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The [Girl]
Name: Nicole
Alias: Nikki.. and many many others.
Age: 20
Height: 5'6.5
Hair Color: Depends on my weave.. :D but black and burgandy.
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Zodiac: Aries
Nationality: Afro-Caribbean American

The [Facts]
Major: Media Art and Design
Music: Soca, Reggae, Rap, R&B, Electronic, J-music ..Anything that sounds good.
Hobbies: Writing *scoffs at self*, drawing, music, video gaming, anime

Favourite [Anime]
Fruits Basket
Yami no Matsuei
Full Metal Panic
Gundam Wing
Witch Hunter Robin
Samurai Deeper Kyo

Favourite [Manga]
Yami no Matsuei
ANY works by Chi-ran

Favourite [Songs]
Virtious Woman - Warrior King
One Life - The Pillows
Spicy Snapper - Ian Pooley
LEMONed I scream - Hide
Ethel - Super Blue
Stay Away - La~Arc~En~Ciel
POP is DEAD - Miyavi
Blind Game Again - Kotani Kinya
4:00 am - Luna Sea
Voiceless Screaming - X Japan


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[Saturday, November 1, 2003|01:11 p.m.] [Harmonize]BBC Dir en Grey interview

Posted on lj
Mana's post
yesterday and today.
that's it really.

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[Tuesday, October 28, 2003|11:36 p.m.][Harmonize] my nosrtil whistling.. WTF? o_O;

i'm fallin asleep at my comp! and it's early. T-T i didn't study for my Personality theories test tomorrow either. ne.. mana... i dunno if ic an stay wake to call ya and make our plans concrete. *is so tired* damn. i'm all yawnin and shit too. anyhow. made a nice Miyavi wallpaper.. i guess. i'm all half alseep anyhow.. by tomorrow i'llt hink it looks like crap. :p anyhow. e-mail to get it.. server dessssssssssssssssssssssssssssu damn this sucks other than that.. i'm highly amused right now... i can't WAIT till i get my own domain.. show off mah shit! XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD artwork, grpahics and all that good stuff! if only.. .. bah.. whatever. *_____________________* yeah man. too bad so sad, ne?

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[Tuesday, October 28, 2003|07:55 p.m.][Harmonize]

YAY for abby!
Quizes para tu!
you are DAISHI...whoohoo.

Who are you in Psycho Le Cemu?
brought to you by Quizilla
Kaoru Hand
Kaoru's hands. Ah, artists and their
hands...always creating. Ever graceful, ever
gentle. Er...dammit admit it, that's just half
of you. You have to be mature more that you
want to, but dammit you want to play with
things too!

What Dir en Grey Anatomy Are You?
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Which Silver Screen Siren are you?

brought to you by Quizilla
fuckin verizon was all wonky last bnight.
kept bumpin me off.
goment to anyone i imed.
anyhow.. work was.. aite.
had soem sort of omen.
twice spilt muilk
WTF? i NEVER spill shit
so it was freaky...
and some more good news... and bad news
fuckin doctors in nyc.. i dunno did they get their liscence form a cracker jack box?
first they say coma, now they says he's brain dead.
wtf! WTF!!

so yeah.. my mom is pissed
due to the fact that tommy.. didn't make proper arrangements for his mom's funeral
soyeah.. all i'mma say is.. she didn't have a coffin.
now.. i'm one to say that don't matter.. but then again.. it's a loved one....
but it dont' matter really. you'll rot or burn away anyhow
so yeah.. they'er making plan for a service since the hospital is runing all these tests.
the dr said it had to have been going on for weeks.. danika's headaches..
so i'm like.. O_O if my damend head hurt me bad.. i'mma go to the hospital.. or doctor's office atleast
.. it SO could have been prevented
and i can't brether in my right nostril
it sucks.

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[Monday, October 27, 2003|01:31 a.m.][Harmonize]NONE.

Lord have mercy. Christ have mercy. Lord have mercy. Christ have mercy.

blah day today.. i closed at work with Lan.BYAY FOR LAN!
we had funtoday man.. talkin and shit..
anyhow..the HIGHLIGHT.. or one of them.. was..


snagged the only one inthe store too. and my parakiss was waiting for me at the fornt regster,..bUT i cant' read it now though
damend early class tomorrow. ER.. TODAY

and no.. i didn't ask for anything.
stopped holding my breath ages ago for shit like that

so yeah.. spidah.. get backt ome on DEMON DIARY 2 cuz i put it on hold.


