[Monday, December 31, 2007|08:23 p.m.]


2007 in months.. and I WILL abuse the word hot/hotness!

deans list, nikui and her eyes, eating out with pete and company in st. marks

deg in PA and NYC, coldness! tax refund $$$

march: uh... I don't remember/ deans list probably, mario lopez dancing at my job, fusion 2007. memorycard for my camera DYING and loosing all of my pics/video for both events

turned 24, had a pre-birthday thing with friends, began to fall out of love with jrock

fell back in love with jrock thanks to jrr. my mind was all about JRR, went and had a blast, MANY LOLS WERE SHARED! I made new friends, got rid of one more worthless person in my life. my sister and I begin to hang out more HOT!

mini HONJRF meetup! pure HOTNESS!

anime next for 12012 Not a fan but...AW! I MISS THEM, MANY LOLS WERE TO BE HAD! I LOOKED FUCKING HOT! got two picks! dropped one worthless friend. Mika concert in ny, not on speaking terms with another worthless friend. OTAKON! EPIC HONJRF meetup! partied like a rockstar with ms. nikui and friends at various events.ms.nikui's defeat in Penalty Uno.. FINALLY! WAITED IN THE LINE FROM HELL with ms. nikui

caribanna in toronto. WE LOOKED HOT YO!MORE rockstar antics with ms. Niukui and friends.HOT!

PAVAROTTI DIED, dropped second worthless friend. good riddance! i LOVE yoga class. deleted first lj, began attending aura thursdays with my sister, sokai visits! HOTNESS!


CAVALLIMANIA! 6 years of online bloggging, thanksgiving, seeing my family, partying with my cousin and sister that night!

the semester ends, christmas gifts that KICK MUCH ASS from friends and family

Resolution for 2008:

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[Wednesday, December 26, 2007|12:54 a.m.]



THAT was fast!

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[Thursday, December 20, 2007|04:30 p.m.]


Taste of Chaos

The official tour dates are up. Now all we have to do is wait until tickets go on sale...
Joy and rapture.
I wonder if it will be as harrowing as the Dir en grey ticket sale or better yet the J-rock Revolution ticket sale...

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[Tuesday, December 11, 2007|03:35 a.m.]


Gothic and Lolita Bible

First off the english version of Gothic&Lolita Bible is due in Feb 2008. Tokyopop will be distributing it. Rejoice ye lolis! REJOICE!
Even better news, they are having some sort of contest... Tokyopop needs you! uh.. I hope you guys had fun at the con this past weekend. I didn't go. I opted to head over to the ANTI-Feminism X Hakagure concert in Brooklyn instead.

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[Thursday, December 6, 2007|11:43 p.m.]



Wow. I haven't watched anime in a while. I sort of "restarted" sometime around mid November. I caught some episodes of Trinity Blood, Blood+, ErgoProxy and TenjoTenge. I instantly became addicted. I don't know how long the latter two were running for but I suppose Trinity Blood is now over. I haven't seen it in a week or so. I even began watching Bleach half-heartedly. I basically picked up from the last fansub.. where Ichigo was learning Ban Kai or however you spell it. I was dating Mr. P and following these shows, Nana, PrincessPrincess and Ouran Host Club religiously back then. Man how time flies.
Getting back to the topic of this post, music... I have been throughly in LOVE with the Trinity Blood opening. That song is fucking AMAZING! I got around to watching the unedited opening and I was happy to find out that Buck-Tick had originally done it. Well here it is for you guys!

Guess who is going to try and get their hands on more Buck Tick stuff? I already love Atsushi Sakura's voice, so this will simply make me want to get into Buck-Tick some more. I am sure Misato can help me out with that. That also answers my question about older songs being used in anime. I always wondered how it would be handled. Obviously they did a phenomenal job with it. Someone else recently got me hooked on abingdon boys school and B'z. Loads of music to get to for the winter. DAMN. I think I will eventually need to get a new ipod because of this.
I need to send out my money for the cds/dvds I ordered. Laziness is prolonging my time apart from my items.
What else... Oh! I uploaded more deviations on DA.
Gotta go. My shows are coming on.

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[Saturday, December 1, 2007|01:55 a.m.]



