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[Friday, May 16, 2003|01:40 a.m.
go to the forth link.. first row
ok.. that reminds me of gab's new look in paradox.
XDDDDDD fallen angel! *wiggles*
erm,.... lj blogged.
also.. i got an invite code left.. just e-mail me.. or track me on aim. Nikkiel1
i'm always on. T-T
i need to make banners...
i need to go to sleep @_@

~The Sexy Aries

[Thursday, May 15, 2003|07:34 p.m. my day...

sup ya'll
um.. i had an interview today at pearl.. it looked good.
and i called b&n today.. to see if they called if me yesterday...
and i was playing my scratchy thoat. bit.. *really does have a scratchy thorat btw*
so i call them and i say how i was sick for a week and a half and my machine was wonkin out on me
so yeah. i was supposed to call the manager at 2:30 but i had my other nterview tho. ^^;;;
so when i got home from that one.. i forgot to call.. *was takin web cam pics...*
anyhow.. that one went extremely well ^_^V
so i get home.. and took pics.. as i jsut said.. so then at about 5ish.. someone calls
it was the cafe manager from b&n
so he's like ya still intetrested inthe job? and i'm liek YEAH! ^_^V
so i gotta go in tomorrow after 11.. cuz he has a dr. appointment. but yeah..!
it hink i finally got a job ppl!


~The Sexy Aries

[Wednesday, May 14, 2003|08:02 p.m.
*lost that link a while ago*
um......... oh! i found an adorable adoption site too...
well TWO sites!
XDDDDDDDDDDDDD i have so many.. and i can't put hem all up tho. T-T
found some hot sites over they past few days..
tho it sux to be home all day.. ¬_¬#
so i'll eventually be linkin them too
shout out to spida, rice-o, pura pura na, lady toki, sekushi aya, mi-chan..
erm.............. yeah.. too lazy to list anymore..
and too lazy to link too. ohhohohohohohohoho!

~The Sexy Aries

[Wednesday, May 14, 2003|03:57 p.m. i wonder..

how will my bit of perversion be written for me?
T-T it's been over a month.. maybe your forgot..?
i didn't want to harass you for it..
but the more i read..
*ponders that*
i dunno.. it's however you make things playout i guess...

another note..
i know who i am now..
and i accept it. ^-^ so WHOever is WHOMever..
i'm aite with it..
they will be the first to know tho when the time comes

yeah.. not makin much sense..
and no i'm not on painkillers.. yet. T-T damned plague.

~The Sexy Aries

[Wednesday, May 14, 2003|02:52 p.m. BLT.....

^-^ i saw BLT with my sis last night.
#1 virgil.. he was funny as hell.... yet.. fuckin insane too.. @_@
#2 ben would be the cute guy it'd be making blush in hs.. *coughCHRIScough* ^___________^ *waves to chris*
yeah he was "studious cute".
#3 Han.. he was aite lookin.. i guess... i liked him in the end really.. :/
i mean he looked OLD and haggared..... i thought he was all in college.. not hs..... and how he kept askin for beer and smoking every 5 sec.


my sis was like.. he's an old man! just LOOK at him. ^^;;;;

#4 Derrick.. or whatever his name is..
*my sis and i were calling him model boy*
was HOOOOOOOOOOT! tho he kept crackin us up with his bad boy act.
*puts on shades and stands intimidatingly*
his lips were JUICY! my sis was all like.. damn. he got some black in him or wha?

#5 steve.. -_- he pissed me off.. and his stupid ass gf too.. *slaps them both*
tho his gf was aite.. she was stupid.. *won't say more for fear of spoiling*

but my sis said an interesting thing thio...
steve seems like the type to make her DO that..
*if ya saw it.. think what ppl said she was in... kinda makes sense right?*
mainly because he can control her like that..

and fuckin steve,... he looked old as hell too!
HE should have been in college at least!
if steve looked like he should be in college.. *max age of 24*
han looks like he SHOULD have been in college but dropped out of hs.. *max age er....... 27*

and tell me why when virgil was like "nigga please" we were crackin the fuck up!
IT WAS HILARIOUS! *wipes tear from eye*

but it was a good movie. i say go see it before it is out of theaters. ^_^V

and were supposed to go see the Matrix: Reloaded tonight *special screening*
but i doubt it tho.. my sis may be working*

~The Sexy Aries

[Tuesday, May 13, 2003|10:21 a.m. borred!

I'm in a silly mood. pay no translatiors are fun!

