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[Monday, June 23, 2003|09:53 p.m.]
Infinite Rhythm:// none....

lj blogged again..
i have been for the past few days..
been kinda frustrated and aggrivated too
but sicne i have one day left in this house.. *aka tomorrow* until i get back..

i'm happier than a pig in shit!
so yeah.. added some more links. and lj firends...
i STILL ned to put the pics onmy server in the gallery section
some 36 moons fanart.. cuz.. i get bored easily
and ni love to doodle guys...
i used to avoid drawing gys. cuz i thought it was hard
but now.. it seems like ALL i ever do iss doodle guy

spida.. did you get it yet?

[Saturday, June 21, 2003|02:30 a.m.]
Infinite Rhythm:// my own doubts and angsts
lj blogged
i need to stop playing ignore the moster in the corner

[Wednesday, June 18, 2003|11:03 p.m.]
Infinite Rhythm:// song from the site....
got here!
anyone who can identify the song playing..
i'll love you for life
it's all dark...
i love this song.. and i dunno what it's calle dnor who sings it..
and i don't listen to american music much..
so neer....R i need help
pura had the link to this art site..
and the drawings.. they are hotness too

[Tuesday, June 17, 2003|09:57 p.m.]
Infinite Rhythm:// Hanaukyo Maids.. FUNNY ASS SHOW!!
yeah.. i did alot yesterday..a dn i was too busy packing to mention it( Read more... )
more fansigns!
YEAH.. my spanish is rusty.. after i made it i saw it was supposed to say eran.. or something.. @@ i forget.. T-T
( Read more... )

[Sunday, June 15, 2003|09:08 p.m.]
Infinite Rhythm ://blood punding in my ears.
People in my house are stupid...Read more... )
i'm so mad....
so so so mad..
words cannot convey how mad i am...

*edit* and i just red my horoscope..*slaps forehead*


[Friday, June 13, 2003|11:38 p.m.]
Infinite Rhythm: // Shindemo Boogie Woogie - Miyavi //
quizes )
and i'll do some more signs another time okies yomi-chan?
yesh that's your new nickname...Yomi-chan
tho i think i called you that before..

[Friday, June 13, 2003|03:02 p.m.]
Infinite Rhythm ://Gariben Rock - Miyavi
ok.. ok..
long time no blog ne?..
Read more... )
i'm putting a few fansigns HERE for you guys to see.
Read more... )

[Wednesday, June 11, 2003|08:10 p.m.]
Infinite Rhythm ://Kizuna - Aya Ueto//
Well.. actually yesterday was good up until say..
5 pmish

PJ and some classmates came in to B&N to study!
so I frantically wave him over and tell him to find my celebrity look-a-like managers
Sean Connery, Peggy Bundy and "grown up" Harry potter
aka Wayne, Kim and Sean
so they are MIA and I'm too busy to look for them
he's so adorable in his baseball cap though. ^-^

anyhow.. so Jan comes by and I get him this book he wants
*with my discount. not MY cash*
it's called Invisible Monsters and the writer of FIGHT CLUB wrote it
when I say this book is good!...
I couldn't put it down..
I started reading it at say..6 pmish.. until 10pmish.. all crampy and everything
I'm almost done with it actually..

and I'm all woman plagued now..
I even tried to sleep at 10 pm.. only to toss and turn in bed until 3am.. I FINALLY got some sleep at am.. but the sucky thing is that I had to get up at 6:30 this morning
T-----------T I was so sleepy in work today..
and what sucked the most was the fact that I DID take my 6ooMG Advil
the sit was supposed to last up to 6 hrs.. that shit konked out at 2 hrs
so I was in pain at work

upside.. I bought some nice things yesterday and today.. pics of that... later..


[Saturday, June 7, 2003|11:33 a.m.]
Infinite Rhythm// none..

Work was.. ok yesterday
I mean STARTED OFF well. ^_^v
I got a ride from my friend Ernest
I was walking to work.. since it was a nice day.. and he sees me and drops me to work
*glomps him*

I did miss him tho. ^___^ that was my boy
he's on vacation from school *in maryland.. he's gonna be a lawyer! XD*
I was on with Donna and Greg.
It was so damned slow that we had to find stuff to do..
lest we just stand around... doing nothing
and we couldn't do that because Wayne's *my manager* boss was there..
TWO of them..
and the whole time they nitpickin at stupid shit.

Anyhow.. I was supposed to go on break at 2pm..
but one of the evening staff called and said she was having car trouble
Mind you I came in at 9:45 when I was supposed to be there at 10:30..
and I hadn't had any breakfast
I was hungry.. and though I was.. I said I'd take my break at 4pm.. since Greg and Donna were leaving at 3:300
but I COULD have taken my 2pm break..
I mean it was for an hour..and they were still there too.
But Wayne said no.
Yet, I wasn't mad at him at all..
I was mad at Mary Jane and her stupid car..
and Megan for fucking comming in at 4pm and not 3:30
so they came in and I went on break.

I saw Mike from the Asian Club party there.. and this other kid I knew.
I had my break IN work.. because I didn't feel like eating chick-fill-a.. AGAIN
and I strolled upstairs after I ate with mike int he dinning area
and lo and behold!
I see my senior english teacher Ms. Grubb.
Yeah..she's all young and such.. but.. kinda.. cliquish..
WE never had a problem with each other.. but I wasn't.. one of her favorites.. *aka cheerleader*
but I was so surprized she was there..
so we chit-chateed for a bit.. and she left to go look at some books

I punch out at 6 pm and head to Delia's because I needed some black pants..
I go to the clearance section*^^;;;;;;;;;;* and I pick out a pair
I go to the dressing room.. only to see this girl.. and she looks kinds familiar..
but I shrug it off and try on the pants..
but before I put it on.. I see that the zipper is broken
So I put them back..
The other black pants are either too nice, too BIG or too expensive..
so I get a new black belt instead. ^_^V
And I got ot he register only to see that girl again..
I'm waiting online.. and I can't place where I saw her before..
Some vauge feeling of "I swear I saw you before somewhere" hits AGAIN as I see her name badge.
Then I ask her if she knew a lez
and she's like lez what? so i go lez .......
She's like yeah. And I'm like OH ok. ^-^
And I leave to catch my bus.
So... I met Jun.

Yesterday was just full of chance meetings I guess. :p

[Thursday, June 5, 2003|03:07 p.m.]
Infinate Rhythm // none...

go there.
i'm too lazy to link to my website etc etc right now
the whole thing needs a new look and i really don't have the time to bother with it.
by the end of the summer *hopefull* it'll all be done.
i posted some pics of when i got my hair done on my lj too..
AND it's listed in that "5th born child miscarry" link on my archive page

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You are Miyavi's bunny. Miyavi loves you but is too
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tub, but always gives you a pillow.But
sometimes you are woken up by his insesant
screaming at his refection when he remarks how
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