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[Tuesday, November 27, 2007|12:06 a.m.]


It is my 6 year anniversary of blogging online today.

November 27, 2001 - November 27,2007


Let us rise up and be thankful, for if we didn't learn a lot today, at least we learned a little, and if we didn't learn a little, at least we didn't get sick, and if we got sick, at least we didn't die; so, let us all be thankful.

This site was the very first site I ever blog posted on. I began a livejournal soon after. That page is now defunct and so much has changed over 6 years.

Over that time I did the following:
I learned so much.
I grew in many ways.
I traveled across the country.
I made great friends.

I also tried documenting all of that as best as I could during my years of online blogging.Many of those memories are quite dear to me.Those past six years were quite the adventure for me and I only anticipate greatness to come.

While most like to take time during these occasions to reminisce about EVERYTHING that happened from the beginning to now. I will simply say this: Let us not look backward. We may never agree on what happened. What is important is the here and now.

Let us all have a good seventh year together.

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[Monday, November 12, 2007|04:41 p.m.]



I went to bed Thursday morning at 12:30am.
I woke up at 4:00am also...

I was helping my sister get items from H&M....
from Roberto Cavalli.

After all of that insanity, I dropped the goods off at my sister's apartment and headed off to class. Um, my class that evening was uneventful, we were let out a little bit early and I was still pretty energetic so I called Orphicget and let her know that the guy my sister and her fiance keep trying to hook me up with may be coming out with them so I could not go with her.. but for her to come with US!

I dunno where she was but I had fun last night. I have to upload the photos once I get home too.

Friday was spent going to the various bridal boutiques my sister's friend had made appointments for her at. I loved this one place that was in a loft. AMAZING SPACE. If I could get a dream apartment, I would want a loft. we then had a late lunch and Cafe Bari that took a million years to arrive. We nibbled and then got everything to go. :/

I then left for class.

If I can afford it, I want to go to the after work events. I like them and the crowd is actually a more mature one. (No in an old man sort of way but I don't fear getting stabbed or shot.)

I sort of regret not taking photos of the Cavalli insanity while it was happening.

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[Tuesday, November 6, 2007|02:27 a.m.]


I can't sleep.

What else is new?
Here are some photos I've been owing..
This is Halloween!

I've been doing some gradual yet minor wardrobe updating as of late. I am getting a bit tired of black on black. I think the effect works rather well.

Cute, no?

Last but not least...A wee bit of pervertedness!

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[Sunday, November 4, 2007|07:00 p.m.]



BL Mangaka dies. Such sad news.
Um. I didn't do anything productive today. I went to the mall with Ryan yesterday though. We had fun per usual. I missed hanging out with him so much. Despite how busy our lives get, we always have time for a quick call, e-mail or im to say hi. Oh. And sadly, Uniqlo is gone from my mall. It has been replaced with that ever wandering Square One store that pops up when another store leaves its location. I need to get a few winter coats actually. Maybe I will stop by next week.
On an unrelated note, I love the Sweet Powder PV. The song has grown on me a little bit too. Not an instant favorite or anything but we will see once the new album comes out.
Pics and such encompassing the past week and the goings ons of today are forthcoming

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[Friday, November 2, 2007|12:09 a.m.]


Oh Hyde..

Watch as the mall Santas party down!

This is not as cracked as that other video with all the rainbow colors etcetera but wow. Just wow.

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[Wednesday, October 24, 2007|11:49 p.m.]


I am very intrigued by this.
That is all.

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[Friday, October 19, 2007|12:47 a.m.]


My childhood...

.. my childhood as spent looking forward to the fall cartoon lineups for Saturday mornings on Friday nights in September on ABC or the WB.

Yep. You read right.

The most monumental of these shows that I can remember was Sonic the Hedgehog. Granted by then I was on the verge of being a teen but still... I was on youtube and randomly thought on a whim to check it out along with Super Mario Brothers.

Let me just say this, I LOVE THE INTERNET! You can find nearly ANYTHING on it if you know where to look.

I found the episodes of Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario brothers on there. Nostalgia hit me hard.

I remembered how I made my mother purchase me a Sonic the Hedgehog comic book subscription. I wound up sending them, duplicates and all to my cousins in Trinidad once I began college. I hadn't read the things in years.

