her and shit bores me.. and my peoples aren't in until 2pm anyhow.. fang and anne had class then too so iw as like fuck it.. i'll go find lez and hang like usual..
my hangin with her truend into me staying in her class doodleing..then me staying in her class actually paying attention
i LOVE that kind of stuff. it makes ya think
i'mma take his clas sin gthe fall most likely.. damned media art classes rotting my brain away.. no challenge.. except for deadlines
anyhooo so we go after class and ii sit..
ok.. lol
i laid down on a bench and soaked up the sun!
it was so nice! not a cloud int he sky. and it was waaaaaaaaaaarm!
my damned pinky on my left hand and my right thumb were numb when i got to school too T-T
so eyah the sun shinnin on me was great.. and i wa sso close to cutting class too. ^^;;;;;;; but i had to go..
thenlez all sits ont he bench too and i'm like. oi. move. yer gonna fall.. but she didn't tho
she was textin jun and i was fallin asleep ^^;;;
i see some cafetrial guy wheeling food and i'm like O_O FOOOOOOOOOOOOOD! in my head
so i ask him where he's goin and he's like.. i dunno -_- yeah.. that helps guy!
so he leaves.. and coems back and we tel him where jlc is
then chenga came and HE sat by me feet..
so as i lay onmy side i had lez sittin by my somach and chenga by me feet.. ^^;;;; ok.. i was worried i may bump them off
then i was like.. ok gotta get to the MAD dept to get my photo stuff.. *has a photo projcet due on friday*
so yeah. she's still textin away and i go oh! how cute a lil spider.. just watch how fast she jumped up.. *snickers*
then we go. i get my stuff tell fran i have to go to the poerty jam the myriad is hosting *which i never found btw*
so we go inthe college center to get lez some snapple.. *was broke and got crackers.. cusz it's all i could eat. T-T*
then we see marty *wow i REALLY forgot his name* this guy lez introduced me too a month back..
so eyah i thought his name was mark or soemthing.. soi'm goin through m names
blah he's upset cuz some guy said to to some girl *the girl is the guy's fiance* that she's actin lie him..
ok.. if my name was used to describe someone's behavior in a negative way.. yeah i'd be upset..
but he was like livid.. and trying not to kick some ass.. shakes head * anyhow so we stood for a while talkin to some ppl aobut the situation and burdens. etc etc..
i'm thinkin.. ok. i need to take my pics and go to class.. btu i waited and eventually we left.. tookt he pics. and went our seperate ways..
class was dull.. niel and marco came early so we chilled a bit
nothing special happend really
tho.. jamie was there and she told me EVERYONE was at the poetry jam.
and i'm liek WHERE was it? int he college center?
and she was like nah in jlc int he law calssroom
so THAT as where the cafeteria guy went. -_-# shit!
and someting told me to go and see where the food was going..
cuz i said. nah it's probably for those law students.. *cuz they ALWAYS have food for some reason*
so i didn't bother to go..
damn. even viv was there. *feels bad*
i gotta call her anyhow.
and the myriad mag looks nice this year! *cheers* tho shellen was so ICK to maira about her amiable statment inthe acknowledgements area
they fuckin made her take it out *fumes*

lesson of today: DON'T EVER get your fuckin hopes up...
*crosses arms over chest and pouts*

~The Sexy Aries

[Tuesday, April 22, 2003|11:59 a.m. quizes and yesterday.... and today if i feel like it :/

Die is your slave...and he's quite content being
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yesterday started off AWFUL!
fuckin kids sometimes.. LAZY ASS KIDS WHO DON'T LISTEN
akak daniel and joel.
anyhow.. they go FIRST THING and play the PS2 >.<
joel depositing ethan on my bed sayin daniel is doing something for my dad.
when i wait for 30 min.. and decide to check on them..
lil asses paling ps2
so i hit the roof!
basically forcing them to watch ethan while i get ready for school.
anyhow.. so i take my shower jonathan *guerda's son who has adhd* is dropped off
cus she has work and her mom is in a nursing home
anyhow.. so he's all hyper cuz his mom has him in check... our house is like the fuckin fun zone or something for him
anyhow i tell them thay can playt he ps2 AFTER my mom gets home from work.. which is in like an hour or so
come to find out joel gone and snuck to play the ps2
so i take it aweay.. and storm out to get my bus.. in a rush i see my mom pull up and i tell her what happend
went to school.. got there for 10
went to the MAD dept cuz i had an hour till the CCPB *aka FOOOOOOOOOOD FREE FOOOOOOOD!* meeting.
scanned some pics.. was 20 min late for the meeting tho
but i won movie tickets from the raffel tho W00T! lucky desu
er. um......... went to the post office sent that dragonvile her money for my yaoi dj
er.. went tot he mall asked for WOUNDS by vapmy-sama aka Jamiah Jefferson *huggles her tight*
i wonder how she's doing tho.. she hasn't been on lately
anyhow they wer eout.. gave them my b&n application..
bought a lil chain at Delias, and a chain, earings and tanktop at contempo casuals/ WETSEAL
um....... went home.
got home.. my dad was talkin to my mom about my bro and joel misbahaving today
those lil fuckin liars.. *joel and daniel* they tellin my mom I messed up byt he comp with food!
ME! the comp police officer! i SWEAR! so i had to go defend myself obvliously
oi! my dad starts yellin at me sain i don't do shit around the house
he used to say the same thing when i did WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY More than i should have
i got tired.. and i do what i can when i can
okies. more ont his later.. cuz i gotta meet lez now

*updated* 5:20 pm

so yeah.. went to meet lez.. who came like 20 after. chilled with her and chenga for a hot min..
she went to calss... and she had to meet daniel *aka Dan.. aka Belly boi.. aka Bebo ^_^*
So i am int he MAD dept .. she's in class.. at like 1:45ish i go up to the library to wait with her for him
why? cuz he's cute-ish. ^_^ and funny as all hell.
anyhow.. lez was like i can't belive he's not here yet.. but i'm tellin her that she's all EXTRA early tho..
and true enough.. he shows up at 2pm like he said. :p ROFL
anyhow... so we are jsut talkin.. i'm going through an art nouvoux *never could spell that right* book.. cuz i wanna draw mikkie like that.. someday
that boy's hair is jsut FUN! *cackles* *loved muncha's styls so she shall be studying him*
lez all poked his stomach.. cus he was wearing semi low slung jeans, a crimply black shirt and his choaker leash thing.. with his house key on it ....
anyhow.. his shirt was maybe one button undone at the top.. and like 3 or 4 at the bottom.. so yeah i was SUBTLY checkin him out. XD
lez all gone and say Oh! ya showing some skin. *poke poke* and he covers it up *pouts* ROFL
it was funny though how the were acting
anhow.. some ppl Bebo knew camew by and they chit chatted.. all i heard was 5 bucks.. and an all you can eat buffet .. ^^;;;; wha? i like food. :p
tehn they leave.. *a girl was witht he guy too* and head off to my dept.
my class had started already tho..but i was working since 10am ANYWAYS.. so i was taking break. :p
it was so funnyu cus bebo knew J
so they are all like HEY MAN! wha'ts up etc etc.. willin out together
i mean like straight out of a nature show.. freaky. but then againthey knew each other from hs.
anyhow they leave.. after she shows him some sugi pics.. *to show hom how she will make him look for her photo project i guess*
they leave. i'm bored.. have a dr appointment for 7pm today.. so yeah.,. fun
talked to aya last night.. *thinks she mentioned this b4 tho* *blinks*

shit. gtg.. gotta catch the 6pm bus.. *it's like 5:45*

*updated 10:56pm*
[10:49PM] NIKKIEL1: -_- my lil bro is a stupid ass.
[10:49PM] NIKKIEL1: fuckin as sgoes and looks up porn
[10:49PM] NIKKIEL1: dl some XXX dialer too
[10:49PM] NIKKIEL1: *scowls*
[10:49PM] NIKKIEL1: spent mad time trying ot get it off hr comp too
[10:50PM] NIKKIEL1: >.< but i got that shit off my comp..
[10:50PM] NIKKIEL1: did virus checks and all too
[10:50PM] NIKKIEL1: i'm basically waiting for my sis to come and do a final update for my virsu stuff tho

~The Sexy Aries

[Monday, April 21, 2003|09:40 p.m. weekend

=_= easter was a semi fiasco...

my dad is an ass.... frist my auntie marissa calles

callin to tell us NOT to try to go to early service..




yeah. myparents are DUMB!!

anyhow. so my sis has to go to work at 3pm.. and my aunt and them had a duel b-day surprize brunch planned

my sis had to spoil the surprize sorta cuz my mom was
being stubborn about going to the 8am service

anyhow. so we go and OBVIOUSLY we didn't get in..
actually me and my sis went to get the cake and got there a lil bit later than them.. but they left daniel and joel ont he line for the next service.
and ya read right.. a LINE FOR CHURCH!
but it's good tho. ^-^;;;;

anyhow... so line at church. lil bro and joel on it
and my mom went to visit my auntie marva at hospital.. my dad is galavanting in QUEENS!@!!!!

so yeah.. everyone is trying to get on to both of them.. but my mom has her phone OFF!
AND she don't know HOW to check her voice mail either..
tho i SHOWED HER COUNTLESS TIMES how to do it too!!
anyhow. so yeah.. we can't find my dad
when all the rest of us regrouped and were ready to go in at 11.. he aint there
so everyone is pissed.. my aunt marissa has a short fuse as it is
she gets upset so fast.. she's like lez. ^^;; REALLY
not making fun of lez or anything..
but my aunt is worse.. tho she does the breathing and such..
she's still worse when she wants to be

anyhow we go. my dad is a no show.
service was good.
and FINALLY an easter/reserection*sp. fuck spelling ne? rofl* sunday sercive w/o the typiical
and he was brought before pilat and was found guilty.. like a fuckin play by play.. oi yoi yoi
i KNOW how it happend.
and i'm GLAD they focused on the prophetic refrences in the old testiment
it was interesting. ^-^
so yeah.. my mom calls my dad to come pick us up after we go out to eat.
since he's in queens
he was being SUCH an ass! he KNEW my sis had work for 3 pm
anyhow.. so we cramp up in 2 cars.
my mom waits with my auntie jackie to go visit her sis in hospital
so she didn't get to eat.
and i'm just going "happy thoughts mom. happy thoughts auntie marissa" and pattin their hands and such
i cant get all INFURIATED over things like that i'm not speakint o my dad tho...

anyow. that was alot. will blog about today tomorow.:p

waves free movie tickets around.
i won these today..

meep that's all i will give away.

~The Sexy Aries

[Sunday, April 20, 2003|12:05 a.m. *is highly amused*

You are THE SEXY Miyabi! Everyone likes you and your
sessy liprings! 'RAWR'

Which Miyabi/Miyavi are you?
brought to you by Quizilla yesh.


but he's sexxxxxxxxxxxi all the time tho >XDDDDDD


*stops drroling for a hot min*

er.... my cliques page is updated...

gotta put up spida's fansign once PS7 stops being STUPID!


~The Sexy Aries

[Saturday, April 19, 2003|02:43 p.m. olly's lj


did olly's lj.. click the entry link thinger.. @_@

looks niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice!


i'm in alot of pain....

bout to go to bed.. or something.. T-T

pura pura na.. love your layout btw. ^-^

it makes me smile. :3

~The Sexy Aries

[Friday, April 18, 2003|10:43 p.m. HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY!!

Miyavi got a newlayout on his site

i saw the new video clip too..


they are still puttin up the site.. but they are sloppy tho.


should i put the link here for the clip? *ponders*


jsut go to the 3rd set of links in the navigation part..
click the one that says: The *bunch o boxes cuz my sis is stupid and DIDNT put the language thing on my comp XO*
and click the last set of video clips accordingly to your system
the one above it should sasy pop is dead pv. *and 2 different speads or something*

~The Sexy Aries

[Thursday, April 17, 2003|01:58 p.m. -_-

*just looks at you and shakes head*

ya all show up late for class..
then after i leave the myriad meeting.. early..
you, manuel and chenga are nowhere to be found...
i go to the game room...
i go all around..
searching for you guys thinkin ya went home..
then i go to the MAD dept to see if all'ya went there....
then i go BACK to the college center...
only to see the 3 of all'ya sitting ALL THE WAY UP FRONT watching some bruce lee movie.
then i get shushed on top of it..
but an upside is me gettin a hug from chenga..
but still.
i'm not to happy.
ya could have sat back some.. cuz i didn't see you guys at all..
i went around 3 times!
and i'm so drained from the student acctivies meeting we had *viv, jamie, cat and esther* today..
all the drama...
*sigh* i wanna go to sleep.

i want my heating pad.... owchies


*updated @ 4pm*
bought some lilies for my mom..
cuz it's her birthday today. :3 *hugs her mommy*
i hope my sis got the -day cake for her. :/

one year ago my aunt was buried today...
ironically enough..
jeff was caught as soon as the funeral was underway.
karma much?

~The Sexy Aries

[Wednesday, April 16, 2003|01:06 a.m. dull day


um.. yeah. did mad work today..



er..................... saw ry..
he didn't say shit to me.. talked to cat about all of this..

*shurugs* i'm not gonna chase anybody anymore.*deep deep sigh*

it's up to him... i TOLD HIM THAT ALREADY!! *holds head*

i mean when the fuck can we talk about it if he keeps avoiding me? *sighs*

er.. left class early cuz i had a doctor's appointment for 5pm..

had to catch the 4pm bus to new brunswick..