Une Chienne Sexy De Bélier!-Moi! *^-^*

J'aime cette exposition!-Gir

Gir pourquoi y a il lard dans le gros morceau de nettoyage?-Zim

Je danse comme un singe!-Gir
a persion who knows good music..
snipped from:
the pillows..

A Japanese indie band of joyous quality. Now before you cock your head in disapproval, not all Japanese music is manky wanky shite. "The Pillows" are the proof of this fact. I was originally introduced to them via the Gainax anime "Furi Kuri", and whilst the anime itself was genre-breakingly-orgasmically-gorgeous the music was of worthy repute as well.

Stylistically the music itself is far from original, but the tone of of the composition is immensely refreshing. It is genuinely, unabashedly, happy and fun. It makes you feel nice and happy, and overtly considerate to your fellow man. So you can imagine that a live gig is equatable to an orgy or honest, yet excessive, friendliness (the band is great live though). Check out "Happy Bivouac" and "Fool on the Planet" as introductory texts in the canon of Pillows worship.

Recommended Listening:
Kim Deal
Little Busters
Crazy Sunshine
Hybrid Rainbow
I Think I Can

Five Songs you know the words to, even without the music: *only five!?!?! no fair*
1. Voiceless Screaming ~ X Japan
2. One life ~ The Pillows *actually MANY of the pillows songs i know by heart*
3. Super Drive ~ Kinya Kotani
4. Virtious Woman ~ Warrior King
5. Pop is DEAD ~ Miyavi

Five Games you like:
1. FF6,7,8
2. Secret of Mana
3. Tales of Destiny
4. Enerjiz..sp?
5. Breath of Fire 1,2,3

Five Albums that have changed your life:
1. I
2. am
3. a
4. cheap
5. bastard! XD

Five Things you can't live without:
1. Yaoi
2. My computer w/ full internet capabilities ^_^
3. Sleep
4. family
5. food

Five things you would buy with 00:
1. Anime
2. Yaoi manga/anthologies/anime/doujinshi
3. A new wardrobe
4. A digital camera
5. art supplies

Top Five Locations I want to run away to:
1. Trinidad and Tobago
2. New York
3. Canada
4. England
5. Japan

Name four bad habits you have:
1. self-conscious
2. too self-giving
3. Apathetic
4. Bitchy.. on occasion..;P

Name 4 people currently on your bad side:
4. JEFF... all'ya know who THAT is!

Name 4 Celebrities you don't like:
1. Russell Crowe is sooooooooo stuck up!
2. Keano Reives (sp)...*see bill and ted's excellent adventure.. and watch the matrix right after that*
3. Britney Spears.. nuff said...
4. Nicole Kidman... *points to russel crowe*

Name 4 drinks you drink regularly:
1. Water
2. iced tea
3. Sprite
4. quista... this grapefruit soda thing from mexico

Name 4 Websites you recommend:
3. *shameless plug*

Five Things you love about yourself:
1. My sense of humor
2. I'm cute ^_^
3. My caring-ness/ *is that even a word?*
4. My figure
5. My creativity/imagination.. me and my hentai filled.. yaoi obsessed mind! Yay!

Five qualities of your perfect mate:
1. Having something in common... and a degree of deepness
2. Sense of humor
3. fairly well off... stable income...
4. Dead Sexy voice, eyes,looks.. etc...
5. Possesive/Protective-ness .. but not obsessively so..

~The Sexy Aries

[Monday, May 12, 2003|03:06 p.m. #_#

in pain........JOYGASUM! *scowls*
won't be on until tomorrow mostlikely. T-T

when the FUCK can i get that burgandy hair.. *growls and trots off to bed*
fuckin plague!

nyc bloggers
god.. i miss brooklyn....
if i had the cash i'd live in down town brooklyn... *sighs*

~The Sexy Aries

[Sunday, May 11, 2003|03:06 p.m. dull momma day..

stayed home with ethan while mom, joel and daniel went to service

he slept. i slept.
got up at about... er.. 10:30 ish.. watched some nature show about new york

Imagine.. green parakeets building nests in brooklyn.. freaky
then i saw a documentary on the guy who owns Bergdorf Goodman
he was cuban.. go figure. ^_^
um.. then i fell asleep again..
and got up again to watch some doumentary on some american girl
she married an iranian guy..
and they went to visit his family in iran *this was in 2002 tho*
okies. right now there is some boring thing showing so yeah.. gotta wait till 4 to see Martin Yan's Chinatowns. *must learn to make dumplings*
they look so easy to make tho. T-T *loves too cook.. but hates to clean up after herself when she does.*

SPIDA! got your thing inthe mail! La carte très mignonne!
*yep i know they make ya learn that up there!*

now i know why you asked me if that was something acceptable. :p

Conscious self
Overall self
Take Free Extended Enneagram Test

very interesting.
Conscious self
Overall self
Take Free Enneagram Test
*shorter version of this quiz*
Which Saiyuki Boy are you?