I also used to draw Sonic and Sally PERFECTLY. I would even purchase the books via the Scholastic Catalog they sent home with us from elementary and middle school.

I miss those days. Life was so simple back then. Not a care in the world.

Anyways, here is a clip of the last aired episode for television...

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[Wednesday, October 17, 2007|02:58 p.m.]



So, a few of my friends are going to see Luna Sea play in japan and have been buzzing about the Tribute album.

It is up on CD Japan FINALLY.

I think I may get it simply for the artists who are apart of it.

On another note, everyone keeps asking me about Halloween. I will not be having a Halloween this year thanks to my classes and work. NEXT YEAR however, I hope to do something FANTASTIC.

Lastly, I have been looking to take sewing classes and another Japanese class. I can't remember much of anything I had learned this summer. I have to really try to remember the numbers past 59 and so on. I was so good at it when I had class too. Practicing in my head when I was bored. I would count by hundreds and such too. ARGH! I need to re-learn it.

Oh! My contact for that con in December asked if I wanted to help out. I haven't said yes yet but I may... who knows.

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[Tuesday, October 16, 2007|01:25 a.m.]


Lamentations on fashion...

I have been disappointed with the "gothic" fashion scene for quite some time now.

I mean from each coast and country.
Save for corsets, just about EVERYTHING that I have seen as of late is boring or has been done already.

I admit that I used to look at the clothes at HOT TOPIC in awe before I found out about the japanese sites/brands.
I only go there for shoes..and even then their selection is lacking as of late.

I used to LOVE going to the h.NAOTO and alice auaa (and all the rest of the usual Japanese brands) websites back in 2002 (and a bit later) to see what they had to offer... dreaming of buying something someday. The clothes were amazing back then.

I have a better paying job now but the ideas are so DULL DULL DULL!

I keep seeing the same crown/skull/text motif on all the brands and nothing new or innovative.

I guess that is why I buy from anywhere and try my own spin on it i suppose. I don't know how successful I am but it works for me for now.

This actually came into my head again because I have a screen printing class and I want to print something "gothic" on.. well SOMETHING. I don't know yet. I will sketch out some designs or something. Hahahaha.

I just don't want some cliche "RED RUM" sort of thing.. but it is sort of hard to get away from that I suppose...

Speaking of which.. I saw these boots and DIED.

They are so amazing! IMPRACTICALLY AMAZING!

I have two photos from this past weekend also.

I miss them so much already.

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[Sunday, October 14, 2007|12:41 p.m.]


Put to rest...

I put my other livejournal to rest last night.
There is something freeing about that. It felt like I was wiping my slate clean. I liked it.
I do not want to be associated with that name anymore. That name was not me for a very long time and I am glad to disassociate with it finally. Well... almost. I am too lazy to change my DA name right now.
On another note, I made a great discovery.. now if i could only find the original... I would be very pleased.

Friday, I went to NYC for Collective 7... which was canceled. I found this out AFTER I had already arrived at Orphic's house. We waited for Ino-mun to arrive and we drank, watched Aoi no Screen (I am not sure of the title...) with a very young Ryuuhei in it, and ate pizza. Fun times. I got a little buzzed too. Then they taught me about the world of rp. I had briefly toyed with the idea a while back but I don't think I will get into it. I LOVE hearing their stories though. Very entertaining. Eggvip called and let us know she had arrived in NYC safely but we were too tired to go out clubbing, so we decided to meet up with her the next day instead.
Saturday was full of shopping fun... well I personally didn't shop but I saw four things I really liked. Three of which I shall be getting. The fourth was a LOVELY Miss Sixty coat... that was WAY WAY WAY too expensive. Oh! we met up with Eggvip and co. and went to Miss Sixty. They were having their 5th birthday and there was a cute DJ spinning and free cupcakes and alcohol. Guess who got lit for free? :)
i DID NOT WANT TO COME HOME that evening. I was invited out clubbing with Adi, Meesh, Eggvip et al but I HAD to go home. I knew my father would be pissed off because I DID NOT COME HOME ON SATURDAY TO CLEAN THE POOL AS PROMISED... I STILL don't want to do it. I only swam in the damn thing ONCE for the whole summer. (after AnimeNext)
I need to go do that shit now because I have work later.