:3 got a ride with Jose the lab tech. XD COOLIES!

so i talked to him about gettin a job there

and he talked about the navy.. funny shit!

er.. so i go to the doctors office.. and i see a LOVELY specimine of the almondy eyed variety. *aka asian guy*

oggle him as he walks to his car..NICE ASS! *growls*

anyhow.. after being hungry *only had a bowl of soup today.. ALL DAY! T-T
and after the receptionist's rattleing off of new gov. stipulations about heathcare privacy.... i find out my appointment wans't until 7PM!!!

yeah.. way to go mom for telling me it was at 5pm. *scowls*

anyhow. so i'm like ok.. i get my papaer work done... and BOOM! they tell me i'm not listed for my insurance.


so i'm like what do i have to do.. call up my insurance ppl.. and they are like.. dur you and your family have been off sicne dec 12. 2002..

tho my mom went to the doctor's YESTERDAY AND WAS CHECKED UP ON AND SHIT!!
so... i'm like O.<############################

and i call home to tell my dad. and to ask if my mom is commin for me yet? cuz she had nursing class inteh same town.. but it ends at 7pm..

so yeah. i wait.. fall asleep on myself in the doctor's office.. use their phone to call home!

STARVED TO DEATH!!! T-T o at 7:10 i decide to roam around and try and catch my mom on the street.....

and i do.. but i was holding this BIIIIIIG ass piece of foambard.. so i looked.. dumb for like 2 sec.
runnin after my mom with it blowing round =_=;;;;;;;;

but then i tell her what happend.. FINALLY ATE and went back in.. only to reschedule for next week. so yeah. next tues. 5pm.. doctors.. AGAIN

DIDN'T get to finish my cereal box.. DIDN'T get to print it all out. T-T

the bits i do have are all the wrong size. T-T

but.. here is a treat for kyo fans.. aka.. AYA-MUN! ROFL! treat treat.

~The Sexy Aries

[Monday, April 14, 2003|07:09 p.m. my day... stayed home. w00t!

#1 my mom has arthritus in her shoulder. T-T damned post office overworking my mom! >:O

#2 my auntie marva has had another stroke and is in my auntie jacike's hospital..
note.. i didn't mentionthe first one.. tho it was like.. a few weeks ago.. too many things to deal with.. :/

#3 I had to tell my mom as soon as she got home..

then she tells me about her shoulder

but.. i had some of my multi slices/flavored cheese cake..

tho it was forzen.. *no room in fridge*
and riceo gave me a fan sign

T-T but i can't read all of it. *cries*

did a pretty oekaki on pura pura's board.....

her board ATE IT! T-T

*edited 10:48 pm*


whoops. i can read it now..

thank you riceo for the alt title tag

of couse you can have some of mah cake...M


ya gotta come get it tho! >XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

~The Sexy Aries

[Sunday, April 13, 2003|11:55 p.m. XD new blog explored today.

~Miss Basil~

she is the maintainer of 3 cliques i'm in. we talked tonight and she's cool peeps

ano.. rice-o.. your blog link got eaten somehow...
it's not in my firends part anymore.. T-T i gotta fix it.. too tired tho

~The Sexy Aries

[Sunday, April 13, 2003|10:30 p.m. weekend.

all college night sucked ass cuz
#1 we got there all extra late..
#2 the food sucked/was practically finished and
#3 ppl were mad loud and ghetto.
least year was so much more fun.
talked over my situation with my sis.. and she said.. i can see where he's coming from.. but he's not a good friend if he won't hear ya out at all...
cuz my sis KNOWS how upset i get over things.. and she also said it's stupid for him to hold a grudge cuz he should know by now how scatter-brained i am *hey! oi oi sis.. love ya too :/* and to not STOP being friends over such a small matter..

so yeah. i'm over it..

i didn't think.. and yeah.. it's my bad..
i didn't NOT wanna talk about it on friday.. i was still upset..
we ignored the hell outta each other. and i didn't l;ike it.. but i was so upset still....
i guess you are/were still upset too.
tho,i'm not upset anymore..
so i'm not gonna let this come between us..

but i'm tired of chasing ppl too..
i really am..
first Porshe, then Lynn *omg that was a horrible one that time!*, then Lez.. *but we made up ^-^ tho she was like EH? why you all angsty? i was scared she was all mad and hated my guts.. ^^;;;;;* and now you Ry...

i'll talk to you when i feel it's ok.. *can sense these things usually*
cuz i can tell friday was NOT the day to talk at all.
*doubts he'll even read this too*

ok where was i about me weekend?
oh! so i got home at like 12 cuz college night sucked ASS! tho we snuck in and didn't pay! >XD
anyhow.. so i get home and i have to make give-aways for my cousin Tisha's baby shower which is tomorrow.. >.<
i HATE doing ish like that last min!!!!!
So my sis and I are up till like 3am makin these stupid favors.. >.<## i was all fallin asleep on myself too!

 my sis goes on the comp and for some FREAKISHLY ODD REASON looks up GANGOROU GIRLS FASHION  AND  Gothic Lolita stuff...
so i pick my sleepy head up and LAUGH MY ASS OFF at some of the really horrible gangarou girls.. i mean.. OMG! some of them were WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
i was all educating her on DeG VK. cuz the site... it had pics of ppl on the street..a nd this one pic had this girl dressed like kaoru *fushia hair and stuff on the fingers look*

i was like I KNOW THAT J-ROCK PERSON SHE'S DRESSED AS! and showed my sis the link. then i was showing her a bunch of deg pics..
she thought Shinya was a woman..., Kyo was a kid.. who had problems, Totchi was cute, Kaoru.. she was like "meh. he's ok", and Die was a random punk *showed my sis new pics of deg*
it was fun.
went to bed at 3am..
got up at like 6 cuz my dad is EVIL!
and i'm all telling him i went to bed late cuz i was making the favors.. he still makes me get up. -_-# wound up fallin asleep anyways after my dad left. ^^V
got up.. watched Ethan.. basically i didn't do JACK SHIT during the day on Sat.
then at like 5ish we leave to go to queens ..
we get there thinkin we are gonna be late or something.. turns out we weren't.
-_-;;;; s wait and wait .. basically it sucked until the gifts were opende and we made the mom to be hat outta gift wrap and ribbons.
>.< there was this one lady on Rayon's side of the family! OMFG! she was so FUCKIN rude!
First i'm asking my uncle Floyd what he wants to eat.
and she's like SCUSE ME! *all loud and obnoxiously as she tries to push past me.. instead of walking around*
so Floyd being a badass he is.. cuz he IS!~
omg! i was actually sacred for the woman's life..
they were cussing each other and shit. he was like you fuckin see her standin there fuckin wait! and she was like I aint no fuckin lil girl i'm a woman! you can't fuckin talk to me like that!
*but ya gotta insert an HEAVY jamacian accent for her and a HEAVY trini accent for him*
so yeah my sis had to calm him down and i was still standing there like O_o;;;;;;;;;;;;;; WTF?
then i find out she was all snippy to my auntie Marissa too. >.<
worst of all was that rayon's family was only serving their ppl food.. >.< this one lady TOTALLY ignored me.. when i asked her for a plate. >.<#
so i just take it and she like glares at me! GLARES LIKE DIE YOU LIL BITCH!
and again i was like WTF? O_o;
the girls there where dressed like it was a basement party and shit.. all tight up tight up! *holds head8
i was the most casually dressed person under the age of 30 there. -_-
then it was time to cut the cake..
omg.. that bitchy shovey woman had a pot spoon cutting the cake. ignoring me when i said i'd go BACK TO THE HOUSE and get a knife.
>.< she all butchered the cake too
and there were 3 cakes.. a small round one and to large rectangular ones..
the bitches all HID the round cake and butchered the large ones.. *which tasted like CRAP!!!!!*
i didn't even get any. Tisha had to all argue *mind you it's HER baby shower* with the shovy bitch to give her a pice of the round cake.. and the bitch cuts her a tiny ass piece too!
my SIS got some of it too. small ass piece..
and it was a rum cake too T-T
then the FIASCO with Ebony.
basicaly my aunt Lima's ex-lover.. who is a PSYCHO WHO HARASSES HER..
the fucker slashed her tires. calles up her house making death threats.. etc* now, Selene *Tisha's mom.. my FIRST cousin* still lets Derick..*the stalker/psycho asshole* hang at her house
worse of all she KNOWS what he's done to my auntie Lima
auntie lime TELLS Ebony *her daughter* NOT to go by Selene's house..
now.. Selen's house has like lil kids.. so yeah.. they all play and shit..
auntie lima wa sout of town.. auntie marissa was watching her..
we're all elaving and i see the kids ehading ALONE back to the house..
on a SAT night.. at 12 am..
so my mom tells me to take them to Selene's house
and i do..
then my mom arrives like a min after we get there.. we remember Ebony CAN'T stay the night..
cuz Derick was RIGHT in the dining area..
chit chatting with Selene's uncle.
*holds head*
me and my mom panic and get ebony out of the house ASAP!
and we go BACK to the hall to see if my sis was there.. she wasn't..
we go BACK to selene's house to see her parked outside..
mind you when we got to the hall ebony is all askin me.. who was that man in the dinning room..
and i'm like la la la.. ^^;;;;;;;
so then she's liek i wanns stay by selens.. and my mom is like no..
cuz it turns out my auntie lima put a restraining order on him.
so eyah ebony anhd i get in my sisn's car. and ebony getsd yelled at by my auntie marissa
and ebony was in the house for only 5 min mind you. but the damage was done.
got home at like 1am.. fall da fook asleep!
got up at 10 today. got some stuff from pearl.
saw holly. *huggs olly darling!*
and went back home to clean..
um.. yeah that's it.

~The Sexy Aries

[Friday, April 11, 2003|12:10 a.m. *sighs*

ry is mad at me cus i got a ride with jan.
i would post the im but i dunno.....

basiacally, i had to pee after the multi cultural club meeting.
i said it b4 we even left the area actually.
so yeah..
ry me and jan leave and we are like heading towards a building..
MY reason and purpose was i had to pee.
punto finale!

ry asks what we are doing
and i go.. i gotta go home. no mall today. and . i gotta PEE!
jan is like.. my car is that way. *nearer to the building*
then ry askes me what i'm doing again. and i go uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh?
all undecided and such.
*long as uh too. cuz i'm thinkin.. but my bladder made up my mind for me*
i'm going with jan i say...
and ry is like ok. see ya later. waves and leaves.
so i'm a lil surprised *this registers AFTER I PEE*
anyways, jan and i speed to the building so i can pee..

MAN! it was a good pee!
and i HAD to say that..

all the soda, water, and juice i had today....
damn. i was gonna explode.. .. or wet myself
a BIG no no!
so anyhow. me andf jan leave.

so i get on tonight and tell ry abotu my shirt.. and he's like. we gotta talk.
and i'm like OMG! are you ok? *cuz i'm worring about HIM*
he goes on to day what i did was mesed up.
and i'm like. nah man. i had to PEE! and i'm all explaining and such
and he's like. so yeah. i can't pick ya up or drop ya home anymore.

by now i'm like O_O then. just. blank numbness.
that HURT!


i aint not cry baby,.. but to be subtly accused of DITCHING YOU PURPOSELY/BEING A USER
*i equate one as the same in this case*
is not a good thing.
and i was hurt he even thought i did that like. preplanned or something..
i dunno.
and i'm still a lil upset too...
but i'm like tellin him..
cus that same evening like 1hr b4 him and jan go out to eat.. jan drives.

jan aint stingy with his car. thus proven by him and jan going out to eat only like an hour b4!
so anyways.
if ry would have asked. jan would have driven him to his car.
so i don't get why ry didn't ask him?

i HATE being the 3-rd wheeel. and i wouldn't wish it on anyone. i'm always incuding ppl...
if ya say nah i'm out. ok then. but damn.
i didn't plan this.. never EVER.
and i hope you know that...

i HAD to pee..
lest it started trickin down my leg or something.

but it's been done.
*sighs and holds head*
you gotta tell me you believe in me man.
cuz i'm all like ?_? where do i stand
do you see me as that kid who left ya that day in the library?
or are we cool.
you gotta tell me...

~The Sexy Aries

[Thursday, April 10, 2003|10:31 p.m. traditon of crappy sunny day b-days BROKEN!


*that netted area is a heart btw!*


my sis is cool as hell! omg!
*hugs lil deb tight*
(she all got me candy and was so nice of her and she didn't have too!)
so, i get home.. and my sis calls.. turns out we'e goin to the macoronni grill XD so it was me, my sis and her bf.
tho i hardly ate 'cuz i had a big ass lunch with chenga and lez!
I won't tell who it is until she is done..
let's just say i've wanted this for a WHILE now. >XD
ok.. so during dinner i mention the shirt.. so my sis is like ok. we'll go.
i mean.. yeah. i was IN the guess store with lez and chenga at like 2pmish today..
and i DO have the cash.. but somthing was tellin me NOT to buy it...
odd..cuz when lez chenga and I went.. they had now m/l ones.. so i was all... :/ eh. it's ok.
so we go.. and my sis asks one of the sales ppl to see if they had any..

guess what?

they had it!

and i see 2 girls i went to hs with.. one was our cashier..:p i didn't say hi to her tho.
we weren't cool so why the fuck WOULD i say hi to her?

anyhow.. so my sis's bf.. ferdi *short for .. ferdinand*
wantes to go to bannana republic.. so we go.
i'm all BEGGIN ferd to buy socks or SOEMTHING.. *he wanted a coat tho. :/*
he didn't get it.. but i know my when my cutie works tho!

my day was good. and all the food i ate.. *cuz chenga treated me and lez to lucnch. AND the pasta stuff i had...* is makin me sleepy.

~The Sexy Aries

[Thursday, April 10, 2003|11:59 p.m. Nijyuusai Kinen Nichi - Miyavi *on loop*


bye bye 19 age!!


hm... time for a change ne?

i wanna change my lj layout....

But I'm TOO lazy to do the whole pay money bit..
*too broke too.. it's sad really*

Saw the most...


HOT ASS shirt at the Guess store today..

tried it on..



Had the cash for it..
But if I bought it..
I'd be FLAT ASS BROKE for the rest of the month

I tell my mom when I go home about..
*trying to make HER buy it for me..*
she's all like.. "OH! Why not ask your sis to buy it for ya since your b-day s tomrrow?"
I'm all like "OMG! NO! She'll wanna wear it ALL the time if I do that!"
I sitll gotta decide on if i'm gonna buy it..
or BEG my mom to gimme the cash for it. T-T


hm.. turnin 20 in like 2 min...