Which Saiyuki boy are you?
Take the Saiyuki Quiz at

Angel of Temptation- such a tease, you lure others
to your side and tempt them with desires.

~Dark Angel Quiz~
brought to you by Quizilla EHHHHHHHHHH? ME? *blinks* WTH?
actually.. i do flirt kinda? *blinks* i'm nice and talkative i guess.. ?_?
i dunno *holds head*

~The Sexy Aries

[Sunday, May 11, 2003|01:21 a.m. show time at the apollo...

i wish i could sing better.
i mean. i can sing.. but i wanna sing STUPENDIOUSLY!
damned show time at the apollo for makin me wanna sing better
*grumbles and goes to bed*

happy momma's day to all yer mommas.

*gies to show her mom some love*

~The Sexy Aries

[Sunday, May 11, 2003|12:17 a.m. DIE! what a surprize.. i did know WHO i'd get really

Die! You should definitely want to introduce your
family to Die. Fun-loving and amusing, he'll
make a good impression. Everyone is sure to
have a good time. Chances are, you'll be
seeing a lot more of him.

Which member of Dir en Grey should you want to bring home to meet your family?
brought to you by Quizilla *is amused and happy*

if i met him. i KNOW we'd get alogn well!


~The Sexy Aries

[Saturday, May 10, 2003|11:52 p.m. quizes.. etc..

You should be an Aries, Outgoing, Extravert,
Energetic, Dynamic, Courageous, Generous,
Strong, Extravagant but sometimes can be
arrogant, insecure, jealous, concerned with
looks and others' opinion

~*What is your TRUE Zodica sign?*~
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You should be a Libra, Cosmopolitan, refined,
amiable, sociable, happy, generous, realistic,
charming, gracious, affectionate, balanced,
diplomatic, easy-going, elegant, charming,
flirtatious, committed, objective but can be
indecisive, emotionally complex, vague,
dependent, distant, argumentative, depressed,
exhausted, materialistic, superficial, self-
indulgent, easily-offended

~*What is your TRUE Zodica sign?*~
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Lucifer: Angel of the starlight, you are often
confused with being evil in your quiet
contemplations... Underneath it all you are
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God likes u more... the others are just
jealous. What do they know anyways.

Which Angel Lays Within You?
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so the letter was some shit from him saying our lawyer misrepresented him tothe court..


YOU killed my aunt there guy..

HOW THE FUCK were you misrepresented by OUR lawyer?
You are an unfit father to your son and he SHOULD be taken away from your druggy dumb ass!
now.. onto nicer news ne?

went to the movies last night.
it was fun!
we would have seen BLT..
but #1 it was starting at 11 and we got there at 9:30..and #2 me and my sis are supposed to go see it.:/

anyhow.. so we see X2.. and i was like RIGHT on point with the whole moive.. except for that Jason guy..
i mean.. Pyro.. that was WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY obvious..
he's.. all psycho and bad.. ok ok.. not PSYCHO psycho.. but still..

and Yukyo.. or who ever. she didn't have to.. *spoiler.. won't say any more*
so yeah. it was nice. tho i had to constantly prop my right leg up
my damned knee was buggin me again.
but i saw this HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT asian guy.. he was too far away for me to see what/where his is from
*hiss hiss jeer jeer*
i need a guy..any flavor of guy damnit!
i need to get the fuck outta my house already.
and i need to get my burgandy hair too. red and black!
i'm -><- close to gettin it done too.
also. SNK is fuckin HILARIOUS TONIGHT!
ESPECIALLY tv funhouse!

~The Sexy Aries

[Thursday, May 8, 2003|03:42 p.m. numb.....

This is how I feel right this minute.
Why you may ask?
A ususally carefree girl like me is numb?..
What could cause it?

I went to check the mail just now.. going through it to see if my stuff came in yet.. and what do I see?

A letter addressed to my dad from Jeff...


You heard right.. from JEFF...