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[Tuesday, October 9, 2007|01:45 a.m.]


Creation and Death

My phone is dead... or rather I can't see anything but a white screen on it. I guess I have been putting off getting a new phone long enough. The third choice phone is no longer available.. but I go to the LG website to see these fucking phones. They tempt me quite evilly.

Speaking of new, I still need to add more stuff to the DA page AND put that layout Ive been promising since AUGUST up. I keep putting that shit off and it isn't funny. I have three to chose from but I keep tinkering with the html. :/ Lord knows I HATE coding because I want to make sure it works PERFECTLY. Well, atleast I have fusion to look forward to on friday amoung other things.

On Saturday I went and hung out with Orphicget and Sokai. Orfic corupted me with so much FAKE? that I have songs stuck in my head. She tried to get Olivia stuck in there but I already liked her BEFORE the Nana business anyways... I am just a lazy ass when it comes to the music I like. I would wait to have people send me stuff then for me to just get it. Anyways, we met up with some of sokai's friends and went to get some yaki tori. After that we hit up a sake bar. nice place. I think I want to have something there sometime.

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[Monday, September 24, 2007|11:21 a.m.]


An early semester getaway...

I ditched class on Friday evening due to many transit frustrations. Granted it was free last week for college students but that shit was way beyond acceptably late. I COULD have gone to this one Korean/Asian-something event with Adi and Kuri but since hip hop is not really my thing anymore I declined. The location it was being held at is simply beautiful and I regretted it instantly. I also forgot to RSVP for it to get in for free. Oops. Instead I called up P to see if he wanted to go grab a bite at our favorite spot.He was busy at work unfortunately. I then called Orphicget who was more than happy to hang out. I took the train into NYC and visited her at the Express on 34th. Man talk about PEOPLE! I know it is their semi-annual and all that but DAMN! I guess everyone was buying their outfit for clubbing that night or something. We even stopped into Zara and I had to restrain the urge to buy one coat there and then. It looked really nice on me by the way. Anyways, she called Valen and off we went to Koreatown for get this, FRIED CHICKEN!!!

Apparently the place we dinned at was voted best fried chicken of 2007. I must agree to this. It was not greasy tasting or anything. The meat was so moist too. Very flavorful and I hope to go back soon. Valen took photos because I am a lazy ass and didn't bring my hulking camera. :p

Saturday morning my sister and I headed out for brunch in her neighborhood. (After brunch I was going to head up to Orphicgets's place for tea with her and Valen The tea session did not happen though and was changed to Sunday instead.) We met up with my sister's fiance and some other friends of there. R was there also. I haven't seen him since my sister's engagement party.He looked really hot (and tan since he had just returned from Greece) and all but I missed the glasses dearly. Anyways, his place.. basically you buy your brunch and it is free drinks (Mimosa or Bloody Mary) until 5PM! Yeah.....ALL of us were drunk and we stayed until about 5pm also. Many amusign stores and photos of that, but not right now. I also was hit on my this one lady. Awkward but it was all in good fun. R and I spoke briefly about his trip before we left the brunch place.. and went to a sports bar... to eat and drink some more. I had to stop drinking though, I didn't want to make a fool of myself in front of R or anything. HE KEPT HITTING ON ME but I knew he was drunk so I sort of inched back. I think we left there at about 10pm or something. We headed to a pizza parlor after that. I really wanted desert so i went to a near by grocery and picked up a pint... that is STILL at my sister's place.

I slept over my sister's place and was off to Philadelphia Sunday Morning. I had texted bothMisato and Dark_Schudich the night before and told them that due to free transit week I will come down for a visit. Tea at Orphicget's was rescheduled...AGAIN. I arrived at around 1pm and off we went for brunch at this really nice place. Oh man, I wish I had my camera. This place was sort of 60's influenced with the decor and colors and the space was magnificent. Simply magnificent. The food did not disappoint either. After brunch (I refused to consume alcohol by the way. Saturday's activities were quite enough)we went to a really lovely park and watched some street performers break dancing. THE BEST ONE of of ALL of them was the black guy with his wrist in a bandage. Hands down the best out of all of them. Honestly speaking they can not compare to the guys in NYC. There was a rather handsome half asian guy there too. Curly hair, toned body and a killer smile. After that we met up with some of her friends and people watched for a while, taking in the warm sun and gentle breeze. Misato and I parted ways with her friends and opted to walk around her neighborhood. We stopped in the small boutiques and I picked up a few things too. We then headed back to the busier shopping district, BRIEFLY stopping in American Apparel and ventured a bit longer in Urban Outfitters. I was SORELY disappointed. The day ended all too soon and I was on my way home.