I don't really feel like posting more about last year..

So I'll list them tomorrow in school.

*EDITIED* On a good note.. I'm glad things are resolved between those too..:3

see? forgivenes sis the way TD!

*I'm still upset tho.. you know why.. that AINT right to play on ppls sympathy like that..

~The Sexy Aries

[Monday, April 7, 2003|12:01 am time.. i dunno if it heals all wounds.. more like..puts things into perspective really..

I just had to say I love those who stood by me.. and still do. Thank you so much*hugs you all* April 8, 2002

~The Sexy Aries

[Monday, April 7, 2003|03:49 p.m. diggin in your comp allows ya to find some odd old stuff

Though your childishness may amuse some.. in some base and tasteless way…
it IS getting tired..
Because how long can a fool amuse someone? Their “tricks” get old and tired.
In all reality you are nothing more than a dog.. who’s tricks were amusing
*in this case to yourself*
but got old really fast..
In the real world those kinds of animals are PUT TO SLEEP..
Sadly the same can’t be done with the likes of you..
We can only hope though. ^-^

i'm a bitch! flaming a flamer of some fan fic authoress...

anyhow.. didn't go to school today..

anyhow.. so we aka mom and me went to new brunswick to take care of some business..
damned snow!

i guess i can't make fun of my canadadian friends about them having snow now. ;P

odd tho..
like 22-23 yrs ago it was snowing in april..
when my mom & dad came up to the states for the first time....


~The Sexy Aries

[Sunday, April 6, 2003|11:53 p.m. mi dia


cute tongue

What kind of tongue do you have? (j-rock photo answers)
brought to you by Quizilla ^-^

Which Love Hina Girl Are You?
You're responsible, sweet, gentle and lovable! You have a loving heart, a great respect for all creatures (human, great and small), and the ability to see the thing that makes each individual special. However, you tend to overlook the things that make you special, and thus, putting you in a position to be pushed around by others. Take some time everyday to reflect on your qualities, and see that you don't have to please everyone and still be loved for who you are.
Which Love Hina Girl Are You?

You need a virgin boy

What kind of boy would you FUCK? (quiz for guys, with pictures)
brought to you by Quizilla *cracks da fuck up!*

*wipes tears from eyes*
wow. today was tedious to say the least...
got up at like 6:30 only to find out i was NOT goin to curch with mumsie today.
the time i DON'T MIND going
and my mom is like.. your bro is sick.. watch him.
>.< so i watched ethan..
feel asleep for long time spans.. (sproadically mind you) daniel was in his room ..
runnin to the bathroom periodically to toss his cookies... and.. other things.
>.o speeeeeeeeeeeeew

chilled with ehtan like.. all day..
watched pbs all day
*is now lookin up joannie mitchel *sp?* songs! she sings nice!..
did laundry.. cleaned the house & cooked..
watched atlantis tonight.
YAY for disney moves on reg tv!
*shakes a fist at her sis*

so yeah... e-mailed some more ppl..
but now i'm workin on that layout again..
and links for my site.
and OMG!

my dad.. he took off the comp on me on friday..
so ALLLLLLLLLLLLL the links and shit i was doing..
didn't get saved.

i was like. OH wait lemme save it..
and he was like *YOINK* get to bed.

so i gotta apply for some cliques over again...
and put those links BACK where they belong.

*random note* DANCE RABBIT! DANCE! rofl!

~The Sexy Aries

[Saturday, April 5, 2003|11:55 p.m. @_@

i've been all congested sproadically all day..
but every time was really bad tho.
Cracked the miyavi diary mystery.. so i can semi translate it now

he is random.. very very random

i know meeshies has some of the entries translated..
but i wanted to se how they did it by doin it on my own

so i was makin a layout for the hell of it..
fuckin text.. T-T i need to buy the mags or something.
and the pic quality was .. BAAAAAD!

so i was doin that for maaaaad long b4 i got so drowsy/pissed
off at the fact that i didnt' like how it was comin out.
tho it looked..... ok.. >.< garrr! i dunno

so i im lez and ask her what she's up to..
and she's all mad about that K pic she wanted to make into a layout..

it had liek BIG white letters on it.. for the site if i remember corretly
anyhow. so i sugges that she clone it out in photoshop..
and she's all like you got selctive eharing ps7 crashes my

so i thought she got rid of stuff to make ROOM for ps7 on her comp..

how was i supposed to know she didn't?

so she's all like mad..and i'm like.. oh come in on mon..
opps tuesday and do it in school they got ps7..
*tho i neglected to say i'd show her how to do it myself*

then i wa slike. or you can send it to someone and they can do it for ya

she's all like you know how why don't ya do it for me?

and basically i tell her why i can't..*cuz i was jsut doing that for myself.. btu i can mostlikely do it on monday or tuesday for her..*

and she's like i'll jsut ask kara if you'd do it by then.


this is what i get for giving a suggestion to her problem.


oh and on another *PLESANT NOTE* -_- on of my friends in school..

jamie.. she has MS..
so yeah.. i'm not too chipper about things now..

fuckin 24 yrs old..

that is so unfair!

=_= yeah.... i'm goin to bed....

~The Sexy Aries

[Wednesday, April 2, 2003|10:20 p.m. so....

i was waiting for saul so i can give him his thank you card..
*made one for HIM also*

and it was like 12:30 almost.. and i'm just sittin waiting
when all of a sudden HE pops up behind me and
scares the shit outta me.


so i give him his thank you card..
and we walk to his class.. and then...

i told him.

*holds head*

i mean it was just kinda cut and dry.. but yeah.. i told

and the surprizing thing is that i still like him after..

he was all surprized and flattered.. *kept saying that
over and over as i chuckled*

but i made sure to tell him that i don't want things to
change if he doesn't want me like that....

and he was still all surprized and was like..
it hought you only likes those pretty waify boys?

and i'm like no i'm not lez. ;p *hugs lez tight*

and i all explained my behavior on friday to him too

mainly teling him that i felt it was time to tell him how i felt b4 he went away..
cuz i missed out on 2 other guys i felt this way for.. T-T

*sighs* and i'm not nervious.. actually i'm all drained
and tired.. damned allergies.. or whatever i have.. =_=
my throat is all scratchy and shit. and mah nose is all
runny T-T i hate it!

and he asked me how i was now and if i was ok.. and i was like ayh.. i'm a kajillion times better becaused i'm relived that i got it off of my chest finally

~The Sexy Aries

[Wednesday, April 2, 2003|03:43 p.m. XDDDDD



click the XDDDDDD on this entry to get there..

i don't think all of it is up yet.. but still!

~The Sexy Aries

[Wednesday, April 2, 2003|09:51 a.m. ok.............. no. --_--#

so it seems my sis told my mom about some one telling her that i was goth..
i have a limited wardrobe.. i mean shit.
then my mom was like you may not be but it's the ppl you hang with.. and you may wanna be her and he may wanna be you.. 
and i'm like.. er.. no.
so i mentioned ry.. cuz he got that preppy abercrombie style goin on..
so i was like.. so since i hang with him i MUST be preppy then right?
i mean shit.
i get along with all sorts of ppl.. and being lumped *incorrectly mind you* in a category is unfair.
and FUCK whoever said i wore a spiked collar.
i've never worn one nor plan to.
>.< *is pissed off*

oh. lol talked to lez's friend sunnie last night.
he's.. he's wilin'
lol i mean this boy is too much!
tho his bluntness made me feel better tho.

*sighs* i was planning on wearing ALL black to mourn my aunt.. but i doubt i can follow through with that.. lest i may seem GOTH or some shit.
-_- they piss me off *talkin about her family*
cuz i see some gothic stuff and go that is cute. i can wear it with such and such. but come on!

>.< not to say it is uncomfortable.. but damn.
maybe i need some ghetto-hoochie friends so they won't worry. >:o

gyah. i don't care who you are. if you are different and we are friends.. that is all that matters to me. not what you wear. who you fuck. or anything..

~The Sexy Aries

[Tuesday, April 1, 2003|10:18 p.m. hmmmmmmmmm. poot. --_--

my dad gave me this long ass lecture.. *he's really god at lecturing btw.. i TOLD him to go be a professor.. or motivational speaker. :P*
and he was all talkin about how next week he'll be up at the house doing lawyer related stuff / handeling court cases reguarding my aunt's murder...
and he was like "you all didn't wanna go see her on easter."
and i'm like WOAH WOAH! i never said that.. then he brings up that i had cramps.
then it hit me.. i was all sickly and i didn't want to go to church at ALL! we went by my gran in the bronx and just crossed the bridge to see my auntie ruby..

if i'dve know that it would be the last time i'd see her alive.. *shakes head*
that was a year ago  sunday.. and tomorrow it'll be a year since she was murdered.. and the 8th will be a year since we found out.. and a year to he day ethan and joel have been living with us....

it's so strange.. things are so different now.. yet.. not...
and i feel not sadness during this time.. but.. love (?)
i know it may sound selfish.. but.. i think it is a sign(?) or something...
because he was in my class.. and he comforted me...
and that was a year ago.. tho my feelings for him have changed to be something more than friendship-ly love...

and i have moved on.. but i feel i have to re-tell this story so all of you know where i am coming form and how all of this is apart of me now.
i am a different person than i was last year..
and i whole heartedly thank all of my lj friends, online friends and offline friends...
and yes.. even lynn.. despite what she has said.. or what i feel..
because even though we are not friends now.. she was there for me then.. so luz luz.. tell her thank you for me.. since i doubt she would want to talk to me....

and i thank viv also.. she was there for me.. ALL of my myriad pplz form that time were there for me.. and they saw how hard i was trying to keep it together.. almost sounding robot like when i said "i have to be  strong for the kids. i can't break down now. but why can't i cry.. it hurts so much. but i can't.. not now." and things of the like....
so the posts will be put up gradually. starting on the 8th of april.. just like it happend one year ago.

on another note.. today was boring.. it was someone's birthday.. sworn to secrecy.. *rolls eyes*
um.. worked on post card. ^_^V coming along good... it's of Miyavi btw.
a club flyer thing.. *doesn't go clubbing so she had to improvise*
i really was set on tellin him how i felt today.. but i didn't see him. lez was late.. so yeah..
i saw her after class tho. trillain kept bumpin me off too. *pissed off!!!*
sent out e-mail for the club fran is making.. got BITCHED at by ry for putting his aol e-mail. *he's all touchy about his preferences*
so yeah... boring nite...
found out i was LIED TOO today!!
not to keen on that.. and i'm upset with the person about it too.. but i don't know them so yeah.. whatever.
i don't like being taken advantage of.... AT ALL!
-_- so yeah.. i give a kind word..and i find out i was LIED TOO! >.<###

i guess i DO feel too much.


~The Sexy Aries

[Monday, March 31, 2003|04:29 p.m. *WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT*

ok. i'm excited cuz shoujo con got a j-rock band to show!

Silver ash is gonna be at shoujo con1

not like i know them or anything.. but sitll.

this is good progress for j-rock in america.


*email has been editied for your readin pleasure*

Spring's in the air, and with it comes another
round of Shoujocon 2003 updates. We've got
four months left in our planning, and have
guests, gaming and plenty of other things for
you to learn more about...keep reading!



And, if you're a Visual Kei (Japan's "aesthetic-rock"
genre) fan, then Silver Ash will be right up your alley.
China's first "Visual Kei" band proves that Japanese
pop music has grown beyond the country's borders.

We're proud to welcome Silver Ash to Shoujocon,
and to New York!

~The Sexy Aries

[Monday, March 31, 2003|12:57 p.m. *yawns*

got up all early.. to a freezing cold house.
NOT fun~

anyhoo.. ryan came and chilled here with me till 12 when i
was like. u gotta go to class.. i had to boot him out.. my
mom may have came back at any min.. tho it turns out she
didn't.. :p

and i was all sleepy tho.
he enjoyed watching me take care of ethan tho..

ah. took a nap.. just got up..
bored outta my mind..
gonna list some baroque songs for lez.. ^-^V
* indicates favorites..




M to Tsumi ki Asobi*

Aimai Drastic Number*

Anakuro Film


Shagare Boogie*

*giggles over this song.. ok.. so i'm a perv.. :p but it sounds like..u gotta listen to it.. ROFL*

and yes i have all of these on my comp...


i need to get more actually. :/

but i've been really lazy with dl music. lol

Also.. if you go to the main page it has news about the site..
cuz some ppl have been asking me when "such-and-such" will be updated..

So yeah.. it's on the main page..
just navigate ont he top there. ^-^V

~The Sexy Aries

[Monday, March 31, 2003|12:57 p.m. *yawns

~The Sexy Aries

[Monday, March 31, 2003|12:57 p.m. *yawns

~The Sexy Aries

[Monday, March 31, 2003|12:57 p.m. *yawns

~The Sexy Aries

[Sunday, March 30, 2003|10:39 p.m. boooored.

Ryuki.. hehe
Ryuki - Angel Master of Fire

Which Angel Master Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla


survey snatched offa lawd knows where...