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[Saturday, October 25, 2003|10:58 p.m.][Harmonize]peace maker ep 1..squeee! souji is adorable1 LONG LIVE DAT PIG TOO!

wheeeeeeeeee! bit torrent is sawesome!
dl ep 1-2 of peace maker kurogane
the style reminds me of sdk.
i stil gott a finish THAT anime
yukimura.. megura.. ^_^ kyshiro, onimeno kyo!
man..i'm behind on MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD anime
psssh. not time to get my fansubs, no ttime for hent o- burn them for me, no time to watch them either.
AH! mommy's home.
gotta ask her the status.
no change... no function w/o machines..
still sucks.
btw..random.. yes.. but Hijikata.. is.. a sexy beast!

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[Saturday, October 25, 2003|05:23 p.m.][Harmonize]Jonathan playing Kingdom Hearts

Things to sell:

Viz Media company:


Viz comics:

Ranma 1/2 vol 4.6 -5.2, 7.7, 8.12-8.13

Inu Yasha vol 2.5

Animerica EXTRA:

vol 2.1, 4.4, 4.6-4.7


vol 9.4-9.6, 9.10/11

Mixx media/Tokyopop company:


Vol 1.1-4.2


*2 copies of 3.1*


Vol 2.6,3.10

Mixx manga:


Moble Suit Gundam Wing #2 *2 copies*

Central Park Media Group:

CPM comics:

Project Ako 2 vol 1-2



Super Mario Adventures Graphic Novel

Legend of Zelda



Chibi-pop Manga vol 2.1

MAN! these comics bring back so many memories.
I skimmed some of the mixxzine/tokyopop issues..B ROFL
i saw when YUIGOH was first airing in japan.. sayuki too
many shows.
saw when Lunacy was debuiting too

*keels over*
those were the days
I even found a hall pass from my old HS in there.
it wasmy friend Eryn's pass
i had a box full of my prom pics and very old hs projects.
that was so long ago it seems
it makes me chuckle alot actually.
that's the manga type stuff i have.. not many anime things though..
like the 2 Slayers movies, the Girl in Ghea dvd... a Rayearth movie vhs and a season 2 Rayearth vhs too.
nopw.. if you ask for fansubs.. i got SHIT LOADS WORTH.
^_^;;;;;;;;; heh heh
all'ya got my e-mail.. but if not...

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[Saturday, October 25, 2003|09:47 a.m.] [Harmonize]none..

thank you shii and my lil councelors too
you know who you be.
my lil advocate we've discussed this before..
but that's not ME!
that may be them,.. but that's not how i move
my mind will run on them sometiems.
and it makes me sad..
like with lynn and porsheB i wonder if thy are even alive?
how their lives are going? etc

putting that sad business aside.. i heard my mom talkin to my dad this morning..
while i was half asleep.. er.. yay?
she's going to nyc.. but my dad wants to go up to the house.
so i can't go with my mom.. cuz my bro has football practice
and i have to watch not only joel and ethan.. but jonathan too
theadhd kid.. who's........ just.. trying my dad'spatience TOO DAMEND MUCH
he'dve gotten a beatin already if he was a relative ya know.
O_o no it's not child abuse... it's the caribe way.. i guess..
B my heart fells a bit better today too..


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[Friday, October 24, 2003|09:50 p.m.] [Harmonize]Half Pain - Bana

Just go home form work.. and i check my e-mail.

I'm glad I have you guys thinking about my cousin.
I pretty used to death and dying and all of that..
but this brings back flashbacks of my childhood, when ALOT of my relatives died.. how Uncle Trevor was killed.. at 19

I thought about alot today.

Your comments ment alot to me.
And I'm glad that you all care.

What can you do?

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Called my mom before this.. the fuckin hospital wanted to pull the plug on her.
The family is like no!

and i told lan.. i've never BEEN to hosptial to visit anyone.. EVER.

My cousin is my heart and all..we did alot as kids.. and yeah.. we got a lil bit distant as teens... but ... it's my blood.

i dunno.. i didn't see her mom, nor martain, nor auntie louis, nor anyone else..