The sad thing about all of this is how much food I ate from Thursday night to Sunday afternoon. Seriously pigish eating behavior. Pizza, garlic knots, fried chicken, french fries x 2 days, omelets x 2 days, nachos, fried calamari, and many glasses of various spirits... I actually lost count.

So this week I go back to my impoverished student life of home cooked food, MUCH water and salads. I have to stay toned for the wedding.

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[Thursday, September 20, 2007|01:52 a.m.]


More Jrock drama?


12012 drama....just...wow.
I was NOT expecting that.
NOW I understand why John is over there.. either for THIS or for the Free Will issues.

I did laugh at one macro made BEFORE I found out about the situation.. but now I feel a little guilty. I find these guys very interesting and I keep up with their blog. I guess I am fond of them because they seem NORMAL for the most part... that or the fact that I am not really into them has not made me deify them or anything. Please know that I use the term loosely and I mean no disrespect.

My liking of them is VERY different from my liking of D'espairsRay... specifically Zero. I WAS PETRIFIED when I that he was the first person at the autograph signing at last year's Anime Next. I was so nervous and very unlike myself. I think it is because HE was the reason I got into the band (this is right after the Beauti Fools Fest... the one where Daigo Stardust was "kissed" by Miyavi). I also got into subsequent bands like Merry, .lab and a couple others... but as you all know I am a passive fan. I will download one or two song sand play them to DEATH! I saw some photos of Zero online and though "WOW! THIS GUY IS BAD ASS WITH HIS SHAVED HEAD AND BRAIDS!" And didn't really take a liking to any of the others. Mind you it wasn't a sexual attraction or anything just he looked really cool or something. I don't even stand on his side, opting to be by Karyu instead. THAT man is loads of FUN. If some of you remember my photos of him from that show in the winter...just...wow.

To this day I have no idea why I was all meek and timid in front of him. You guys know that that is not my personality at all. I probably could crush is little ass if I wanted to so why was I acting all funky. Who knows... I mean I stared down Karyu who likes to stare people down.

I simply do not know why I reacted that way and that bothers me the most.

Getting back on topic, I found Tooru to be my favorite from 12012 simply because of how our birthdays fell. Wataru seemed very excited to be there and was rather pleasant. Full of smiles laughs and handshakes.
They all seemed amiable and fun and I liked that.

Now I need to REALLY check out their music.

But whatever. I will stop fangirling about this.


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[Sunday, September 16, 2007|01:07 p.m.]



Yesterday I received my OFFICIAL confirmation (in the form of a letter from the Dean) that I made Dean's List for the Spring 2007 semester. Yeah I WAS flipping out because it did not show up on my campus grade thing. But I am happy. I swear to you hard work pays off. You just can't have any sort of life. ;A; I need to go see my adviser-chairperson AGAIN so we can fill out my graduation paperwork. The fuckers at this school changed the course codes so I have NO IDEA what course is what. This graduation business is trying my patience.

Damn. I also heard about the crazy news with Dynamite Tommy and his EPIC TAX FRAUDsomething the other. :/ I guess there will not be any winter tour state side for Dir en grey.

In other news: the pillows..... I WANT THIS! I want it really badly!

Don't forget that is on top of getting my thing from jadeo and buying those NEW Merry singles/album, not to mention paying back all those people I owe. So... if you wanted to get me a gift I would greatly appreciate it. 8D

Lastly, my allergies have been bothering me since Friday night. JOYGASUM! I am too scared to use Flonase because of the crazy side effects. I may have to stay home from work since the patients are so sick. I wonder if they will pay me to stay home for that.

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[Wednesday, September 12, 2007|10:21 p.m.]