01. Who was the first J-rock Band you heard?: larcu 02. Who's the most recent J-rock Band you've heard? miyavi..not a band but meh. close enough 03. Who's your favorite J-rock Band?: Dir en grey..they are stillt ogether. :p 04. Name 5 other Bands you Like: X Japan, Baroque, luna sea, Miyavi, l-arcu 05. Are you a fangirl/boy? yeah 06. If yes, of Who? Miyavi 07. Do you cosplay? No 08. Who?: no one..but if i could i'd be er.. i dunno.. um. totchi? i'm curvey.. and my legs are. fairly long..? 09. Do you like Dir en grey? Yes 10. Are you a Toshiya fangirl? YESH! DAT'S MY AREIS BROTHA! 11. How about Kaoru? nah 12. Die? yeah. i wanna do make-up like him 13. Kyo? he amuses me too much for me to love him! 14. Shinya? nah. he makes me jelious actually to he looks nice.. sometimes.. 15. What's your favorite Deg song? keloid milk.. remix verison 16. Do you like visual bands or non-visual bands? Both. so long as they are hot. 17. What's the first J-rock song you heard? well since the pillows don't count according to some.. cuz they are .. ugh. POP. *tho think they are indies* um.. stay away by l-arc en ciel 18. What's the last song you heard? gari rock ~ miyavi 19. Do you buy J-rock magazines? No. EXPENSEIVE! 20. What's your favorite? ANY CHEAP ONE WIT LOADS OF GOOD PICS! 21. Have you ever been to any J-rock concerts? I wish 22. Which ones? I HATE YOU! HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSSSS! 23. What would you do if you saw any J-rocker walking down the street in your town?: Get really confused, recover quickly and play tour guide to them. ^_~ then call up lez and if she can't come *DOBUTFUL* have them talk to her in fobby engrish!.. take photos of them.. and yeah.. go and eat in the mall! maybe some lovin after. who knows? lol 24. Which three JRockers are you most in love with?: Miyavi.. no one else. 25. Which three JRockers would you most love to meet in person (Dead or alive)? Hide, Miyavi and Kyo 26. What are the three things you would like to say to/ask them?: how DO you get your hair so flippy? *to kyo* and how healthy is your hair after all the dyes and weaves.. etc *to miya and hide* what really happened that night hm? *to hide* 27. Which three JRockers can you relate to most? ?_? wha? i dunno.... 28. Which three JRock songs do you constantly replay? Miyavi - all of them Deg - kr cube, filth, keloid milk...*blah blah i suck at names*, pink killer , DFF, child prey, cage, reasion de tre 7ack buthcering names* hide- lemoned i screamed *and all the remixes*, beauty stupid..and some others.. i forget 29. Do you currently have a JRocker computer background? um.. not yet! *wink* MIYA WALLPAPER! made by me ofcourse. 30. Which JRocker would you most like to get fashion/makeup advice from? um.. Die.. ah hell all of deg. cuz they can do good makeup.. dressing.. eh.. debatable. imo anyhow 31. Do you read JRock fan fiction? eh. one or 2 32. What is your favorite JRocker related dream? i've only had 2 and both were dd yet cool. i was miya's assistant.. and that j-rock/south park/ paper cut out dream of deg and miya performing 33. How many JRock MP3s do you have? um... 25-50 maybe? i dunno.... not many.. i'm still new. 34. And, finally, if you could sleep with any three JRockers, who would they be?: Totchi, Miyavi..and um.. Gackt.. cuz his voice,. omFg! it's .. interesting..but not in a Kyo interesting way..

~The Sexy Aries

[Sunday, March 30, 2003|09:44 a.m. *yawns* let's do this!

Which type of sushi are you?!
Which are you?

made by Jen

i think me and lez got the same brand of web cam..*sulks*

cuz rice-o's is all nice and crisp..unless it's a digicam @_@

anyhow.. onto the pics!

pic 1

pic 2

pic 3

pic 4

pic 5

pic 6

ah so yeah.. took me ages to get all that make up off..
tried the j-rock.. Die eye makeup.. and you can barely see it though. :p
I hate puttin on makeup.. so tedious to put on AND take off..

anyhow.. so yesterday I get to class.. etc . didn't do a damned thing cuz of the rain.. we had some odd project where we take b/w pics of all these objects and PURPOSELY over and under expose the film.
wee.. FUN -_-
I was chillin talkin over my situation with some of my classmates.. and they said the same thing. ^^;;
so yeah I gotta see how this will play out with me and him then.
:/ fun.

so class ends.. and I'm, STILL in the film loading room.. -_- my damned film spool was broken.. and so yeah.. took a while to put my film on there. processed my film. got my negatives and bounced. call home at about 3:15-3:20ish.. no one pics up.. so I leave a message. then I go buy some food cuz I only had a 5 left on me.. and my school id DUMB they don't have a change machine. I eat some salsa fries and wait patiently for my mom/dad/sis to pic me up.. dozing in and out of sleep periodically.. -_- So I wake with a jolt and decide to check the time.. 5:00 PM1 WTF!>?!? so I frantically scrounge my things for some change to call home.. and I leave ANOTHER message. Then my dad shows up and I go home..

We get home and I fall asleep on my bed. not waking until 8pm.. so I get up.
get my make up out and plan on taking those pics.. as I go downstairs to turn on the heat.. I see my sis at the com..

FUCKIN WONDERFUL! so I gotta wait for her ass to get off.. and get OUT of the house. 8was "borrowing" her sis's shirt to take pics*

so she goes. and I go do my make up..

and I come downstairs with my lamps and such.. cards already made up.. then FUCK!
*cuz it took FOREVER for me to do my make up..-_-#..* my sis is back.. so
I take off her shirt... put on a plain one.. and make up some lame ass lie saying my photo professor said for us to try doing portrait pics from our web cams if we have one.

^^V go me!

so she's all on the comp looking up fuckin minolo blonic*sp?* shoes and shit.
-_-# and I'm like seething inside, waiting for her to go upstairs or some shit.. so I can take my pics.. cuz I'd HATE to have to do my makeup over again.

so my dad comes down stairs at 11 and he's al ranting and raving that it's 12pm *it was 11..JUST TURNED 11pm mind you* and our room was a mess.. the bathroom was a mess *oopsie! ROLF! I left my makeup all over the bathroom sink
area .. shit.  I'M gonna be cleaning the bathroom anyhow.. lemme clean up MY mess when I feel like it!*

so yeah.. my sis is like bring the lamp back upstairs
and put it back in our room.. and I tell her I wanna take the pics and I'd hate
to put all this makeup
back on. etc .

she's like "Oh. I have school work to do."

GRRRRRRRRRR. HER DUMB ASS was lookin up fashion shit but NOW she has to do
schoolwork. she even had tome to go to her bf's house and chill but NOW she has
homework.. So I go do my chores in hopes that I'll finish b4 12 and hop on the
comp and take my pics and go to bed.

that didn't quite happen though..

she was on the comp till 12.. my dad got up and told her to get off and do
her chores.. and the ass goes BACK to sleep... so I finish up my bathroom..
wearing a button down sleep shirt.. *won't DARE muss the hair or make-up now. >.<#*

took the lamp. took the pics and tada!

the whole reason behind that LATE ass post last night/ early this morning.

*whew* so enjoy the pics ppl.

~The Sexy Aries

[Sunday, March 30, 2003|02:10 a.m. *sleepy*


did the fansigns just now..


big ol fiasco today..

will post later with pics

oyasumi nasai

~The Sexy Aries

[Saturday, March 29, 2003|01:22 a.m.

my lj

~The Sexy Aries

[Friday, March 28, 2003|10:27 p.m. *was crying when she heard about this*,21282,713991,00.html

co story.....,21282,713992,00.html

that town is not tht far from me..

and i can only imagine ethan.. cuz he jsut turned 2 himself

and he was black too


ppl are boycotting French's mustard.

*holds head*

to any foreign reader..

pardon the STUPIDIY of my fellow country dwellers

~The Sexy Aries

[Friday, March 28, 2003|07:42 p.m. gotta get the song...

What Is Your X Japan Ballad?

-_- wonderful. it is me...


i gotta hear this song now...

*deep sigh*

and i feel bad for gab-mun.. if he is dead that is..
cuz i know the pain of death.. my aunt was taken from me..
from her kids.. so yeah.. i KNOW this pain..

tho she barely knew this guy.. :/

but still... if he;s gone.. it is a pity..

The name of Nicole has created a congenial nature with the
desire to associate in friendship and
understanding both socially and in the business world. Peaceful and settled conditions appeal to you and you are
naturally desirous of having the security of a home,
where your life could follow a definite pattern, and
where you would not have to make major decisions. You
find it difficult to take a definite stand, partly
because you lack confidence, and also because you
dislike any issues which create dissension between
Procrastination is a weakness of your
nature, causing an inability always to complete your
plans or to concentrate for long. You need to see a
concept presented completely in detail before you can
understand it, and if you cannot understand it, you
come to your own conclusion and often fail to listen
to and reason out another's point of view. You resist
being forced into change and could become almost
impervious to new ideas. You desire refinement,
understanding, and appreciation, yet sometimes your
outward attitude does not reveal your innermost
feelings, and thus you have never felt truly
understood. Your name has given you a desire for
heavy, rich foods, which cause sluggish digestion. You
could suffer with constipation, stomach, or intestinal
disorders, or disturbances in the fluid functions of
the body.

*get your name thing*

cool link of the day:

~The Sexy Aries

[Friday, March 28, 2003|07:00 p.m. survey again

FAITH 1. What religion do you follow?

semi chrisian.. born again.. sorta.. ^^;;

2. What religion were you raised as?

Roman Catholic.. then christian *last 2 yrs*

3. Do you believe that forgiveness is a religious property, or a human property?

depends.. it's both if you look at it.. and i'm TRYIGN to forgive that MONSTER.. but i dunno if i've been elevated enough to forgive him... -_-

4. Do you believe in magic?

eh........ karma count?

5. What was the last promise you broke?

um.... ?_? i will not go online b4 i finish my project.. *the ceral box one* ^^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

6. Have you ever said the words to a prayer and not meant it?


7. Do you believe that anyone could be perfect?

not a human anyways.


1. Did you get everything you wanted over the last holiday?

one of the things i really wanted.. *hugs her tablet*

2. Regarding your future, what is the best thing you could hope for?

health, wealth and happiness

3. Do you let yourself get your hopes up for something even if you know that there is a large chance of failure?

Nope. i have a back up plan.. usually

5. Have you ever bought a lottery ticket?

yeah.. btunot for me.. tho i got to pic the #'s tho

6. Do you gamble?

er.. life? and maybe #5.. sorta?

7. Have you ever had something called off on account of bad weather, but then gone ahead and done it anyway?

yep. and it was satisfying!

CHARITY 1. What causes do you support?

The "Feed the nikki foundation". and the give to the poor nikki fund.. I'm a college student.. nuff said

2. What causes have you given time or money to?

some.. clena up nj's water thing.. curch when i got monye.. *uncontrolable laugh* that was ages ago

3. Have you ever worked in a soup kitchen or done another kind of outreach for the homeless?

yes. ^_^ it was fun.. and i got a plate to eat at the end too

4. Would you ever consider joining the Peace Corps, Amnesty International, or another travel-inherent worldwide charity group?

Uh.. unless we are working in downtown tokyo or soemthing.. HELLZ NO!

5. Do you give money to the homeless on the street?

depends.. if i get a vibe fromthem.. *aka a bad one* then hells nah

6. Have you ever helped out a friend with basic needs, like rent or food?

yes.. ryan yesterday.. lez.. a like few weeks ago.

^_^ i'm nice!

7. What's the greatest extent you've gone to help a friend in need? um.. i was gonna send lez a sympathy card whern her grandma died... um....i guess.... that timei payed for food for her or ry.. cuz it's rare and i'm broke. :p


1. What are you most afraid of?

dying if i don't accomplish what i wish to

2. What did you do today that was really brave?

i got rid of a spider for lez. ROFL! it was all cute too. she was all like.. *femme franic mode* KILL IT! eeeeeee! it's going in my car!

3. Who is your favorite superhero, and why?

?_? um.... spider man? cuz he is a normal guy who had some freak accident happen to him..and he does good? and i like spiders. XD

4. Would you put your life in danger to rescue someone?

yeah.. t-t

5. If you were to face the Wizard, would you want more courage, more brains, or more heart?

forget all of that i would want MONEY! but if he said no.. brains so ic an MAKE mad money!

6. Have you ever gotten stage fright?

no.. been on stage like less than 5 times.

7. Do you consider yourself to be a leader or a follower?



1. Have you ever been summoned for jury duty? Were you chosen? Nope

2. If they reinstituted the draft (for both genders), would you go, or would find some way out of it?

I would find some way out of it.. aka MOVE BACK TO TRINIDAD OR CANADA!

3. Do you support capital punishment (the death penalty)?


4. Should drugs and prostitution be legalized?

prostitution. yes.. drugs.. no.. except pot.

5. Do you believe that Dubya is rightfully President of the USA?


6. What was your favorite media circus trial?

OJ simpson..tho i wish they hd the monica lewinski trial thing. THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN FUNY AS HELL!

7. Have you ever written a letter to a politician?

yesh. for that nj clean water ting.


1. What do you have the hardest time moderating yourself on?

using the comp.. and.. um...lookin at yaoi. XD YEAH! v^^V

2. Do you collect anything?

Yesh. manga.

3. Are you addicted to anything?

Uh yeah....

4. Have you ever put anything on layaway or used an installment plan?

um.. that would mean i'd have to have some from of currency to buy it with. ^^;; so no

5. What's your preferred method of paying for things?

Someone else paying for it... or me saving and blowing my cash on it. T-Tv

6. Tell us one thing you wish you hadn't let yourself do:

not tell someone how i feel..

7. Do you feel that you obsess over things?

Yesh. ^_^


1. Who is the wisest person you know?

my mom.

2. Have you ever participated in a vigil?

yeah. T-T

3. Do you take advice when it's given?

Depends on whos giving it.

4. In what area are you wisest?

?_? um.. web stuff?

5. Do you drive defensively?

I HATE YOU! *hiss hiss jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer*

6. Have you ever had unprotected sex outside of marriage?


7. What did you learn today?

ddr machines with no foot pad are for hand motions and NOT for banging. ROFL! that guy was FUCKIN hilarious tho. ROFL!

~The Sexy Aries

[Friday, March 28, 2003|10:55 a.m. trembling...

i'm scared...

i was pondering things....

deep things involving my heart...

and then i SEE the person unexectedly...

and i get all flustred..and quiet..

and there is a visable change in my demenor.

and.. i wanna tell him..

i really want to..


i don't want to be hurt...

nor do i want things to change between us..............

~The Sexy Aries

[Thursday, March 27, 2003|09:18 p.m. Survey time!