I wanted to tear it open and see if he confessed.. or SOMETHING.. but then I decided not to.. and to try and call my dad at work to tell him...
but he left for the day already...

*shakey breath*
my mom left her cell phone here.. and my dad did too..
so all I could thing about is to make SURE Joel doesn't see that letter at ALL!
It's on my bed now...

I really thought I was ok about all of this..
but thinkiong that he is over THERE.... somewhere.. and we will EVENTUALLY have to see him again.. in court...
it kept me in a comfy.. false security.. you could say..

I never thought he would try and communicate with us.. at ALL!

And this is a blow that I can't really handle...right now anyway...
I'm actually shaking as I type this.. and my head is pounding.... yet inside.. along with the: Why NOW-s?... and what does the letter say.. etc etc.. comes the old early questions of.. Why did he do this? and all of that....

I mean.. really.. I was about to come and post that just seeing Ethan's sleeping face makes all I do worth while..
and now THIS happens....

I guess that old hatered never went away..
because.. yeah.. I hate him..
But NOT a raw.. I wanna fucking tear you limb from limb.. rip your hear out.. etc etc...

That was never me.....
I wanted the slow torment.. the nagging feeling of what he did to gnaw at him constantly until he dies.. old age or not... if he took his own life.. so be it..
He did it to himself.
And I pity him.. because of what ever reason he did it for.. he ruined a good thing..
his marrage to my aunt.. the respect of my family.. many many far reaching things.......

and most important of all.. his grace...

I know if he asks for forgiveness from God.. he'll get it..
But still being "semi-saved" as I am.. it leaves a bitter taste in my mouth still....

Though wrong of me to say.. i wish he killed himself already so this shit would be over..
no trial..
no nothing..
just him not existing anymore.. but no release for him.. just eternal torment..

His mom and dad would be sad.. etc etc..
But.. reallly.. he is a waste of space.

I guess it is due to when I love.. I love whole heartedly..and when I hate *which is RARE*.. I hate the same.. and EXTRA too.....
I'mma go lay down for a while.....
I may be on later.. may not..
I dunno

~The Sexy Aries

[Thursday, May 1, 2003|04:31 p.m. *holds head with shakey hand*

ok.. *deep breathe*
today started out good.. went with ry to get his slides.
did not get lost thanks to lez *huggles lez*
I got all niced up for the awards show today too. ^-^

ok. so we come back...
ry left his disk with his and jillian's work back home
he lives like MAAAAAAAD far
so they were like fuck it. we're gonna go home after wesmoke/eat
I didn't have a damned thing to do cuz i wasn't planning on staying after the awards ceremony..
and i was hungry
so i joined them.. and i see my old friend tom from hs

yeah. *sniffles* he's a janitor now T-T
he was all in my art class in hs too. *pouts sadly*
anyhow... so yeah he's all like DAYYYYMN NIcole1 you lookin mad sexxxxxxxxi today
so we chit chat for a bit.. mostly about love, HIM *aka my boy....*, marrage.. etc etc..
there was this other janitor guy who was 24 and was married already so yeah...
he was like NOOO! IT'S A TRAAAAAP!
then jillian askes me to go get her id for her.. and i do.
so toma nd i are talkin and we come back outside
jillian is like, i'm out..
so i'm guessing ry was leaving too
it didn't seem like he had anything to do except drop off his slides
so i go with the janitors upstairs and i go for my lunch..

i got back with in about 5-10 min.. and i couldn't find ry anywhere
so i shrugged it off. stayed in his class workin on my site
*i.e. uploading and scanning pics*
anyhow. the awards ceemony.. cat was late.. but she was "witnessing" to some lady
yeah...... >.>;;;;

so we wait and wait for advisers.. the bitches never show up...
SHELLEN i mean.. not maria.
maria told us prior that she had a teacher dept meeting today and she couldn't make it..
anyhow.. we clapped for ppl who got awards, got our own awards.. and props from Pat for a "BEAUTIFUL Myriad this year"
*wiggles* we got PIMPED OUT TO EVERYONE!
so anyhow we get our food.. and i eat my share.. had 2 mini sundays and was full
so i was gonna go to class after i let my food settle for bit