I kinda do wanna see her... and i feel a bit guilty not seeing her..

but i dont think that will accomplish anything.. and it's making me detatched from all of it in a way

I get guilty when i'm enjoying food, laughs, drink,, basic things...
things she can't so..
she can't fuckin breathe for herself for godsake
I was talkin to Mana on the phone till way early today.. about that.
And otehr *cough* things.. hentai realated..
and yeah.. it was fun.. but i stepped OUTSIDE of that for a sec.. and i felt so guilty.
I guess I'm reaching Maturity faster by being so.. in a Eysneck kind of way anyhow..
A lil bit of Alport mixed in there too.

to be socially useful is better anyhow... i guess being self-centered gets tired fast?

Speaking of personality theory. i need to read my text book

I so love that class. but I'm too tired to respond during it.. and too busy to read the chapters when I should.

And I STILL need to do my research project too

Maybe I'll do it on Alport's birth order theory.. and the findings on the intelegance of single vs multiple child development and birth order too

it intrugued me to say the least.


so... who wants to be psychoanalyzed?

and shit..
i need to take some pics for my final photo projcet..
5 truths and 5 lies about myself...
well.. i'm not too sure what to do..
but i have some nifty ideas

and yay.. got the fashion show pics back.. will eventually scan some
got pics from last weekend also..
will scan eventually.

and people.. speak your mind.. i mean it..
all'ya don't gotta be silent..
i won't bite.
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[Thursday, October 23, 2003|12:15 a.m.] [Harmonize]none

Danika had an anyerism On monday night..
My Uncle Junior calls us this morning to tell us.
My mom went to NYC today to go see Danika.
Now.. it was only about a month ago we burried the girls mom ya know.
And I was pretty ok about all of it today..
But when I called my sis to let her know about it..
And when I told my manager Dan about it.. I was really upset
I was sitting there and about 3 min after i talked it over with Dan about maybe being out of work incase she passes.. I'm a blubbering mess
I ran into the bathroom and cried my eyes out.. slumped by the sink
I locked the door but I hear Dan knocking on it asking if I'm ok
Mind you..he's the "mean" manager..
He SEEMS mean.. but he's not. He's pretty funny actually
I degress, so then a page comes over the P.A saying he had a call on line one.. I wash my face and try to calm down.
Then I get out of the bathroom, he's off the phone and he's like.. you ok?
I'm like. yeah... but it sucks becuase we JUST burried her mom a month ago. if she passes..
and he's like.. he had a friend in HS who died of one at 17..
so yeah..
I went back to work after that.
My eyes probably looked a lil puffy.. but whatever.
Told donna what had happend
And for the rest of the night Dan kept asking me if I was ok.

He's so nice.
But yeah.... when I got home.. my mom and dad were sleeping..
I'll have to wait to ask her what's up with Danika.

I mean.. FUCKIN 19 YRS OLD!
I want her to be out of the coma and be ok again asap. i really do.
this whole thing made me look at my mortality a bit closer..
everytime i go to church i think ineed to go up and "rededicate my life to Christ"
I do feel it.. it's not guilt either... i dunno HOW to describe it.. but yeah..
I keep putting things off for another day...

Maybe I should stop.

Also.. if I die... I don't want anyone comming and fucking being HAPPY I'm dead..

I want to make things right.. but I feel uncomfortable though.
In a sense.. I don't want to go back to that me again....
I do miss the fun I had.. but the cons outweigh the pros I guess

So, the question is.. how many of you would come to my funeral?
How many of you know the real me?
Don't be shy.. any of you can answer.

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[Tuesday, October 21, 2003|05:36 p.m.] [Harmonize]Nancy's class, aka Todd, Janine, Tracey, Steve, Fran on the PC side

yeah.. figured out the remember me thing BEFORE they figured it out.. still pissed me off though.
my lj has the entries all'ya missed about this weekend that jsut passed!
Panda lent me her SHOXX Oct 2003 issue with Miyavi!
we JUST met that that DAY and she's lending me her stuff!
*feels really loved*
anyhow.. work was work today.. no chai guy.. T-T
um....... i dunno if i'll "can" dress up for halloween this year.
no cash to buy fabric.. no time to sew.. no time to buy a costume
damn Panda and Leon for making me inspired to dress up like Toshiya form Mitsu no Tsuba.. and the like

XD yeah.. she showed me deg pvs!

and we celebrated Miyavi's concert a day early.. EST anyhow
We sat and watched his concert, danced, sang, laughed.. laughed alot.. were perverts..
good times!
O:D *angel desu*

So, Miya-sama, I hope you had fun at your concert!
^-^ YAY!
what else...... ?_? i forget.. i'll remember by the time i get home
*about to leave*

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