6ish. but i fall back asleep. and wake again at like 7ish.. and back to sleep then like at 8ish i get up. *this is the trend of atleast a month now...*

Miyavi. him or Kyo.. cuz i think kyo would actually EAT his food while miya MAY throw it at people passing by *i'd join him mostlikely*. BOTH will amuse me so. ^_^v


X-men. ^^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; b4 that Spider Man

*damn american tv i suppose huh?* GW, who's line, the drew carey show, dr. phil, maury, jerry.. um..... digimon.. all but the 3rd season.. utter SHIT!, Qaf, Stargate , X files.. the older ones. not with the new guy. >.< *stabs new guy*,

no time most of the time.. but if i do.. hard boiled egg on toast

um.. ANDRES. A. PEREZ!, Proff Stewart, Stalker of fang/fong ..
mainly cuz i may cause bodily harm if i'm pushed too far


loads of stuff. music, artwork, ppl.. it varies

None of your damn business =_=#### i HATE it

NYC, England, or Jersey city.

late Spring/summer or late summer/early fall

um.. any pie flavor.. lol cuz the pie ones by edys have lil pie crust bits in it.. that or cookie stuff.. not the dough one.. the oreo one..

too many. black grey blue, green orange, brown, tan

shit. so long as it's a suv i don't give a FUCK!

egg salad or tuna i make *both i make well so yeah...* those or salami*Genoa* and provolone

... none... yet.

Ignorance, close mindedness, arrogance without reason, underhandedness

orchids, lilies.. *the one they have at funerals*

not long.. i'd be OUT of my damned po' ass school and in parsons like *snaps* THAT!

ugh. brown tiles on floor.. white ceiling.. beige walls.. beige faux marble tiled tub

Tobago.. corral*sp?* beaches baby!
no. but i would like to learn i guess?
any day i can stay home and not do a damned thing

don't drink.. but.. um red?

not a damned thing.. was in mourning over my aunt.. trying to stay sane as i went to school everyday and had her kids in my face like 24/7 *STILL do too.. teh live with us now*

Nope. no lisense

*shrugs* um.. viv?

no idea. has been sent ones by lez and ry already

.:.and another......................:.

Momma, dad, older sis. younger bro, joel and ethan *cousins of mine*

ROFL! BOOK? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. um web novel count? paradox by lez. *part of the 36 moons trilogy*

no mouse pad. thwapped tokiness with it too much. it is lost.. somewhere.. jk jk.
i threw it out cuz it got all old-like..

monoploy! I OWNZ JOO! gimme mah money!

Animerica, hana to yume, b-boy gold, daze, XX shouta,*SNICKER SNICKER*, vogue, in style, jane, lucky, honey, uk cosmo

um. food cooking...GOOD food i mean, clean smell of a guy.. um... and flowers?

rotten meat, man FUNK!, POO!

Rain... in a thunder storm.. soothing

Not being understood *pointed look*... being hated.. being lied too.. unfair death NOT from natural causes. >_<

*looks at clock* GOOD! 5 more min! *flops back asleep*

Depends on how long it takes me to reach it.. if near a ring or 2

haven't thought of it.
Haden.. girl or boy i guess.. :/ no clue.

being alive, well and happy.. and not being poor aint that bad either.

roti, doubles, lasagna, pizza, polouri, ice cream, pancakes, strawberries, pokcy... NON chocolate ones. ick!!, um.... peaches *loves to go peach pickin*, apples, pears, green grapes, dried cranberries, white chedder stuff, cocanut , ukes... ROFL! jk jk, um.......and chai.

SEX! or CHOCOSEX! poot. i can't have both. lol

*hiss hiss* I HATE YOU!

hellz no! if i want something in my bed it better be a hottie. or MIYAVI! *miyavi preferably* or that totchi cosplayer. ^_~

Cool..the lull me to sleep in the summer. *leaves window open to hear the rummble*

T-T i hate you! *wails*


yesh.. if it's all hard i spit it back out tho. :p

web designer, graphic artist, comp animator, manga artist if i had the patience.

red and black.. more black than red

hm. i think so? not sure.. i'll get back to ya on that..

half empty.

Interview with a Vampire, the saint, OLD james bond movies *aka b4 the newest one.. and NOT the one where he was married .. EWWWWWWW!*, the mexican, 7yrs in tibet, bram stokers dracula, the matrix, egzistenz *sp?*, x-men, dune, knockin on heavens door *anime*, endless waltz *anime*, Iria *anime*, venus wars *anime*, end of eva *anime*, Mezzo forte *anime.. both versions. i like to be squicked i suppose*, kite*anime.. saw the cut version only*.. and i forgot the rest.

TOO damned many books on art, my drawings.. my mangas. my camera.. too much stuff. in order.. but a bitch to put back

7, 13, 87

international soccer.. and olympic swimming *mens for both* HOTTIES!

lez.. hm.. what to say NICE about lez? jk jk. she's cool. and a lemon goddess...and we oggle boys alot! ROFL!

I dunno.. it's on my blog

see above

~The Sexy Aries

[Thursday, March 27, 2003|02:45 p.m. a hunting i will go! a hunting i will go! *sings*

~The Sexy Aries

[Wednesday, March 26, 2003|06:19 p.m. *_* I LOVE YOU MIYA-CHAN!


Miya-chan gave me this link today! *fans self*

this guy is a totchi cosplayer..



OGGLE HIM! *faints*

~The Sexy Aries

[Tuesday, March 25, 2003|10:59 p.m.


my head hurts.

i need to go eat.


~The Sexy Aries

[Tuesday, March 25, 2003|08:10 p.m. ah. my day

i was all dressed up nice today.


i was in my sis's express denim jacket/jeans set *hugs her sis*

i was all surprized she even let me wear it too.

anyhow. so i was chilling in the mad dept.

and bascically i was hangin with gerald and J.


J was in a black whife beater. and i was all groping him majority of the time. >X}


left my zip disk at home so i was shit outta luck for class sorta. :/

so i go see lez..since my class was at 2pm

and we go get lunch. and i saw MR BURNZ -_-;


he ruins my luch time by being in the nice cafeteria..

so yeha i ignore his presence..

and when we leave he was *lez tells me* lookin at me.

with a look like "she didn't even say hi."

so i tell her i don't give a FUCK!

i don't like the man.

why should i say hi to him?

so yeah i take my food .. sans green soda. *laments over being key lime soda less

and we go back to her building and she's tellin me about her new husband..^^;;;

some guy Jun knows..

so i'm like.. *aside from "O_O HE COOKS!!! XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD"*

but how can you call him you husband and you never saw him?

and she's like me and Jun have similar tastes and RARELY differ

then suddenly i say.. "OH! did you see pura's blog. there were new deg pics"

*pronounced as P-YOO-rah... then POOh-rah?..... i need calrification pura-pura. lol*

and she is all like "WHY didn't you tell me b4?"

and i go. cuz i thought you read it last night? i dunno when she posted it.

^^;;;;;;;; it turns out she posted it today. :p whoppsy

anyhoo so i go and explain how everyone is looking..

i even drew a "mock-simile" of kyo's head while saying," SORTA flippy like hair"

and she's like he ALWAYS has flippy hair.

and i draw alot on the board going "NO FLIPPY FLIPPY! just flippy."

and then i hear someone call me.. and i'm like wha?

it was my boy billy from hs!

so i bolt and hug him..

and lez erases kyo-head from the board..

why should i erase it?

Saul *her prof..i had him. he's cool and he told us to call him saul. XD*

saul would anyhow.. since he writes ALL over the board anyhow. lol

so yeah him and i chitchat. he goes to class.. i go back in to lez's class

lez goes on about my italian dressing smelling up her classroom. :p

anyhow. so i finish my salad and i sit.. not doing anthing

then suddenly i see some form walk past. and b4 i can register if i know who it is.. lez goes.. LOUDLY...


and bolts to the doorway

so i go "omg chenga!" bolts

i haven seen you in ages. where were ya?"

and he says how nice we look. tho he was lookin at me. *_*



lez was all like i pull it off better tho. :p

so yeah he is about to leave and we make plans to meet up in my dept at 2pm.

so i walk with chenga to his class..

ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL the way across campus. ^^;;

but i was tellin him about my horrid spring break tho.

so yeah.. he goes.. and i decide to eat outside....

tho it made my breath smell like green peas for mad long tho. @_@

so yeah. go into the mad dept and wait..

i ink in some of my first yaoi pic.. aka the toki mikkie lemon pic

but my pen is like all weared away. T-T.. i gotta get a new one

took pics with jillain after they got to my dept. and had to chill alone cuz my proff was busy.

i had a good day! took action shots with ry and chenga

took other pics with lez, ry and chega too. XD

tho.. i hope they come out tho..t-t

jill is my girl and all.but she was not very comforting as she kept asking. "why is it not green? how do i do this??"

poor jilli. *hugs her*

but yesh. if they DID come out.. COPIES! I WANT SOME!

~The Sexy Aries

[Tuesday, March 25, 2003|08:06 p.m. awwwwwwwwwwwwwww!*pats lez on the head*


that was just cute.. in a funny way.

and honest mistake.

and i found it odd sooooooooooooooooo many ppl had it wrong.

cuz it's important to me to know the exact date cuz i need to make a card for the totchi community on lj..

cuz the maintainer is my girl.


more blog afte i stop laughing.


~The Sexy Aries

[Monday, March 24, 2003|08:10 p.m. bored.. rehash lj quizes i had

Happy Drunkard! You love having a good time! And alcohol just
makes everything WAY more fun! But for
goodness sake, keep your CLOTHES ON!

What type of Drunkard are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

*giggle fit*

WOW am i bored.

You are Michael - fast-fingered and hacker genius
You are Michael! Seemingly glued to your screen,
you have the world digitally at your fingertips
and provide unexpected knowledge to others

Which Witch Hunter Robin Character Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

You're a vampire! One of the more common and
popular creatures of the night, you're a loner.
You're also a great romantic, hell, who can
resist a seductive vamp! *winks* You're also a
night-owl (which goes without saying...) and
for the most part are respected, and with good
reason. You usually have manners and keep
yourself very well controlled but at the same
time you tend to explode in fits of rage.
You're a big fan of the drink (heh heh heh) and
are, for the most part, goodlooking. Go you!

Which common RP species are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

^-^ found a place what rents ddr machines

~The Sexy Aries

[Saturday, March 22, 2003|04:09 p.m. damn

i'm in school..

they have their comps set at 800x600...

just went on sachi-chan's blog..

and the pic is big..

but the area for her blog is off..>.<

so i gotta go home and fix it..

but i'm soo sleepy

damned 800x600!

my comp at home is the 1028x726 thinger..

so i had to make it look good on MY comp.


gomen ne sachi-chan. i'll fix is when i can


monday most likely tho

~The Sexy Aries

[Saturday, March 22, 2003|03:41 p.m. =_=v


got back home at like 3am from brooklyn..

didn't bother to change or anything... thus we looked nice when we went

TYPICAL brooklyn bullshit tho...

*hugs her cousin as she chuckles*

ah. but ya learn. so long as they didn't lose any money it's cool

so yeah...

got home at 3am... got UP at 6am...


had my slides critiqued today


he said i did a good job...



they scratched one of my negatives..

and since i hadn't taken them out of the plastic holder

thing.. bag.. thing.. it's not my fault.


-_- and i liked that neg too. >.<

anyhow.. here are a few..

the one they fucked up. >.<

tho ya can't really tell since the machine IS old.. but still T-T

he liked the last one. ^-^V

~The Sexy Aries

[Thursday, March 20, 2003|08:50 p.m.

meow's blog

finished layout.



~The Sexy Aries

[Wednesday, March 19, 2003|10:20 a.m. =_=

cramps suck ass...

was stuck in bed all afternooon/night yesterday.

JUST got outta bed... only to find that i'm not as well as i hoped i was



i said it'd be done by the end of the weekk... but i dunno now....

and wonderfull...

seems like we are at war now.


*stomps back to bed with painkillers in hand*

~The Sexy Aries

[Monday, March 17, 2003|10:54 p.m. death....and memories i don't want....

New Page 1

usually I'm a happy person..

I don't force it.. it just comes..

I'm basically an open book pretty much....

but .. lately.. I've been reevaluating things..

my girl viv.. she may heav a tumor.. along with some other incurable disease..

and her family has had a history of it.. so yeah.. she's probably got it.


and Sara's mom had a seizure on wed.... and is STILL into he hospital..

ya see.. she's been sick for a while.  and this mad eit worse..

double case of pneumonia.

she may not make it.

and I remember Joel last year like a few weeks from now

it's all so close to last year...

I was not happy then.

and I think for a long while I want to celebrate my b-day early...

cuz I can't have joy in the shadow of my aunt's death.

and Joel and Ethan STILL DON'T KNOW THE TRUTH.


and.. it hurts,...

not as much as I thought like 2 months ago..

but now.. a month or less to the year..

it hurts afresh again.

and I start to feel hollow inside again..

but not only for them.

but for Sara's mom.  and viv too

and viv's life in general.

a big lie.. and my poor girl knows not what to do anymore..



~The Sexy Aries

[Monday, March 17, 2003|08:43 p.m. ah yes.. monkey man. -_- and DEG mp3s! *falls over happy*

ryanneko: god men are dumb

NIKKIEL1: yeah esp. monkey man

NIKKIEL1: aka bush


NIKKIEL1: put the news on.

ryanneko: no.

ryanneko: i don't want to look at him

ryanneko: what's happening?

NIKKIEL1: nm yet

NIKKIEL1: .. yeah.. we is goin to war bro.

NIKKIEL1: >.< fuckin monkey man!

ryanneko: oh well

NIKKIEL1: AH. not quiet yet.. but like highjly likely.

NIKKIEL1: sidam has 48 hrs to get out.

ryanneko: well hope for the best

NIKKIEL1: me too


and yet again.....

DragonVirusTypeX: guess what/


NIKKIEL1: monkey man is onnow


DragonVirusTypeX: watch it WATCH IT

DragonVirusTypeX: oh and umm we going to war

NIKKIEL1: i know


NIKKIEL1: fuckin monkey man!