Ah. Hot or not has been so LOLZ-y the past few days. But I am posting a link because of photos! My summer

SCHOOL HAS OFFICALLY STARTED FOR ME! I have two weird/boring professors, one sort of cute yet too old for me professor, and two cool as fuck professors.

I think this semester will be a good one.

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[Thursday, September 6, 2007|12:52 p.m.]



I was shocked to learn of Luciano Pavarotti's death. I can not find the words to convey my deep sadness. I know he is finally at peace though. That form of cancer is rather nasty. Poor man.

May you rest in peace.

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[Monday, August 27, 2007|02:38 p.m.]


Man. It has been a while.
I have been rather busy cleaning up some of my messes here and there as of late. Most of it is gone though. I recently contacted my wireless provider to inquire about an upgrade in my phone since it is time for one. Unfortunately, I came across this beauty. I don't know if or even when the states will get it, but I want one so badly. More that the other two phones I posted about a while back. I really want that phone.


Um, in other news, I have been slowly adding more works up on DA. Re-working the site layout. Hopefully it shall be up by the end of next month since I will be too busy to work on it due to classes and such. Speaking of school, I am still debating on if I should continue on there or at another school. I really want to do some exciting things next summer but it all depends on school.

New layout soon.

ADDN: Luna Sea is reuniting for one announced concert only.


Tickets are 9500yen and on sale 10.28

So go sell a kidney or two and get your asses over to grand ole Nipponland kiddies!

I LOL SO HARD AT THIS! People are already getting all EMOZ OHES NOES about this. I know some friends of mine can and are going and I am happy for them but the fucking people whining and complaining really need to shut the fuck up.

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[Saturday, August 18, 2007|01:39 a.m.]


I waste time rather well.

So, the 10th anniversary of LunaSea's disbandment is in a week and change. I INSTANTLY thought of my nihon sei mun friends, one in particular actually. I personally can't see them getting back together RIGHT NOW. J is all about his solo career, and Sugizo is in S.K.I.N and his other 5-billion side projects in the background. Speaking of S.K.I.N, WHAT THE FUCK DO THE LETTERS STAND FOR? DOES ANYONE ACTUALLY KNOW?
I know people prefer to call the band Gay's S&M or something (though that can't work with the new bassist's initial.) but seriously, what does the name actually STAND FOR? I know these bands japanese like to use some sort of random BS because it looks good, but you can get away with it if you are indies... and i dunno, like French or Victorian things in some cases. I dunno. Yoshiki had better have a good reason behind it and not a craptastic one that I am sure he has. Maybe all will be revealed in an interview someday.

Speaking of Yoshiki, there are a few secrets on jrocksecert about him. I was traumatized. Sorry to any of his fans that read this, but he NEEDS TO REMAIN CLOTHED AT AL TIMES, AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!

Bah. I cleaned a whole bunch today before escaping the house for a little while.

I got to thinking about last year and how things have changed. I was briefly seeing (if you can call it that.. more like making out with) one guy and that did not pan out. Another thing was "sorta kinda" in the works back then.

I still even talked to some people back then...

All of the concerts and events from last august amaze me still. And I KNOW I haven't uploaded the video yet. I need to find and editing program since I like to tape VERTICALLY instead of horizontally. And photos... I did forget to post photos. :x I have no excuse for that.

I STILL have a lot to do before school starts back up next month. My summer vanished so quickly. I want it back. I did not accomplish most of my goals for this summer and that upsets me. I did not visit people like i had promised and i feel badly about it. It was nice that they came to NYC though for various reasons/events and we hung out there... but still. I wanted to explore YOUR towns a bit. Hit up the bars etc.

I feel a bit hardened and angry this year in comparison to last year. A lot of things have happened this summer that have irritated me in ways you cannot believe. some had ripple effects directly linked to my finances pertaining to my summer plans which in turn made me even more hardened and evaluate the usefulness of people in my life pertaining to my betterment/development.

All in all, there are some "amputations" coming.

Nothing personal.

In other news, I am excited about next weekend. I am glad I am doing something before the semester begins. Working all these days has really made me all sorts of unpleasant attitude wise. I have become quite unfriendly, rude and sarcastic when people ask me to do things. I don't like it either but I gotta make that money.