but viv convinced me to stay and chill for a while
so i did.. i sat outsidein those soft orange chairs they got..
and she was int he office onthe phone..i dunno how long.. cuz i fell asleep but i DID wake up when she was aboutto take my pic
so i wake up before she can take the pic and smile all nice and she takes the pic
>XD MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Lynch skillz! my dad is like that too
anyways.. so she calls up lanora's bro so he can burn me sonic X ep 1 & 2...
YAY! FREE ANIME EPS! i guess i'll watch it at home then...
so yeah i get dropped off by jlc.. and viv.. he kinda sounds like mike form the CCPB but not as bad. ^^;;;;;;;;

and he seems kinda old.. ^^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
anyhow. so yeah i get in to class like LATE as hell
but fran was cool with it cuz she was in the awards show too.
she's the advisor tot he asian club. ^^v
i get started on my class work.. only to find the fuckin MACs won't open my fuckin file.
i have ONE tiny spelling error and i can't even fix it!
this shit happend to me 3 times already!!!
*breathes deep*
so yeah... i'm not happy

~The Sexy Aries

[Thursday, May 1, 2003|01:42 p.m.


Sensual, voluptuous, you intensely yearn to fulfill your heart's desires
in couple life in the purest
possible tradition, for your need for tenderness and sentimental security is boundless.

With you, love is not a simple item added to the list of your preoccupations
- it's rather a force that possesses you entirely. When you give your heart,
there's no question to take it back. The sense of stability, which is inherent
to your first name, entails constancy and unshakable faithfulness
on your part if your mate responds to your sensual appetite.

^-^ go here for your name.

Which Fruits Basket (Furuba) Character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

~The Sexy Aries

[Wednesday, April 30, 2003|10:47 p.m. *is amused*

The Dante's Inferno Test has sent you to the First Level of Hell - Limbo!
Here is how you matched up against all the levels:
Purgatory (Repenting Believers)Moderate
Level 1 - Limbo (Virtuous Non-Believers)High
Level 2 (Lustful)Moderate
Level 3 (Gluttonous)Moderate
Level 4 (Prodigal and Avaricious)Low
Level 5 (Wrathful and Gloomy)Low
Level 6 - The City of Dis (Heretics)Very Low
Level 7 (Violent)Low
Level 8- the Malebolge (Fraudulent, Malicious, Panderers)Moderate
Level 9 - Cocytus (Treacherous)Very Low

Take the Dante's Inferno Hell Test
i knew this was gonan be mine.. too sinful fo go to heven.. yet too virtious to be in HELL hell
i'm pleased

DUTTY ASS HOE! Take a good srcub down BATH!
hm.. what else. oh! saw the end of Manor house today..

i'm pissed off. i'm all expecting it to be a longer show..
i got home late yesterday..

i all missed it. >XO

END NOT: some people need to grow the fuck UP!


~The Sexy Aries

[Wednesday, April 30, 2003|10:31 p.m. drained a moot.

lj bogged for today


oh. my damend lil bro found the ice cream bars. T-T
no more toasted almond for me i guess. *deep sigh*

~The Sexy Aries

[Wednesday, April 30, 2003|06:09 a.m. mi dia...

I rarely dream of J-rockers..

BUT! WHEW! I had a good dream last night

It was odd.. like... MIyavi was doing some exchange program..
and for some reason holly and carla were there too...
so we're in my house.. and my DAD is teaching us history..
and I all scoot over to sit RIGHT Ont he same stool as Miya-sama
anyhow.. so i'm all molseting him.. and my dad is babling on and on..
>XD he was like.. Ya... yamete.. Onegai.. *moan moan*
I mean.. all I'm doin is playin with him a bit.. ABOVE the belt..
hm..... it got. better later on tho... a bit of role reversal.. etc etc... >X}

My word.. today was.. semi-interesting.. to say the least..
aside from.. my.. *cough* interesting dream...
I got up late.. -_- damned fridge tripped the circut.. rendering my alarm clock USELESS!!!
My room is on the same circut as the kitchen..
I dunno WHY!! >.< I get up and get ready.. to go..
But i had work to do tho. T-T
BTW! Lez.. I made a print for ya..
And no it's not a solo portrait pic.
Gave Chenga a print
Had lunch with Marco. made chit chat really
Printed out some Miya-sama fan art. *beams*
One on Marco's nice paper.. *hugs Marco* and again on the SUPER SPIFFY GLOSSY PAPER!
um.. had a Mixed Spices meeting
it turns out the Secretary.. *i.e. ME* has MAAAAAAAAD shit to so as her job. T-T
BUT! I'll do as good of a job as I can to!
I SO can't wait till thursday!
Club awards ceremony...
er.. nikki-ese= FREE FOOD!

that's all really..