DragonVirusTypeX: damn it

DragonVirusTypeX: no war damn it

NIKKIEL1: AH. not quiet yet.. but like highjly likely.

NIKKIEL1: sidam has 48 hrs to get out.

DragonVirusTypeX: LOL

NIKKIEL1: bush wants a coup de tat! hm....

NIKKIEL1: cuz a coup may do them good.

NIKKIEL1: but i DOUBT it tho.


NIKKIEL1: the US will put a puppet head as the governing power and become rich and greedy as always.

DragonVirusTypeX: indeed

DragonVirusTypeX: it's the american way

DragonVirusTypeX: we are so screwed

NIKKIEL1: *bitter laugh*

NIKKIEL1: you got it.

and BLESS you Totchi-chan *aka sheara* ..

i wanted to dl those songs for the longest..

but i'm a lazy ass.

deg songs!

kyo has a... unique voice.

must be hard for ppl to cover his songs ne?



i'm horrible with music like that.

if i hear it . like the first 10-20 sec i'll love or hate it.

sometimes it's not the case..

i'll have to hear the song totally.

but this.. 10sec!!

like many others.


aw shit. cage too!

and that first one that was remixed.

~The Sexy Aries

[Monday, March 17, 2003|07:05 p.m. many things.. many many things.

boring day.

took ethan for a walk around the block.

got strange looks form the elderly white ppl.


i should have done my hair i suppose...

instead of wearing my multi colored.. flower printed and some black circle things on it.. head scarf.

i all had my camera too. ^_^

and ehtan was the perfect lil model!

i told im to stand by a fire hydrant and he did.

and i took a pic of him like that.

went back home and he feel asleep right away..

but i was to lazy to do a damned thing aside from watch maury, jerry and mathis...
damned daytime tv.

sucking my soul!

but i finished my film today.. so that is one project out of the way....


i'm screwed...


so yeah. nose is still stuffy switchy.. throat is ok tho.

eating corned beef, cabbage and potatos.

good shit!


runny nose..

NOT so good.


and i may have a fever.

T-------------------T i dunno i feel odd.. healthwise anyhow. :p

*is kicking herself*

that HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT black weather guy form fox 5 was down at the parade..

and he was letting ppl kiss and hug him


sucky ass nj

*uber mega MEGA mouspad twaps rynn*






and get your ass published already!!!!

~The Sexy Aries

[Friday, March 14, 2003|09:14 p.m. belated. kinda... ^^;;;

Love triangle... did that yesterday.. forgot to link it up...

damn. i gotta add pics to the gallery too

I also gotta find a place for my graphics graphics.. like this possible layout i'mma do sometime in my life.....


anyhow.. viv called. she's most likely comming out the hospital tomorrow... and not more meds that'll make her nasuious *killin dat word in SUCH a lovely way*.

*hugs her poor viviness*

and FUCKIN A! my server won't let me customize my guestbook enough so i need a comment script..

any offers?

~The Sexy Aries

[Friday, March 14, 2003|07:11 p.m.

~The Sexy Aries

[Friday, March 14, 2003|03:07 p.m. how to read ppl............>.< and how HARD it is!

ok.. So I get to school at like 11ish..nausious.. cuz i didn't eat..


and I look at the myriad board.. and see a slip of paper saying viv's room jfk... and a # below it....
so I'm all wondering .. is viv in the hospital?


I read some submissions.. and I go to take care of some personal school shit.
head over to find lez at about 11:40 ish.. and I see like 3 ppl inthe class room.... so I'm like shit. she had a test today....
and I'm all lookin for viv and lez.. cuz I didn't see viv on the bus nor in the room...
so lez is on the comp... and I thwap her..etc etc..she's reading fate..

again.. cuz she forgot.... ^^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ok....


I ask her a question about java scripts and if I have to get another pitas account to use it..
and she's like.. *still reading * "Uh huh."
so I'm like -_- "You have no idea what I'm talking about do you?"
and she's like... yeah. and it's my fault for thingking that she did....
*shrugs* whatever. so I dropped it.. after I flicked her shoulder and mouspad thwapped her.

so yeah I'm occupying my self by reading my e-mail.. and then I get a pain in my stomach.. and I feel to throw up again.

so I get up suddenly and try to find a water fountain.the one by the room wasn't workin so I had to go all the way down the hall.
I'm like gulping down the water and I head back..


We leave...then lez is all like talkin about how she has only 2 ciggies left and how broke she is.. so I ask her if she's gettin lunch since I presumed she was going to buy something yesterday.. but I got her something yesterday instead.. thus saving her money...
she's like "i had nothing to save."
and i'm like oh ic..

so in the college center we go in hunt of food..and i'm abotut o pay for my stuff and say "You're not getting anything?"
and she's like ,"With what?"
and I'm like >.< "I didn't ask ya that. Are you gettin anyting?"
then i'm like nm. and we keep going to look for food.. we comeback downstairs cuz UPSTAIRS had some nasty shit I didn't want to eat.
but on the way I heard like laughing/giggling.. so me being the nosy perv I am went to investigate..
some chick and some guy were in the back stairs sitting(?)...
I really couldn't tell... it was kinda dark...
and I'm like explaining to lez that I was being nosy.. and after I've exdplained I do the normal thing and say "Right lez?"
and she's like "I have no idea what you are talking about."
so I go more to myself than her... "why do I even bother talking to you sometimes?"

and I'm buying pizza.. so I ask again."You aren't eating?"
*presuming that I already KNEW she has no cash.. and I would spot her*
and she's all like.. mad.. sorta..
and i go nm.and she like goes..
oh well.


< tho... like she said yesterday when I was.. freaked out by her random boughts of glee....:

"You really don't know me that well, cuz all my friends are used to me doing that."

Come ON ppl.
I'm the nice caring one...
what she must have thought I wouldn't spot her for the food or something?
I wasn't askin her if she wanted lunch for my health...
I'm not senile to forget she was broke...
I dunno...*sigh*

I get my food and go up the myriad room and ester is there..

and she tells me viv is in the hospital.

T-T so I'm all sad and such. so I call viv's room and we talk for a bit.
my poor viv-moot! *hugs her*
I hope you get well soon. *huggles her*
and I gotta e-mail her friends list ppl so they know how she's doing...

oh and it turns out ry didn't come to school today.. -_- so I won't see my photo book till after the break....
*hold head*

~The Sexy Aries

[Thursday, March 13, 2003|05:14 p.m. ^-^ GOOD DAY!


Today was kinda warm despite the weather ppl saying it'll snow.. and only get up to like 33F....

ok.. got to school.. but I didn't have shit to do.. cuz i did the project at HOME all in one night.. but i couldn't upload it tho.. -_-

anyhoo. so after being like lectured by my mom to tell ry not to wait in my neighbor's driveway.. and i DID tell him about that.. we head off to school

he has a he goes.. and I'm in the MAD dept.. doing.. um.. oekaki and other shit.. ;p

then at like 11ish I go get some cash off my poor poor atm card.. and get lunch/breakfast and I'm like.. why not get lez something too...*shrug*

so I get her a boston cream.. *AKA Porn Star * doughnut. ROFL! and a peach juice snapple..

and I get a scone and some chai.. and I'm too lazy to back to the mad dept just yet so I wait for lez to show up

and wait.. *since it was like 11:30 when I left the mad dept.. ^^;;;;;;;;* and take pics.. and wait...

I see matt and he's all like drawing in the building and such.. then his class goes in the room

so I'm like sippin my chai and nibblin my scone.. people watching.. then I decide to take some pics.. so out comes my camera..and I look down and right next to me I see a glasses case.. so I shake it and it has something in it... and i open it and its a stereo face..


so I'm askin the ppl in the hall if it is theirs and they are like no.. so off tot he art classes I went to find the owner..

lol it was matt's.. so yeah he's like all thanking me profusely and such! and it felt nice too *^-^*..

back to waiting.. lez arrives... and I give her her food.. and she's all like awwww thanks.*shrugs*

so yeah she eats and studies for her test... and tells me about her outing yesterday.

and about foxy. XD HE STOLE YOUR BROCCOLI! ROFL! *glomps foxy* I LIKE HIM! MUWAHAHAHAHAHA! he's cool!

she goes to class.. I go back to the mad dept.. and I see sara-chu. ^-^ she's all workin hard. X3 *pats sara-chu ont he head* so i ask her if she had lunch yet.. and she's like T-T nooo. T-T i got no money. *pout pout pout* .. ok not poutiong.. but i was in a good mood..

so I gave her and told her to go get some lunch. and she's like O_O........ OMG! *____________* no.. I can't .. I feel bad.. and I'm like don't worry about it..

so off she goes... and i watch her comp.. and literally WATCH the tubes screensaver.. cuz it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bloody BORING!

then sara comes back and gives me my change. and then lez like APPEARS! and for a sec I didn't recognize her.. cuz she was back lit..and I was low.. ^^;;; yeah it was funny.

lez stays and chills in my class for a good while.. killing a mac twice.... maybe 3 times.. and the same one. ROFL!

and is told by many about annoying crazy boy #2.. or as we call him.. BOSTON.. *short for the boston strangler....* cuz he's psycho.. and obbsessive like that..

fanboy stalker didn't even talk to me.. THANK GAWD!

so yeah.. a good day all in all dad is probably home by now..

so yeah..

I dunno how long this will last.. ^^;;;;

~The Sexy Aries

[Thursday, March 13, 2003|01:10 a.m. Gun Under My Shoe.. *aka G.U.M.S*



*shoves ya*

u NEED to get published girl!


i already pimped it on the main page.. ppl go take a looksie..

hopefully.. *looks at time...* later today i'll add some more.. pics.. or some shit..


my dad is comming back from trinidad .. er.. today.. at 4pm.

i didn't clean at ALL! ^^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

and i'm goin to school tomorrow too.

^^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; shit!

~The Sexy Aries

[Wednesday, March 12, 2003|09:23 p.m. damned hyde cereal box.. STILL stealin' my soul

I FOUND A STORE on he vamp game thing! *prances*


ok.. spent like ALL of my day in the MAD lab doing my damned cereal box project..

-_- yeah.. even till class.. and AFTER class too..

worked like nonstop.. cuz I got there at 10am...

ROLF @ stupid ass woman who tried to park her jaguar on a snow mound.

it was all stuck.. and making some screachy whirring sounds..

me and ry cracked up.. me being the loudest >XDDDD AHAHAHAHAHAHA!

serves her dumb ass right

we get to the mad dept but I left some shit home...

sara-chu drove me back home..

saw my mom and sis.. saw my messy room too ^^V well..

my bed had like a box. and clothes on it. ^^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

go back to school.. and I give ry my photo book to study from...

I worked until 2pm.. *my class is then*

and Fran was like do what you can..

and the fuckin printer wasn't workin.

oh well after spring break she'll be getting my cereal box.

was so work-minded that I didn't go chill with lez today..

I COULDN'T! it was due today..

basically aside form doing my projects.. I was retelling my tale form yesterday to the lab tech people and some others. lol...

colored.. sorta.. 3 chibis.. gotta finish tomorrow....

got home.. started to clean.. got dinner. got online..

STILL online... ^^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;


I saw my first gay m/m porn today! V^-^v>/P> yeah....

it was what I expected.. but DAMN!

that boy had a girly butt! >_O;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

he was kinda flabby and his ass was like..... curvy.. *shudders*

no music tho. thank GAWD!

but yeah.. I like my yaoi better..

that or *eyebrow wiggle*

I sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo wanna buy velvet blue from them T-T

but I'm broke..... and not 21 yet...

smeggin 1 yr left... *scuffs foot*

gonna go to pearl.. eventually to apply.............@_@

*hugs olly*

u'll be ok olly

*hugs red*

u too girl. and OMG! we Americans must be dim, ne?

"er.. so does it get warm there or wha? like is it frozen over in Canada?" *shakes head sadly*

poor poor red.

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm and anyone else who is down.. *hugs them*

Raphael: You're probably most likely to stay alive with them. That's a plus!

Which Jrock band are you stuck on a deserted island with?

brought to you by Quizilla


i've added some cliques.. now I gotta stop the clique stuff and add my pplz on to my page..

damned links. @_@ so many!

mayo.. pura-pura, rice-o AKA shotta AKA shot-o , and spida.. i'mm add all'ya okies? and some others too.

@_@ tedious T-T


yeah I type my pitas blog cuz it's short.. just navigate along the top

*wiggles* the pics ry took out of me came out nice.. for the most part..

tho everyone loves one of my shots..

but I can see my scars.. so I hate it ALOT!