Anyways, i need to finish up these clothes and shower. The rain and humidity are my enemy. It forced us to close up all of the windows and since my dad took out the air conditioners we had to sweat away until the rain stopped. it started and stopped 3 times. THREE TIMES! As soothing sounding as it was... I was irritated.

I hope you all stayed dry this evening.

ADDN: The Merry interview up on j-rock revolutions site!

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[Saturday, August 11, 2007|02:16 a.m.]


So yeah, I'm back.

Nothing much doing either. I wish I stayed in Canada. I didn't have to worry about working since I was being paid anyhow. I did pop by Pacific Mall and pick up some DVDs and some cute keychain/cellphone things for my new phone (that I will be getting any day now....
Now on to a dose of funny. I remember my Otakon roomies doing this skit.. er thing and it was hilarious.

That aside, I missed the Mika performance yesterday morning thanks to the HORRIBLE storm going on. I eventually ventured out of my home and went to run errands. It felt like October outside. OCTOBER! Well that or England during the beginning of August. Where did my summer go to? I hope tomorrow is nice and warm though. I can't take much more of this.

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[Sunday, August 5, 2007|07:17 p.m.]


I return soon...

But for now.. a teaser photo.

More when I return home.

And yes, hotness runs in the family.

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[Wednesday, August 1, 2007|03:24 p.m.]



I feel back in love with Janne De Arc or however you spell it. I am freezing and I don't care right now. Uh... thus far Toronto is nice. Went to a few clubs and parties. this weekend is crammed with activities aside from Caribanna. At Eaton center right now in the Apple Store looking at things to buy once school starts up again. Damn it is cold.
I may hitup Roots to see what they have. Sephora has nothing really new and I don't need more summer shoes right now... so tha trules out alot of stores. Meer. I may hit up Chinatown for soem eats though then I hope to hang with kyo no bion tomorrow.

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[Thursday, July 26, 2007|08:21 p.m.]


Vacation notice et al.

I did ALOT of stupid things this summer season.
A LOT of expensive mistakes.
Thankfully(?) I have class EVERY NIGHT next semester. Also, I calle dan dI will get my refund "SOMETIME" around the middle of the semester. Not TOO bad considering how much it is.What DOES suck is the fact that I work alternating holidays and weekends.

It sucks alot.
But I know it will be the ONLY way I can SAVE money.

Totally unrelated... I think I like D now. Asagi's voice does "quirky things" at times that amuse me to no end. I like their new look in the new PV.. but then again I ADORE Kagrra, like nobody's business... so it makes sense. I think when I have saved enough... I may but a furisode...FINALLY.

Who knows.

Speaking of new, Sugar has changed costumes again. Loki is wearing less(?) makeup and Koto looks really nice now. Really REALLY NICE. More manly yet... not. I like his look now MORE than the previous one.Sinza looks nice as always. His eyebrows are still SRZ BZNZ! Also the drummer Akun(forgot his real name) HAS A FACE! HE IS UNMASKED. He sort of looks like an average joe, kinda cute (NON SEXUAL AND NOT FORCED CUTE) in a normal sort of way. They all had nice shots of this in the PV.

Anyways, I need to finish up some stuff before I leave for Toronto.

Text me some well wishes or something. I am not int he best of spirits today.


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[Wednesday, July 25, 2007|01:39 p.m.]


Otakon 2007

More photos here


Or as I like to call them Canadadians. :3
I shall be in the lovely Toronto from July 27 until August 6th. If you want to hang out leave me a comment on either lj or facebook by 7pm Thursday July 26,2007 THE LATEST!

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[Thursday, July 19, 2007|01:02 a.m.]


Plastic Tree: nega to poji

I am insanely late on this. I can admit that I have not been keeping abreast on the developments of Plastic Tree. While I love their music, I am (like with mostly all of the bands I like) an EXTREMELY passive fan.
An extended acquaintance of mine had sent me the link for the PV "SABBATH"

I guess I missed the MEMO that Plastic Tree has gotten A WHOLE LOT HARDER as of late. I like it but then again I am used to Petshop, Aoi Tori and Cell-esque sounding tracks. I was surprised. I was suprised a great deal by it. I guess I will need to add them to my list of bands/artists I must "catch up on listening too".