I need to write some smut when I get home..

~The Sexy Aries

[Monday, April 28, 2003|12:58 a.m. Into a dream ~ op for Kare Kano

^^ yeah.. i wanna watch this series again.. all of it
I guess i should explain.
i LOVE this seires.. but i'm too broke to try and get the manga for it..
i got into it about junior/senior year of high school thanks to hen.
yeah.. hen was my anime dealer
anyhow. he made an mp3 cd of the whole soundtrack for me..
well... of other anime songs too.. but i loved the music from kare kano SO much.. i only listened to it
today. my mom got her "ALL THE BOOKS OF THE BIBLE" mp3 cds today..
well.. nore like they have been sitting in her PO box for MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD long.. and she saw the cashed check statement NOW ^^;;;
i degress.. so i've been using her cd/mp3 player for a while..
but to be slick.. i sliped it BACK in it's packaging..and i was like i was listening to this mp3 cd my friend made me..
I wound up listening to it.. and i can't say how much i LOVE that show/manga!
AND! i'm tryign to get SOEMONE into it.. but that is like pulling teeth tho. ;p
but i keep tellin them it's a good show tho. *pouts*
i think they'd like Asapin ALOT! *cracks up*
anyhow.. off to bed. tired.. and my back hurts form stiting

~The Sexy Aries

[Sunday, April 27, 2003|11:26 p.m. neer?

you are kaoru!
your jrock alter ego is - kaoru!

who is your jrock alter ego?
brought to you by Quizilla
*stares blankly*
er. yeah............. I was goin more for Izam or soemthing....
But I guess it's ok..
Though i DO think about sex alot..
I don't say some of the tings i REALLY wanna try/do/like to see...
yesh. I'll keep my depraved self quite.. O:3
OW! I'm hungry. *holds stomach*

~The Sexy Aries

[Sunday, April 27, 2003|01:38 a.m. DOUJINSHI/MANGAS!

click the linku!
LOADS of stuff there..
ok. ok.. not LOADS..
but alot of nice stuff!

yeah.. tis all. survey thing out on my lj
jacked it from Rice-o

~The Sexy Aries

[Saturday, April 26, 2003|04:03 p.m. =_=V

got up LATE AS ALL HELL today
say.. 10 to 8... ^^;;;;; yeah..
anyhow.. after taking a bath, makin lunch, changing ethan and hanging up laundry,....
Yeah. My mom and dad had ethan there in their room..
mind you they were awake... in his POO papmer..
Anyhow..I'm ready then my dad is all like hang up the clothes
I do that.. then off t school we go.. at like.... 8:45
I didn't make any real prints.. per say.. ^^;;;;;;;;;
It was more like these.. and these.

The blue lines indicate ones I like.

Mr. Bebo is funny! Too bad the funny ass pic came out blurry.. T-T *note: must make him a print of those pics..*

~The Sexy Aries

[Saturday, April 26, 2003|01:03 a.m. *sighs*

I guess i'm too optimistic
I mean..I have a REALISTIC optimism at least..
I KNEW that fuckin dream was gonna come true.
The sheer JOY I felt when it happend.. then the CRUSHING and SWIFT blow of defeat
*cluthes heart*
and that was only a dream.. not life..
not yet anyhow. T-T
I know it's comming.... I've already been warned
I wish I could sleep forever if I could feel that...
I mean.. I have NO right to say my life is empty.. but it is..
And looking back.. I see that everytime.. it's my fault
damned meditiation.....and pondering.. *wishes she could veg out to some music right about now
-_- yeah.. going to sleep.. probably gonna dream about it.. AGAIN!*scowls*
and yes.. it's been a reoccuring dream...

PPL who are in this thing with me! I will be looking forward to your packages soon

if you haven't decided STILL on if you wanna do it.. it's ok.. but let me know.
cuz the mass e-mails are annoying to you if you don't wanna be in on it.

~The Sexy Aries

[Saturday, April 26, 2003|12:31 a.m. whew...

This was all wonky for some odd reason....
It all took away my fun box *points to box in the lower right hand corner*
When all I did was all a few links.. PROPERLY to it
I tried archiving my pitas..
and everything looked FINE on the archive page.. but come BACK to the index page.. HA!
This thing is working now.. but I have a killer headache now..
Gomen Aya-mun.. I didn't say hi or anyhting..*feels bad*
This thing was really pissin me off
Oi yoi yoi.. to bed I go. t-t

~The Sexy Aries

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