I want a print of the nice one so I can put it up here

~The Sexy Aries

[Tuesday, March 11, 2003|04:52 p.m. >.< why is my school like the BEACON for PSYCHO FREAK BOYS? and not cute ones btw! just scary stalker ones..-_-####

ok.. i get out of the shower and the phone rings it's my dad calling from trinidad..

asking basically the run down of what is goin on..

so he wants to talk to my sis.. and i wake her as i talk to him..

and she's like VEHEMENTLY mouthing i don't want to talk to him.

so i'm like .. *to my dad* she's in the bathroom..

soon after.. as i'm STILL talking to my dad.. ry comes and calls my house phone... and calls and calls.... and CALLS

my fuckin sister didn't want to pick up.. NOR talk to my dad

so i had to go throw on some clothes and go OUTSIDE and tell ry one sec..

so i get off the phone and she's all like u aint even dressed yet..>.<

so i'm like pissed as it is cuz i had to make him wait......

and then we go.. but i left my color film at home.. so BACK home it is....

we get to school and ry helps me with my project. ^_^ *hugs her neko* then he has to got o class.. and i decide to KEEP workinga bit longer..

then i decide to finish my roll of b/w film.. since i was shooting color slide film today! weeee! so yeah i take pics of j,ry and jillian... ^_^

then off to eh to meet lez. she was all waiting for 20min. ^^;;;;;;; she came early today i guess...

anyhoo take 2 shots inside of her.. cuz i needed someone to look out of a window..

she said she's gonna dress up tomorrow since it's going to be warmer. so yeah. i can dot he outside shots too.

went back to the mad dept to work on my project again..

i'm almost done with the front of the box T-Tv anyhoo so i go in to see if fran is there.. and AGAIN i'm late for class.. shit it was only 2:05 ^^;;;;;;;;;;

anyhoo so i tell lez to hold on a bit cuz the lecture was going to be for like 5min...

so she's like..... so i'm gonna watch you eat? and i'm like.. i guess?

so she's like standing there.. and i just tell her she can go..... and she does. *shrugs*

so yeah.. we get in class and there is a demonstration and it's good.. for ppl who don't know how to do it. ^^;;; i knew so i was like half listening.....

more like trying to figure out what i will be doing tonight when i get home... like.. literally staying up all night working on my cereal box project due tomorrow. T-T

ANYWAYS! what has me SOOOOOOOOO irked is this kid.. i'mma call him crazy annoying boy #2.. not fanboy.. he was absent today.. THANK GOD!

so yeah it's WAAAAAAY obvious he likes my girl phong...

poor phong.. she's cool and all.. but she can't see he's like PSYCHO!!!!

her zip disk gets stuck in the comp and she''s trying to get it out..

so he's like trying to put a pencil and shit in there to get it out!!

and i'm like oh.^^;;; *sees him trying to pry it out with a pencil* just turn off the mac and it'll spit your zip disk out..

and he's all like "WHAT are you doing? I CAN HANDLE IT!" .. trying too look all macho/good in her eyes or some shit

and i'm like O_o;;.. O_O... >.O... AND FINALLY >.<################ WTF?

so he goes and 'helps" i.e. OGGLES Phong. so i see jose.. one of the lab tech guys and i call him over to get it out... and then.. OMFG! he's all like 'WHY arte you DOING THIS!? WHY?"

so i'm like flippin out and going i'm trying to hep out Phong.. cuz i see you with a pen trying to pry it out. and you're gonna damage the FUCKIN comp!. HE'S a lab tech HE can get it out~! HE'S PAID to do that! LET HIM DO IT!!

then THE ANNOYING ASS is like it's my disk not hers.

and i'm like if i would have known you were going to be an ASS i'dve left your shit in there!

and yeah he gets back to oggling Phong. and i fume and fume..

she's all like Nicole was trying to help me get it*all extra close to Phong* out..

and he's all like if i wanted help i'dve asked for it.

>.< so i'm suckin my teeth.. gnashing them togehter cuz i'm WAAAAAAAAAAY beyond pissed.

and like EVERYONE after the psycho boy goes.. who the FUCK cares.. was like he was WAY outta line.. cuz i didn't even TOUCH his shit!!!!

this other guy was like "yo shorty, i had yo' back. that punk ass was all flippin out cuz he trying to hit dat."

and someone else has already spoken to Phong warning her about him......

*START tangent* =_= and i feel like a convienience... and i don't like it.. it fucking sux.. and i accomidate ALL the time! and i'm tired of it.... *END tangent*

=_= i'm so pissed off right now.

and ppl making jokes i.e mimicinc me as i tell them what happend DOES NOT FUCKING HELP!


~The Sexy Aries

[Monday, March 10, 2003|08:36 p.m. posting again.. why? bored..

*stolen form rynnmaxwell* XD

I ____ Nicole

Nicole is ____

If I were alone in a room with Nicole, I would _____

I think Nicole should _____

Nicole needs ______

I want to ______ Nicole

Someday Nicole will _______

Nicole reminds me of _______

Without Nicole ______

Memories of Nicole are _______

Nicole can be ______

_____ is how I describe meeting Nicole

Worst thing about Nicole is ______

Best thing about Nicole is ______

I am ______ with Nicole

Also, I'm debating on if i should have a comment feature on here or not.... @_@ i dunno..

This is all due to tagboards being all tempermental and such.


~The Sexy Aries

[Monday, March 10, 2003|08:28 p.m. 1 month till...


Yes.. *sigh* one month till my b-day...

I'm going to be 20 yrs old....

Am I happy?


I guess cuz it was so close to when we found out about my aunt's murder...>Shit. I won't paint it in fucking pretty colors.

She was murdered..

in cold blood..

I told ry today that it was 1 month till..'

and I swear..

I almost started crying....

I fiddled with my scarf.. and basically told him how it affected me last year..

such a difference..

but anyways..

I dragged him to the CCPB meeting..

and I saw cute lil asian guy... T-T who has a gf.. who is mad chill..

and that sux.. because she is so nice... and I can't hate her either.

viv was there too. ^-^ and we had breakfast..

pancakes, potatoes, bacon, sausage.. all for.. FREE!!

so yeah.. after the meeting we go and talk to the school club head.. people... whatever..

and I told viv we should get a ddr machine for All College Night.. and she's like *_________________________________________* YES!

We ask them and they said they will look into it.

^_^ yay ddr machine!

Oh and Viv.. POM!

A site for you to check out..

I already gave them all my info btw....


ok.. left school at about hm... 1pmish with ry...

went to Menlo.. got some applications...

and I told him I was tired so he dropped me home at like 3pmish..

I fell asleep and got up at like 6pm.. and I STILL didn't work on my tight layout for my cereal box yet. T-T

So I popped on to get the direct tv shit my mom was harassing me for... and the ddr stuff..

I'll have to read Chapter 61 of Paradox another time. >.< smeggin school!

~The Sexy Aries

[Saturday, March 8, 2003|11:53 p.m. .:. looks around.:.

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! i haven't been bloggin in a bit, ne?

hm.. nothing much has been going on with me..

i added some pics to the gallery section.. need to add more.

.. um............. i gotta go to the asian club meeting on Monday.. tho it is at the same time as the CCPB meeting.

Also... why does my text go purple randomly? it's cool and all but yeah. odd.

i told viv we ned to get rollin with the myriad too... i know NEXT year our magazine will be hot shit!

and i really want a website for it too. it'll be nice

oh, jason is cute. jsut had to say that. he's got braces.. btu omg still cute. a zany kinda guy with like blue-grey eyse and blonde hair..

wow. i DO like all types don't i? and dave is a lil hottie too. him and his black hair and black eyes.. i think he's jewish.. i dunno i didn't ask. he needs to go to my school damnit! T-T sdo i can molest.. er be his friend. ^_^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; yeah. his friend.

ok tis all. bout to read paradox and head off to bed

and yeah. the shift key.. or the right caps lock key.. whichever.. is not my friend..nor is proofreading or spell chack when it comes to my blogging.. tho in fics there are few to no typos tho..

i'm too lazy to use it half if the time.. pardon that people.

~The Sexy Aries

[Saturday, March 1, 2003|11:16 p.m. ppl...........

my word.. my day was.. eventful to say the least..

lol so i had photo. and this guy he's washing his prints in the sink.. in a like tupperware case thing..

and it's blocking the drain.a nd i see it but he's elsewhere and i'm thinking it's gona overflow in the sink... so i try and find him. while working on my stuff..

i hear someone talk about someone being moses or noah.. *yeah they got it wrong and said both.. tho in a way both had to deal with alot of water tho. lol*

anyhow. so i go outt o get my prints and HOLY FUCKIN SHIT!


i should have known when i saw him working in the darkroom washing his print.

*holds head*

so yeah i go and see amamda.. who i keep calling angela. *NOT my fault! she kept answering to angela tho. ^^;;;* so yeah she's all forlornly lookin at the floor trying to papaer towel it up. and i ask if she got a janitor to clean it up. sadly, none of them work on sat.

BUT! a semi cute cop guy brings her a mopa nd yeah we start to celan it up. cuz i felt bad for her.

she's like my age working at school as a lab tech and she's cool so yeah i helped her out and we joke about the "RIVER OF JORDAN" in the middle of the photo area and how much of an ASS the guy is by not helping clean up at ALL!

so yeah she even tells me i can maybe get a job if jo, scott and jose like me enough. and they will mostlikely hire me.. ^-^ i DO stay in the MAD dept like ALL the time so yeah...

made prints of ry and ethan. ^-^ ethan is ADORABLE! eatign a cookie.. drinkin his bottle! *squeee!* tho i only made a print of him eating. i'll scan it onmonday and load it

left at about 5ish. called home only to have my sis like yell at me about my friends having NO respect etc etc..

cuz henry is sarcatic and tends to say "look what you have done." alot.

but i'm used to it.

it's just his thing.

ANYHOW! so we go to morristown to go to centry 21!


it was all not packed and such. and sales! *_* on like gucci, prada.. all those big names.. bags for 6 bucks! shit! i got a versache *sp? @_@* bag for 1 buck! yeah it's like a nylon toiletreis bag. but one buck!!! and it's REAL!


got home and called yjan. cuz i can go to the MET tomorrow for a da vinchi exhibit! XD

got online and was shocked to see tokiness at home. and i thwap her and go WHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHY are you home? etc etc

and yeah..

we have a deep convo later on..

and i don't know you, ry or viv .. like KNOW know you.

tho i'm like an open book.

cuz shit. life is too fuckin short NOT to open up to ppl!

u ask i'll tell

even if ya dont' ask i'll probably tell ya anyhow.

like she was like.. and ry says this too me too... i'm always happy

and my reply was i've had enough sadness to last me a life time LAST year when my aunt was murdured..

so yeah. but i'mnot forcing it. i've always been a happy kid.

and since they know the "REAL" me.. hell they know i'm a perv.


but yeah i can cut loose with them. cuz usually i'm laid back. intelectual. etc etc.

but yeah it's supposed to be like that with friends.. the relieve stress.. or SUPPOSED TO. *weak laugh*

so.. yeah we get into arguemnts and tiffs. *looks at ry and lez* what? we DO!.

and i dunno... but i dunno. i can't even describe it.

you saw me the last time,.. i was so upset..

but past is past

i guess this is all new to me.. i dunno

but i guess the point of this is. i wanna know ALL of you better. btui not like TELL ME YOUR BLOOD TYPE! *scary geeky stalker laugh/leer*or IT'S FAAAAATE THAT WE MET! *INSERT HEAVY BREATHING* ROFL!

but shit! i found out only tonight that viv is a DM head! lol i NEVER knew that. i know luz is cuz she's very.. "enthused" about them

so yeah. knowing ppl is all about learning them better. and learing new things i suppose..

~The Sexy Aries

[Wednesday, February 26, 2003|04:40 p.m. CHINES NEW YEAR'S PARTY PICS!

This kid Dan had a digi cam, and these are his pics.


GOD do I want one too!

who is that with the burbury scarf? i wonder... lol

PJ amd tracy lucky! T-T and that's the only pic where you can see his face too T-T

me and salem.

Tracey and Mike..ROFL!

dj guy

Melinda..and the adorable lil guy damn him for havin a gf tho

Melinda..and the adorable lil guy damn him for havin a gf tho

guy who can't dance. CUUUUTIE!


~The Sexy Aries

[Tuesday, February 25, 2003|10:18 p.m. poem thing. been bugginme for a while

Torn in to by my nature.
Unable to grasp the meaning...
        LEAVE ME ALONE!!
            I want for nothing...
                                nothing at all...

I lie to myself.
I DENY myself...of many things I deserve more than anything.
                                    more than anything......
more than anything.. I want..

want to be loved..


                    to love.

all for you..
all TO you.
but I'm still torn inside..
        DON'T!! DON'T TOUCH ME!

and I don't matter anymore

oooooooohkay. so yeah tada. i ain't no damned poet tho ;p anyhoo. Was at the mall with Lez.. didn't fill out any applications. Tho the hours they needed ppl didn't mesh with Lez's ... I can work there tho. so I plan to go bak and apply sometime. had some chick filla.. and was very amused in the car ont he way home.. tho I haven't seen a susnset at home this whole semester..tho i did today.. i hate being home so early. *pouts*

~The Sexy Aries

[Tuesday, February 25, 2003|02:04 p.m. *sigh of relief*

My mom got home at like 1pm.. so i get dressed and we just got here.
gave lez her stuff.. tho she don't wanna scan it when a scanner is like 3 comps away.
-_- ookay. so yeah i scanned the Mikkie and the Toki_X_Mikkie pics..

~The Sexy Aries

[Tuesday, February 25, 2003|10:46 a.m. MERDE!
yeah. i'm home.. STILL!
my sis is sick.. my mom is MIA...
i gotta go job huntin with lez later..
i feel all extra bad cuz ry all came and i had to send him off to school w/o me...
but on another note..
DAMNED good site for poses. etc etc.... -_- where is this woman! i have to go to school!..... ARGH!

~The Sexy Aries

[Monday, February 24, 2003|11:15 p.m. start back rollin!
XD Mikkie fanart for 36 moons...

ahem. went all about with mom today.
went to get my blood test which took like under 5 min.. and i got a needle.. was not even scared of it. ^^V POM!

Anyhow. go to east orange.. get some hair for my she can't buy her own weave? >.<
i had a like 2x sized roti too!
XD TASTEY! and some apple soda stuff.. and a currant roll.
took pics ot ethan as he ate and slept int he car..
got to school at like 3ish. chillwith ry develop my film.. damned weak ass fixer.. >.< GARRRRR! i had to fix my damned negatives all manually and like EXTRA long.. NOT happy.

we bounced once my negs were washed and johnny rockets.. for .. dinner/lunch? whatever.
i had a malt. ry had a grilled ham sandwich.
we got balloon animals too. hey they were free...
he got a turtle and i got a cat hat and a tail thing..
now that balloon guy should have known better than to say "i'll make whatever you want me to make!"
my mind was like.. oh REALLY now?

and i don't go to johnny rockets..
so....... respect came on...
and our waiter and another BUSRTS into song.
it was amusing..
he was all EXTRA enthusiastic too. lol
he had some blue ass eyes tho. ^_^

anyhow i got to the gap and get a sweater for 10 bucks! YAY!
go back to school cuz ry ahd to do his photo thing.
chelsea was so worried. *his partner for the project*
anyhoo so as they work on their stuff i was workin on mine..
i even modeled for ry too.
then i put my camera on there and he modeled for me. ^_^
so yeah we are abotu to go and i dip into the color lab to see what it is like..
and ry is like ok.
i come out shortly after... he's like no where to be found!
i ask and search high and low for him.. even walkin out to "west china" parking lot to see if his jeep was still there..
i walk back to my building only to se him comming towards me..
by then my head was hurting and i was like omg! he left me.. he had to go home.. but he left me..
when i saw him i was all crying etc etc..
and he felt bad saying he would never leave me behind. and i felt better..
poor guy. he kept askin me igf i was ok. and he was so sorry too.
*hugs her neko*
he's so sweet.. sometimes. ;p
bah. tis all really. now i gota finish my project for fran's class and have it into her mailbox so i can cut class...
yeah. FUN!