Speaking of Plastic Tree, I wonder how the twins are fairing? I haven't spoken to them in quite some time.

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[Wednesday, July 18, 2007|03:59 a.m.]


This lifts my spirits a bit...

I just heard about a free concert for this darling man...

FREE Outdoor Concert!!! GMA

Join in the fun for a free outdoor concert!! MIKA confirmed to perform live on GOOD MORNING AMERICA (ABC-TV) Friday, August 10 Bryant Park, New York City (6th Ave between 40th & 42nd ) Concert begins at 8:30am


*giddy as fuck*

On a more somber note.. I photographed all of the Miyavi related items I wish to sell.
I never knew how much I had until I saw it all in one spot. Damn.

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[Tuesday, July 10, 2007|01:27 a.m.]



Many lolz and aws are flying around on the net after this weekend.

Despite the bullshit that occured this weekend I had a great amount of fun with my great friends & acquaintances along with getting two picks from the band.HUZZAH! image courtesy of animejutsu.comThanks Gordon!

Also, the flood of photo posts and such after this weekend warm my heart ever so much. I can't wait for the next concert event! I am very excited! I enjoy this bonding that goes on between the fans. I enjoy hanging out with my friends from far away even for a few hours over the span of a few days. It strengthens the bond between us. Their reports after strengthen that bond. I don't see myself stopping going to concerts for a good while because of this. Well..the pit... perhaps but I will still go to shows.

Well, who knows what the future holds, right?

Check out my horoscope from last week
Aries: A promise someone made to you will turn out to be a lot more complicated than it first seemed. Try to keep an open mind in case it doesn't work out.

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[Saturday, July 7, 2007|10:41 p.m.]


Anime Next 2007 Days 1 & 2

771K 3:58


Tooru wants to cosplay as Pikachu if he had the chance.

Yuusuke was all "Me too!" in his responses when asked various questions. He also rocked an off white fedora. T'was nice

Tomo's eyebrows furrowed when he spoke.AW

Wataru's lengthy responses were well thought out... however few of them there were.

Hiroaki answered some questions to.. but he was the only one in sunglasses. He has good taste in fashion also.. (I can not remember if he liked Versace or Gucci... It was one of those though.)

I did die laughing some times, but in a good way. These guys are just too cute. NONSEXUALLY! Wataru looks like a former coworker named Ben... it was sort of odd. I kept staring going... WHY does he look familiar/remind me of someone.. then it dawned on me. It figures.. they both have the same personality. I am also able to appreciate their great stage presence, despite my not being a fan of them at all. I will keep my eye on them though.

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[Thursday, July 5, 2007|06:32 p.m.]


Concerts and more concerts...

Well take a look at THAT!
WHAT THE FUCK,RIGHT?! Sunday will be hot as balls in the day just like last year. I truly hope we will not be forced to line up outside like last year. :/

In other news, the Jrock Revolution site has a poll up. So you all know where you wish to have the next US and International JRR RIGHT?! *CoughNYANDTORONTOcough*
Ok I need to get back to packing.

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[Tuesday, July 3, 2007|03:31 a.m.]


S.K.I.N @ AX

So all of the texts of "IT WAS AMAZING!" and "WISH YOU WERE HERE TO SEE THIS WITH ME! ;A;" didn't help my mood this weekend very much. I still wanted to go... I wanted to go badly. I opted to MAKE money that weekend.

First off, wee for video clips! You tube is great for that.I give them props for the 4-way split screen in this clip!

I had heard about the "Get back" song... Interesting is all I can say until I hear the whole thing.

Some kind people posted reports and images though. This clip is Gackt saying how he hated Sugizo roughly 2 years ago and now they are best friends:

Anyhow, my friends said there were tons of cameras filming, so look out for the dvd!

Anime Next this weekend and I have no idea what to wear. That is rare for me and I don't like it one bit. I REALLY HOPE IT IS WARM AND NOT PISS COLD LIKE TODAY WAS!

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[Wednesday, June 27, 2007|01:42 p.m.]



That layout has been completed for roughly 2 MONTHS now. I FINALLY got around to using it.

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