~The Sexy Aries

[Friday, February 21, 2003|11:47 p.m. ASIAN NEW YEAR PARY and BHANGRA


WOOOOOOOOOOOOO! my day was full of new things!
XD and I'm so happy about it. Still wired and such.. I doubt  that I'll be going to sleep anytime soon too.

Anyways.. Got a ride from school from mom.. was like the ONLY person I worked on my packaging project. Funnnnnnnnnnn! -_-

Then Jose.. on of the lab tech people for the MAD dept.. rushes in and is like did you see the fire. and I'm like .. er... WHA? so Jose, Jo Scott and I *AKA 3 lab guys and me*.. and look out across campus to see a LARGE plume of black smoke.. and some flames here and there..  Some oil tanker in Staten Island blew up or something.. I even got to go into the checkout room and see it on TV.. *_______________* PRIVILEGES! XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD *wiggles*

So yeah, after look at the news for a while I leave and go back to my project.. only to see Diana. *my friend from Color 1 with Fran*..

she and her classmate are doing portrait photography for Photo 2 so I sit and watch them work. I help them out some.. Jose comes and helped them ALOT!  And I get my pic taken.. so it's almost 12 and I  zoom over to Main Hall to get Lez so SHE can get her pics taken by Di and her friend too. I get her and basically go "you. now. come. go. take pics.  now." lol and I showed Lez my coiples book too ^_^ we had fun going over which couple was from the 36 moons trilogy being represented in the book. I SAW A FOXYxMIKKIE ONE! and some TokixMikkie, TokixJia, TaixGab.. etc etc. She even got an idea from it too. *hugs her book*  LUVVVVVVVVV THIS BOOK TO DEATH!

 I lent her my ps7 cd too. After that I went into the comp lab to get some L~arc  pics for my project.... that was fun. i saw so many i could use too ^_^ wheeeeeee! Tho I missed her getting her pics done. oh well lol.

Sooooooooooooo. We get lunch. FISH AND CHIPS! XD. well for ME anyhow.....the fish was way over breaded tho.. bah.

Went back to the MAD dept. till my class stared at 2pm.. mainly chilling till my class starts. I laugh over DFF being stuck in my head, Kyo's fluffy hair and the yaoi GW ml fics in my e-mail.. She leaves not to long after.. and I work on my project till like 5ish.then i add some cliques to my webpage. ^_^

Then at like 6ish I was going to catch the bus. But it was actually 6:20.. DAMNED MAD dept clocks being off.

So I chill with Marcella until like 6:45ish.. I head out to the bus stop only to see rain. JOYGASUM! >.<

Then I decided to wait in the College Center.. I call my mom to tell her why I'm so late.. and I go look for some red apple snapple.. cuz I heard it was good. *shrugs*

So all of the vending machines upstairs had none. and I KNEW there was one on the lower level that sold only snapple.. and my bus was like comming any min. so I go down.. only to see this asian woman form my Mechanical Art class *another class taught by Fran* and she waves me to her and says "You want to come to my party?" she is like the pres. or something for the Asian club.. it was their new years party!@

so I'm like.. Ok. I can stay for a while.. catch the 8pm bus or something. ^_^ so I stayed..


And me being as NON asian as one can get *weak laugh* .. I'm a lil bit shy....tho I get me a plate and sit down.. like in the middle by myself...

so then two ppl just come and sit down at my table.. this Phillpino guy *________________________* and this Burmese girl... aks P.J *aka the HOTTIE* and  Tracey. cool peeps. HOT boy. ^_^

Anyhow so we were still chitchatting about various things: country of origin, state of origin, why guys look hotter in overalls alone.. *well that was me and Tracey lol* and then some reggae comes on and PJ is like go dance.. but I was like nah. ^^;; I was kinda shy..  but then he drags me out. and I TREAP UP the dance floor.. singing.. dancing.. and teaching some how to dance.. then Salem came in.. and he's all huggin up on me.. dancing and such... even kissin me a bit.. no tongue tho.. I got my limits.. and I don't see him like that anyhow... ^-^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; yeah..

so he gives me his # b4 he leaves.

I play the games that were goign on... XD my group.. Tho we didn't win was like 99.9% males.. and like on other girl. but yeah. the "adorable guy who couldn't keep a beat" was in my group and yeah.. I all had my camera out takin pics of the cute guys.^_^ GOOD TIMES!

I hope they come out tho. T-T damned expired free film T-T but 'm going to join the club tho. ^_^ MORE hotties and cool girls to hangout with.



So yeah the dj was this Taiwanese guy so yeah.. I learned a bit about mixing/scratching. and breaking from this other guy.. I  think he was Korean?. :p I forget.. but his name is Mike tho. lol

So yeah the party winds down.. and some ppl form the BHANGRA party upstairs tell us to go on up. So me,Melinda, Mike, and some others go.

lol I was getin down!

Tho they didn't have any food. But I got a bottle of water and soda..

I mean like I needed MORE food to carry? I had a whole tray full form the asian party. ^^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

I saw some cute punjab and indian guys too. ^_^ I'm HAPPY!

I all was taught how to dance too... but not really he was like hold your hand like so and dance around.. I did that for like 2 sec.. and just danced my own way.

Then we left.. the majority of our group went bowling and Melinda, Carmen and Mike dropped me home..

T-T I wanted to go.. shit THEY wanted me to go so badly....

but I told my mom I was coming at like 10:30 and I didn't want her to worry.

me and Melinda swap e-mails and yeah.

I got home and I get on. and it's like 11:20ish. WOW! where did the time go?

 Vola! Here I am!

^__________________________________^ still AWAKE!


~The Sexy Aries

[Thursday, February 20, 2003|08:10 p.m. mi dia

first off


Ah. okay.. so where was I? Oh yes. my day... I got to school at around oh.. 10amish. Ry gave me a ride again. There was supposed to be a Media Art & Design dept. presentation of the Senior student work. now Fran told me that there would be food and NO Mr. Burnz! REJOICE! So yeah. I hung out with ry.. till his class started.. but his prof never showed up. so yeah.

I leave and go try and FIND this event.. was all traipsing up and down school.. I went into edison hall to see if it may have been there.. just peeked in for a sec.. because you would KNOW right away if a fucntion was going on.. So yeah. Then I turn to leave and hear, "You are SO blind!"

LEZ! *tiredly walked over to her and explains the situation. make her go BACK to the MAD dept to see if a lab tech can help me find out where the food.. er show was. Lez complains about her coffee being too hot so I hold it to see if it is *and it's not hot at ALL btw :p*

I sip it..I even gupled it too. NOT hot at all. lol anyhow. we reached the MAD dept. she wants a ciggie. I don't smoke and Ry would like to see her.. maybe? ;p jk jk.

She usually is all like molesting him etc etc... but he doens't mind tho. Anyhoo, so I forget what happened exactly and she is all pissy and leaves. So me, ry and Jillian go and try and find this food.. er. function. guess who's sittiing out side Edison Hall?

Lez.. smokin.^^;;

blah blah blah. We get Jillian's art work and head off to the show. Eat a bit. Chit chat with Fran mostly.. Ry and Lez oggle/evaluate *RESPECTIVELY* this guy Mike *aka NICE ASS!* so then we leave after a while.. we go back to the MAD dept. I get to listen to both 36 moons OSTs..

Now I'm all thinking the song she told me to listen to had her vocals on it.. so I'm like listening to it.. and it ends and I'm like *when she comes back form GKW with Ry,"Calvin Klien Boy",and Jillian. So I'm like I heard no singing and she's like it's the instrumental version. so yeah........... I was like omg. -_- you're kidding right. And I told her I wanna hear some vocals PRONTO! lol

ANYHOW! FUCKIN fanboy all poked me on my head.. FUNCKING POKED ME ON MY HEAD.. ARGH! ANNOYING! Anyhow.. he is all askin me about some stupid Gundum shit.. if I finished the tapes he made me... *holds head* the "ORIGINAL" gundam mind you.. ME a yaoi fan.. oooooookay. He is so dim....>.<########


So yeah he's all askin me somthing and Lez and Ry are harassing/saving me from fanboy stalker.. either unintentionally or intentionally.

I dont' care HOW they did it.. I was glad! *hugs them both..*

So Lez leaves after making some porny comments with Niel... cuz he showed her porn. *shrugs* lol.

And like an hour later me and Ry leave... and go book hunting. We all go to B&N like all in the OPPOSITE direction of my house.. aw. he's so nice. *hugs him lots*

I find my how to draw couples book. WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I'M HAPPY! I'M ELATED! EXCITED EVEN! ^_____________________^ Can you tell?

So we sit and get us some stuff to eat.. He goes and gets a gaydar book!

FUNNY! OMFG! it was so funny!

But he was short 10 bucks to get it.. and if I didn't get food.. like pay out of my pocket.. I could have spotted him the cash for it.. T-T so we had to leave it behind. SMEG!

Then we leave and after my many silli outbursts about breasts and nipples etc etc.. *yeah we had fun*

But those How to Draw Manga books go WAAAAAAAAY overboard on the nipples tho! I mean if I wanna see a nipple i'll look at myself nekkid in the mirror!

During the ride home we talked about tatoos, and Emeinem and Mariaha *sp?*, etc etc... and .. how cum tastes.

yeah. that's not a typo. ^^;;;;

It was.. interesting.. to say the least.. ROFL!

I really had fun today though.

So yeah.That was my day! XD

~The Sexy Aries

[Wednesday, February 19, 2003|11:43 p.m. QUIZ!

: : :   Death Dreamer :  Kakyou   : : :
You are the Death Dreamer
Lost in your past, you hold no more intentions on life than sailing in your sea of memories and 'see' other's deaths. Most powerful of the Dreamgazers, your state is closer to death.

What kind of Dreamgazer is more appealing to you?
Quiz made by Let-kun, based on Melange's Treatise on Dreams

lj is acting wonky..

so here i am..

Tag-board is on the fritz again too.. K'USO!
Walden books did NOT have my how to draw couples book there..

i am highly upset by this now.


I saw the book a few weeks ago..

I was too broke to get it LAST time.. so I waited till I got the cash and had the time to go get it..

the shit was GONE!

T-T Fuckin' A man!

Anyhow. I have a pretty purple quiz result.. so I decided.. along with lj being stupid.. to post it here.


*stomps off*

~The Sexy Aries

[Saturday, February 15, 2003|11:57 p.m. ponderin again


i'm still debating on simply making this link to my lj or not..

cuz i rarely use it..

tho it's really nice to make layouts and such..

i dunno..



i dunno.. i may just link my lj or something.....

lemme try it out then..


~The Sexy Aries

[Saturday, February 15, 2003|11:53 p.m. CUT SCHOOL TODAY! but now i'm bored. T-T

taken from alot of ppls blogs/journals.. ^^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
I Am

Which tarot card are you?

    i tend to speak in riddles, and getting a straight answer out

    of me is indeed a notable moment. while i may act a little crazy,

    i am actually quite lucid and tend to be the voice of reason.

    my sanity is in a good balance with my insanity.

    how mad are you?

    this quiz was made by piksy

    You're most like Toshiya and Kaoru (Dir En Grey)
    The sexy, silent type who hangs back from a
    crowd--the people always come to you instead

    What J-Rock Yaoi pairing are you most like?
    brought to you by Quizilla

    Touya x Yukito from Cardcaptor Sakura.

    What Hinted Shounen-ai (Yaoi) Couple Is Your Cup of Tea?
    brought to you by Quizilla
    Whoo! Hentai girl!

    What random Dir en Grey thing or happening are you?
    brought to you by Quizilla

    Congratulations! Your ideal Alpha Male is...

    oh yeah~
    For all intensive purposes, your Alpha Male seems like the "normal" boyfriend. He gets along with family and friends, is considerate and thoughtful in his actions, and his biggest priority, like every good Alpha Male, is *you*. The thought of you coming to any discomfort often prevents him from engaging in more typical Alpha Male behavior and thushe is generally exempt from mood swings and bursts of silence. However, caring does not equal sharing to this Alpha Male and when he feels anyone is trying to come between you, his less than genial side begins to show. In the end, though, so long as he doesn't feel threatened by any third party, the two of you are destined for happiness.
    Which Alpha Male is right for you?
    Brought to you by Alexandra and Matrim

    100 % Yaoi hentai! Congratulations!
    Congratulations! You're 100% YAOI Hentai!

    How much of a YAOI Hentai are you?
    brought to you by Quizilla
    it's truuuuuuuuuuue!

    ~The Sexy Aries

    [Sunday, February 9, 2003|12:28 a.m.

    Ok. So my mom is up.. and I'm on a weeeeeeee bit longer that normal. But I have to say that my page is coming along nicely.. the links listed at the top are working and FINALLY in order..
    Though, some pages have barely anything.. this is a start. ^_^
    Whee! I'm happy now!...
    Yet sleepy.

    ~The Sexy Aries

    [Thursday, February 6, 2003|11:30 p.m.


    web pages are so strenuious...



    i gotta put you link on here too.

    @_@ gyah so much stuff to do.


    and i feel mad groggy too

    ~The Sexy Aries

    [Thursday, February 6, 2003|10:38 p.m.


    I will most likely make my enries in Frontpage and paste it here...


    Simply because i'm a LAZY ASS.


    ~The Sexy Aries

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